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Anna's Hummingbird, a follow up shot to the one posted a few days ago...  Thank you for your views and comments! Critiques welcome...  26 August 2014
Reflections...  Craig Regional Park Fullerton, CA  Much appreciate your views and comments, thanks! Critiques welcome...  27 August 2014
08-27-2014 "Our Miracle"  One year ago today this little precious boy and his sister came into the world 2 months early.  Because of complications his sister, my namesake, only lived 10 days.  He was in NICU for many weeks but kept growing and getting stronger.  Today he is a normal, sweet, loving and precious member of our family.  We call him our miracle baby because of his strength.  Doctors are amazed he is right on target for his age.  We are thankful and blessed beyond measure.  God has been good to us!  Happy First Birthday, John Dale, you are loved and will always be my "Monkey!"  We also celebrate Ramsey Kaye, my "Angel" in heaven, a much better place. We love and miss you, my precious girl.  Thank you so very much for your comments on my photos. Donna
Rural Transportation Spotted near Puchberg, Lower Austria -  an old Plymouth I believe.
August 27, 2014 Lotus seed pod on the lake.  Thank you for your comments on yesterday's hummingbird.   I am filling 4 feeders twice daily to keep up with them.    The photo guild meeting last night was great.  They gave a demonstration on long exposures that was very informative.  I can't wait to experiment a little in BULB mode.  The light painting portion was fascinating.    Happy Wednesday! Jeanne
Violin Posted Aug. 27, 2014  One of my favorite images from the violin project. I am working on a collage and then this project is complete. Yesterday I processed all of the photos in the gallery as my processing skills have improved since I started the project. http://lindat1.smugmug.com/Other/Violin
26.08.14 - The Colonel  I'm experimenting with publicity postcards matching stills from Tell Them of Us with quotes from the letters on which the film is based, this is one of the first. The letters written by Robert Crowder from the Front are part of the family archive that was collated by his great nephew Robert Holland, seen here in a cameo role. Once we noticed the resemblance between Robert and the Colonel mentioned in his great-uncle's letter we just had to get him into costume and show off that moustache!
08-26-2014 - Robinson, CO is no longer there but there are many places all named Robinson around the area.         Link to Photo Without Frame      Thank You for Making this Daily Photo  Tied for the #4 Pick on 08-26-2014
08.27.14  Another shot of Lovers Point.  Busy day at Huntsman for me. I get blood drawn. See the Oncologist. Maybe infusion--if the numbers look right. And finally, I meet the new surgeon for the first time.  Thank You for the comments yesterday. Too tired yesterday to get back and comment here. SOrry.
Winter is comming soon
Anna's Hummingbird Male - near Olympia, Wa.
Willow Run Air Show 2014
Light, shadow and reflections, Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark.  Taking photographs was permitted in the palace, but no tripods and no flash was allowed, making it challenging to get decent photographs since the lightening was very contrasty with lots of bright and dark areas and reflections.  Notice there are also reflections in the mirror on the left hand side.   All the photos in this series were taken hand held at a high ISO and high f-stop (f/11, ISO 1250).  Since there was nothing I could do about the reflections, I tried to take advantage of them in my photos.  Other photos from the palace, including photos of a couple of images from the Gobelin tapestry collection, can be seen here: http://goo.gl/MlBG89  26/08/14 www.allenfotowild.com

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Photo by: The Curious Camel aka gail · See photo in original gallery.



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