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03-31-2015 "Dogwood Blooms"  The dogwood tree in my yard is full of blooms.  Your comments and always appreciated. Donna
March 30, 2015  Along the Fence Line  Elk Island Retreat Rural Alberta
Journalling.... 03.31.15
Waiting for spring weather.
I took this picture at an exhibition of Eduard Munch's drawings. Was awarded gold medal from our national Photographic Society
1953 Jaguar C-Type Replica
Walking the dog
08OCT2012  Milling Around  Dell's Mill aka Clark's Mill with some Fall foliage all lit up in the morning sun......Great place, scenic area with lots of barns to shoot as well.  Image won First Place in the "Travel Category" n4c.us in October 2012, submitted through the Omaha Camera Club.  Comments are welcome, lots of Wisconsin images to upload....have a great day!  Dan, sorry we didn't know you lived there....great area.
Evening light and sky on the james river as the sun rades away and a storm aproachs from the west
March 20, 2015  Our Bradford Pear trees are blooming!!!  Yay!  They are the harbingers of Spring, and I'm so excited.  Thank you for your comments and critiques.  Have a sun-shine filled day today my friends!  Linda http://lgood.smugmug.com

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Photo by: Ed Murray · See photo in original gallery.



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