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Homegrown Tomatoes...  We've already picked several of these, delicious!  Thanks for your views, comments and critiques, much appreciated!  July 7, 2015
06.07.15 - The Power of the Written Word!  Part of me wanted to post this without a comment and let people make their own minds up about it, but it is such a controversial subject I think it deserves explanation first. "Mein Kampf" is probably the most dangerous, and most offensive to many, book ever published, it's sale is still banned in Germany I believe. I found this copy in an old box inside a bag in my loft yesterday, it belonged to my father. He was certainly no Nazi, it was one of many "souveniers" he collected during his service in WW2. I remember seeing it as a kid and thinking it was so exciting, but I was far more interested in running round the house wearing an old German soldier's helmet and looking at my Dad's medals. Now I'm aware of the significance of this book and not sure what to do with it. Do I keep it as a family heirloom, with the connections to my Dad, and because of it's historical significance, do I sell it, or simply throw it away?
View to Infinity  Jul 7 A wide view of the winding Staunton river.
July 7 - Uncle Sam at the parade.
A rainbow trout jumping a small waterfall working it's way up Catherine Creek in upstate New York. This fish begins it's journey from Seneca lake one of the beautiful Finger lakes it will lay it's eggs in this stream then head back to the lake, this happens every spring in our area another great sign spring is on the way.....
The outhouse latch.... simple yet very effective... :)  Thanks to everyone for your comments on my daisy shots, I'm so grateful for all of them.   I think I mentioned that we do have the internet while we are at the lake now (using my iphone as a hub) and I was hoping that I could continue posting and commenting as usual. But I tried to leave some comments on your pics last night and the page just wouldn't load properly, so it seems I can upload my daily picture but can't keep up with commenting.... sorry about that... I will catch up when we are home again next week. 07.07.15
09/04/2011  Thank you all for your wonderful comments.
13SEP2013  Eastbound Containers  Under the I-80 overpass 8361 crest the highpoint at 65 mph.  Thanks for looking today!
09/10/2011  New York.  Thank you all for your wonderful comments.
Tuesday, September 6, 2011             "TIERFUL"  "Colors are the smiles of nature" ~ Leigh Hunt  Worthy of a return visit............"The Field of Zinnias"  Remember the zinnias in yesterday's POTD? Well, these were captured in the same field. I love how these zinnias appear to be in tiers, overlapping, and/or cascading. I also love the mixture of colors. The frames were applied from PicNik.  Always popular with gardeners for their lush and lovely appearance, zinnias are traditional symbols of lasting love and good memories. Zinnias are longtime garden favorites for colorful, round flowers. I was told that these flexible hot-weather plants don’t gain from being planted early and stand still until weather warms up.   You can view the entire gallery here:   http://www.smugmug.com/gallery/16179827_QjTWRB#1460261892_3j4Pnpw  Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone!  ***#1 photo of the day*** and all-time as of 9/7/2011  (photo taken on 7/29/2011)  My Homepage: http://www.Godschild.smugmug.com
In my photography of flowers and flowering trees this spring, I am trying to make a more conscious effort to include photographs of the blooms in context, as part of the landscape they are meant to enhance.  This is a scene on the central campus of the U. of Michigan, with Burton Tower (left) and a corner of the Alumni Center in the background.  This was taken on the Saturday when most colleges within the university held their commencements, and the white area screened by trees was part of a large canopy, under which were laid out tables and chairs, for some kind of post-commencement celebration.  DP132-2015  Posted Tuesday, May 12;  Taken May 3, and processed May 12. For a closer view of the tulips, and a wider angle view of the scene, start here:  http://smu.gs/1zW0Zq8  Title:  Greeting Visitors to the Campus - Tulips along Fletcher Street
Monday, September 15, 2014  "PORSCHE 918 SPYDER CONCEPT" (2010)  "Fast cars like Porsches and Ferraris - they are things of beauty." ~ Rod Stewart  This concludes the "Dream Car" 2014 series. Thanks for your views, comments, and.........patience:). Yesterday, was the final day of the "Dream Cars" exhibit at the High Museum of Art.  SOOC, uncropped; flash was not permitted in the very low light setting (but I did not increase the camera's ISO)  A shot of the rear end of the vehicle is here: http://godschild.smugmug.com/AutoShows/Dream-Cars-2014/i-drPPrBm/A  Michael Mauer (German, born 1962) and Porsche Design Studio, designers Porsche Automobil Holding SE (German, founded 1931), manufacturer  Courtesy of Porsche Museum - Stuttgart, Germany   "Porsche developed the 918 Spyder Concept Car in 2010 as part of its experiments with how their luxury brand could address consumer interest in green technology, environmental impact, and high performance. The car combines high-tech racing features with electric mobility options selected by a push-button control on the steering wheel. The performance hybrid features four new driving modes for the driver to use: E-Drive, Hybrid, Sport Hybrid, and Race Hybrid. The driver chooses between the four options, from the most green (E-Drive, fully electric) to the maximum, which uses all systems for optimum performance (Race Hybrid). The styling studio implemented the latest technology as well as more tested methods – clay models, scale drawings, and aerodynamic studies for increased efficiency and downforce while at top speeds – to create the forward-thinking hybrid sports car. The car has recently come on the market for consumer purchase."   Reprinted information from here:   http://www.high.org/Art/Exhibitions/Dream-Cars.aspx  View the complete "Dream Cars" 2014 gallery here:   http://godschild.smugmug.com/AutoShows/Dream-Cars-2014/  "Dream Cars" Exhibit (May 21, 2014 - September 14, 2014) High Museum of Art 1280 Peachtree Street, N.E.  Atlanta, GA 30309 Official website: http://www.high.org  ***#10 photo of the day***  (photo taken 7/25/2014)  My Homepage: http://www.Godschild.smugmug.com

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