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Italy 1978
Hibiscus flowers...  Michigan Park Whittier, CA  Thanks for your views and comments. much appreciated! Critiques welcome...  30 August 2014
08-29-2014 "Purple Love"  Purple is one of my favorite colors and this bloom is just the right color.  Thanks for your comments on my photos. Donna
August 30, 2014 Experimenting with some long exposures in the daylight.  I set my tripod up in our hallway aimed at a canvas print of a pansy with the ceiling light turned on.   Settings at F22  in BULB mode with an 18-105 zoom and I controlled the shutter with a wireless remote. The top photo was taken with a 7.8 sec exposure while I slowly (and smoothly) "zoomed" the lens towards the subject. The bottom photo was taken with a 9.7 sec exposure while I slowly (and not so smoothly) "zoomed" the lens away from the subject.  I think the almost double exposure look on the second shot came from a small delay when I was retracting the lens.   I think it is fascinating that the canvas created a crosshatching pattern in the center. Here is the original subject photograph http://brickroadphoto.smugmug.com/Flowers/Stylized-Flower-Collection/i-MgmvLMt/0/M/DSC_2428hsb5-M.jpg   Thank you for your comments and suggestions Jeanne
08.30.14  Still processing images from the trip.  I had an achy, unfocused day yesterday. Followed by a terrible night last night. I am tired of cancer.
Port of Garibaldi, Oregon
A classic wooden barn and a peaceful landscape in Northern California gets the attention of this photographer who yearns for simpler life with less electronic interaction! #75111236  © Payam Nashery - Photoarts
08.30.14  A flower in Monterey :-)
Yellow Lantana...  Much appreciate your views and comments, thanks! Critiques welcome...  29 August 2014
Black banners hung symmetrically over the Shrine of Saleh (Imamzadeh Saleh) in Tajrish, North of Tehran signals the arrival of holy month of Moharam. #63101376  © Payam Nashery - Photoarts
Day 238: NY Skyline Sundown - August 30.  A view of the New York skyline as the setting sun highlights the Time Warner towers in brilliant gold.  A Spririt Cruise boat is seen on the Hudson River as it departs the the sundown cruise around Manhattan.
Swirls and striations  Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canuks!  I had a lot of fun down in Canyon X trying to find interesting new perspectives and qualities of light and colour.  Shooting slot canyons requires a tripod, a high f-stop, an ultra wide angle lens, e.g., 12mm-24mm (since they can be very narrow, with hardly enough room for a tripod in some areas), and 3 to 7 stop bracketing to cope with the huge range of light from almost black to bright sunlight.  I did not use HDR processing since I find the results can be a little too artificial, but developed my own technique in Photoshop to deal with the huge range of brightness and darkness.  Other photos of this challenging canyon can be seen here: http://goo.gl/tYIY6y  Since some of your may not have seen this, I am copying the comment that I made mid-day yesterday, which has generated some thoughtful responses.  Communication to fellow smugmuggers, with my apologies to those of you to whom these remarks do not apply. Some of you have been treating the dailies as though it were a competition and have been manipulating the ratings by 'liking' your own photos, and by strategic commenting or withholding comments from photos to affect their rank relative to your own images. It is not a competition, it is about sharing images and techniques, learning from each other, about improving our art, about collegiality, and about learning about the interesting experiences, small and large, that we each have. What we all share in common is a love of photography. Please try to comment on, and like photos based on their merit, not the ranking of the image relative to your own, or popularity of the photographer, or length of time as a member of the dailies. A willingness to provide and accept constructive criticism can help us all to mature in our vision and our art. "A rising tide lifts all boats"!   1/07/14 www.allenfotowild.com
08/30/14 - NC First Lego League 2014 Kick-Off  My Blog  Johnny and I traveled to NC A&T today to attend the NC First Lego League 2014 kick-off.  There were about 350 people there.  I'm not sure how many teams.  It was a great opportunity to network with other Lego robot enthusiasts and to learn about the challenge that was just released.  There were workshops on strong robot building, EV3 programming, brainstorming ideas for the research component, and a One and Done where we got to try to build/program one complete mission on the board.  Johnny and I learned  ton!   Pictured is Johnny at the One and Done session.  He is thrilled that he just completed one of the missions.  Blurry as it is, I just ell in love with his jumping and smile.  You can see the video I pulled this image out of below.    Video  HAGD,  Maryann
Italy 1978

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Italy 1978
Italy 1978

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