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Day 203: Butterfly - Monarch- July 24 edit
07.24.14  Balance  Cycles of life--from child to man.....  Not feeling well today. I forgot about scouts yesterday when I thought about the rodeo. El Jay went to scouts. Not feeling well enough to go to the parade this morning. The boy will be disappointed when he gets up. How do I make it up to him? He is growing up so fast and it won't be long before he'd rather do other things.... for now he is stuck with a sick mom and no dad.
23.07.14 - Backlit Harebells  This is from my guided photo walk on Lincoln South Common yesterday evening. I love backlight, especially in the soft evening light. There are lots of tiny purple harebells out at the moment, and they were shimmering amongst the grasses in the light breeze.
September 23, 2007    Fog in the forest.
Osprey  Jul 23 A female osprey showing off its plumage.
8.14.13: The Chugach Mountains ring Anchorage to the east and south and this is the view from my office at sunset. I must admit not a bad view any day of the week.
October 23, 2009 - Leaves of gold
Sunday, May 15, 2011   "ANTIQUE CHEVY"  (pp version)  "Keep calm and drive a Chevy!" ~ Unknown Author  Lgood is one of the absolute best at capturing automobile shots and their reflections, and I immediately thought of her when I spotted this GM classic. Unfortunately, there wasn't an information card, so I am unsure as to the year of this "oldie but goodie." My hubby's guess is it's a "1930 something Chevy." The pink sign made spectators chuckle. It warned, "UNLESS YOU ARE NUDE.....PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH MY CHEVY! BUCKLES, BELTS, AND BUTTONS SCRATCH."   As you can see, I did some pp with this one, but it is uncropped. The original image can be viewed here: http://godschild.smugmug.com/gallery/16609546_tdrqK#!i=1274849067&k=9MMHm66&lb=1&s=A  Your comments on yesterday's "Got Mail" POTD are really appreciated; you all are really a wonderful community of photographers who are also supportive and helpful. God is and has been exceptionally kind to all of us; have a blessed and safe Sunday, everyone.  View the #1 photo here:http://sharkbayte.smugmug.com/Photography/2011-Daily-Photos/15280496_zofpQ#1291649048_zdNjmgz-A-LB  ***#2 photo of the day and all-time***  Show Your Ride Car Show  Memphis, TN
"Heavenly Swing"   “The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch swing with, never say a word, then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation that you ever had.”~Anonymous~
Sunset On The Beach  ©  2010 Colleen M. Griffith. All Rights Reserved.  This material may not be published, broadcast, modified, or redistributed in any way without written agreement with the creator.  This image is registered with the US Copyright Office.  www.colleenmgriffith.com  www.facebook.com/colleen.griffith    This San Francisco beach has the best of both worlds:  a wonderful view of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and a seemingly endless view of the majestic Pacific Ocean and Marin Headlands.    You can see more of my San Francisco photos, by going to my San Francisco gallery: www.colleenmgriffith.com/Galleries/San-Francisco/San-Francisco
A golden day
12-15: Sunday we woke up to more snow and bitter cold. When I took this picture in the afternoon it was only about 4 degrees F! The sun was causing some fog to form over Horsetooth
Yates Mill Pond - December 26, 2010
day 108: "the hills have eyes—south jersey". we drove to canton, nj to visit my brother and he took us on a quick tour down an isolated marsh-surrounded road. i loved the area as there are no wires or telephone polls. just a nuke cooling tower in the background... and a strange shack in the middle of the marsh... and NO cell reception... and, uh, it was kinda freaky actually. i hopped out of the van and ran half way up the planked entrance to take this shot ignoring the "no trespassing" sign and the full-on assault of green head flies. in mid-shot my brother beeped the horn and drove away leaving me. funny guy. he drove back. i may be heading back here to sneak closer next time. curiosity has me cranked to check out the shack.
Day 203: Butterfly - Monarch- July 24 edit

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Day 203: Butterfly - Monarch- July 24 edit
Day 203: Butterfly - Monarch- July 24 edit

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