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Bandon Seascape in Oregon
Rice fields in winter  Bada rice fields, Honghe Hani rice terraces, Yunnan Province, China.  These 1,300 year old rice terraces are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  They are flooded in the winter and this is one of the best times to photograph them.  When I went to the Bada site, I saw this small stone building and the possibiity for an interesting photograph and spent some time manoevering myself into position to get this shot.  Best at the largest sizes where you can observe the interesting wind ripples on the water in some of the fields.  This photograph placed highly in a recent Photocrowd competition and received a nice editor review.  I am only posting one photo today as I'm putting in long hours organizing a large conference that starts this weekend....so my ability to comment and post may be pretty limited.  The irony is that I'm so busy with the organization of the event that I actually hired a photographer to take the photos of the meeting instead of doing it myself.  03/06/15 www.allenfotowild.com
06-03-2015 - Renaissance Festival - A Little Lite Reading...       Link to Photo  Without Frame   
Seen during our 2015 canal trip, Warwickshire Ring.  One of the ponds at Middleton Lakes nature reserve, which the canal bisects.
May 3 -  1967 Ford GT40 MK IV
02.05.15 - Just Daisies  A very windy day of sunshine and showers, apparently the heat wave starts today, the BBQ is primed just in case!
June 3 - Saddle Up An image of my son's saddle  Thanks so much for your comments on my morning fishing image I posted yesterday.
Wednesday, June 3, 2015  "HOW DOES YOUR GARDEN GROW?"  "Life isn't a tiptoe through the tulips." ~ Shannon Hoon  Gosh, was I ever elated to see these tulips in this small town known as the "Catfish Capital of the World" and host city of the annual "Catfish Festival."  It was a beautiful and sunny day and these orange tulips were all aglow! I really like the shadows and how they are emitted by light (backlighting). Tulips scream the arrival of SPRING and are quite photogenic, in my opinion.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!  Saint Thomas' Episcopal Church 210 Castleman Street Belzoni, MS  (photo taken 3/30/2015)  My Homepage: www.GodsChild.SmugMug.com
June 3, 2105  I had this photo printed on canvas as a gift and it had pink hues....I guess I can see them in some of the clothing, but why?
June 3.  Flamingo Feathers.  Flamingo Gardens, Davie, FL.
Springtime has finally come to our part of the world
Planes of Fame Airshow...  My son and I went to the Planes of Fame Airshow last month. It's a two day annual event and we went on  Sunday, as we were unable to make it on Saturday. As one would guess, the crowd was much greater Sunday than Saturday plus we didn't get there until around 11:00 A.M.  I understand they do open up earlier for photographers, 8:00 A.M. I believe for an additional charge. Maybe next year! Shooting was a challenge, as people were everywhere, and I was not positioned properly for the in-flight shots. Most, if not all the in-flight shots I managed to get were at full zoom . Even at full zoom (600mm) I found it necessary to crop heavily in PS. Live and learn, as the old saying goes!  Also, I will try to share other subject along the way so I don't bore you with Airshow shots. There are a few planes, like today's' post, I am unable to ID , sorry...I should have sprung for a program!   Planes of Fame Air Show, May 2-3, 2015 Chino Airport Chino, CA  http://planesoffame.org/  Thanks for viewing and commenting, much appreciated!  June 2, 2015
August 16, 2010    Here's another classic car shot.  Thanks to everyone for your kind comments on my car shots.      This is a 1960 - something Falcon that was just beautiful!  I'll have to ask my husband (the expert) what year exactly it is, I'm not as good as he is on remembering the years.      The black paint on this car (one of the most difficult colors to make it perfect on cars - but my favorite) was just amazing - it had no blemishes which is amazing on a black car.    Thanks to everyone for you comments on my white Oleander photo and the Prickly Pear blooms.    Have a wonderful day!!!!    Best regards,  Linda    PS, my husband Bill says this is a 1965 Falcon, and the way you tell the difference is that the 1964's have a much wider v-pattern in the chrome and there's no color fill in the chrome on the side of the car, and it is located much higher on the side of the car.  The chrome on the 1965's are much sleeker, lower on the car and understated like this one.      This is one of the coolest 1965 Falcon's in the world today.    Bill (my husband) knows his Falcons - he has had 5 of them over the last 40 years.  He had three 1964 Falcons & 2 1965 Falcons - one was painted jet black just like this one., which is a real beauty.    I love the checkered floor & the reflections in the paint.  Hope you all enjoy this classic.    Today he has that beautiful midnight blue Ford Fairlane.  He's been beating my 'stang at the last few car shows, but that's OK.  We share our wins.    Best to all.  Linda
Day 153: Raindrops on Hydrangea Leaf - June 2.  Rain all day today again - the earth must be happy to be getting so much moisture.
Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!!  Jun 2 Sometimes being a bird looks like fun!
Bandon Seascape in Oregon

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Bandon Seascape in Oregon
Bandon Seascape in Oregon

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Photo by: Ilene Samowitz · See photo in original gallery.



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