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Backyard Cherry Blossoms
Pa-O woman caring for a baby at the market, Inle Lake, Myanmar  Other photos from the market can be seen here: http://goo.gl/yIDwzA  23/04/14 www.allenfotowild.com
Sandhill Cranes
04-23-2014 - Cactus, Peruvian Torch          Link to Photo Without Frame
22.04.14 - Quiet Reflection  It was a very different day filming yesterday, entirely inside a tent, capturing the more relaxed moments away from the front. It was quite a bright day and despite laying dark towels on the outside of the tent I still had to close the camera down a bit to get the lamplight look. The actor here is Reece Ackerman who plays Robert Crowder.  Huge thanks again for the wonderful comments on my "trench shot" yesterday. This is a fantastic project to be part of and we can't wait until Autumn when we can show it to everyone. To clarify my role, I am one of three producers and the stills photographer. My images are used for a wide range of publicity purposes, and will also form part of a larger exhibition that will run alongside the finished film where possible.
4/23/14 - Cactus in bloom  Thanks for your comments on my shot taken during the 4th street fair in Tucson.
4-22-2014 On the rocks
The view from Beorns House  Paradise  Glenorchy  New Zealand
April 23, 2014  Bill is supervising (LOL) Graham's efforts to role up the banner (while the rest of us are packing up the booth) so that the banner doesn't get rolled up crooked and then won't fit in the tube.   Graham is hard of hearing, so he doesn't have a clue what Bill is saying  Nevertheless, he (Graham) rolled it up perfectly and we got on with our frantic work of tearing down & packing the booth.   We were all working as quickly as possible to get all of the cases packed back in their boxes - because it's 7:00 pm PST, and after 4 days of the show, we want to get finished so we can climb on that 6:00 a.m Pacific time plane to get home.    We all worked hard to pack up, and get  everything loaded on the pallet.   Bill's specialty (which he quickly jumped to after I took this photo) is knowing exactly which box fits which case.  Of course you'd expect that after 30 years.    I'm the tape queen.  He puts the case in the box, and I tape it.  The one job I don't do is shrink wrapping the pallet - it makes me dizzy.  :-)  All in all it was a good show for us, with good sales and good fun.  FYI - I'm just going to post two more photos from this SCI series.  Thanks for your comments.  Smugmugger's ROCK!  Have a lovely day today my friends.  Linda http://lgood.smugmug.com
04-22-2014 - 1909 Sears Motor Buggy Original Cost $395.00          Link to Photo Without Frame      Thank You for Making this Daily Photo Tied for the #1 Pick on 04-22-2014
Thank you so much for your many wonderful comments on my poppy  shot yesterday, You really made my day!    For this Tulip picture I used PSE to create a slight watercolor effect which also added a bit of contrast as well. I just loved the single orange among all those pinkish purples
 5th year Pic 158 - 23-Apr-2014.   Cheeky!   - Worli Koliwada      Worli Koliwada info   Critiques welcome!
Not as showy as Texas bluebonnets, but still beloved signposts of spring.  Both of these flowers naturalize like crazy, and can be found in great drifts and patches in shady places, especially in locations that don't get mowed.    DP113-2014  Posted April 23; processed April 22    There are two common six-petaled blue-violet spring bulbs that I see each year.  One has curly petals, faces upward, and has a bold white center.  The other is nodding - the blossoms face downward, or at best sideways.  They have smooth shiny petals of a bluer shade.  I'm 100% sure the latter are a member of the Scilla genus that bears the common name 'Siberian Squill'.  I'm not even sure the former belong to the Scilla genus, though I tend to think so.    Taken April 21 (Ann Arbor)  (Title:  Face Up - Face Down.  Both Scillas?)    Thanks to all who gave my simple daffodil shot such a warm reception yesterday.
Pied Avocet - a common wading bird along the shores of the brackish ponds in Burgenland, Austria.  They 'scythe' their bills from side to side searching for minuscule crabs and insects.
Backyard Cherry Blossoms

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Backyard Cherry Blossoms
Backyard Cherry Blossoms

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Photo by: Ilene Samowitz · See photo in original gallery.



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