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July 31, 2014  I opted not to post the seventh quilt today since my  mom is not a fan (haha)  maybe tomorrow.  This was taken at a pick your own field at the base of the Catoctin Mountains.
July 31, 2014  Bee on chaste tree bloom,  a nice photo to end the month of july.
07/30/2014  Thank you for your comment.
Oh no, a human!  Jul 31 A deer, with me in his crosshairs!
Wild Montana Lupine and golden grass sweep the valley of Montana
07.31.14  A selfie:  The  Viking Warriorette with her mighty breast-plate Indigo ;-)   Interesting. When I  wore this hat at the UNM Cancer Center people looked at me and laughed and we started conversations. People loved the hat. At Huntsman? Totally the opposite. I felt like people were embarrassed for me. They'd quickly look away. No one commented. The one nurse acted.... I don't know.... obligated to say something nice.  Come on people. Lighten up! It was OK to look. It was OK to laugh. It was OK to talk to me. I know I looked silly, but I get tired of being serious.   Missing the staff. The Doctors. The people at UNM Cancer Center.  Next week. Would someone, please, come laugh with me?  Hats required attire.  ******  Note: It is against the rules to ever wear Jennifer, Juno or Indigo. Although with all that !BLING! Indigo would make an amazing Breast Plate.
Squash blossom and friends, from our veggie garden...  Thank you for your views and comments, much appreciated!   Critiques welcome...  31 July 2014
Day 210: NY Skyline - The Sailing Lesson - July 31.  Love watching these little sailboats bobbing along together on the river.  I assume it is a sailing class.
30.07.14 - Zip.........  This is my daughter Amy on a small zip-wire in a local park yesterday morning. She is a bit of an adrenaline junkie like me so this isn't the most exciting zip wire in the world, which explains her funny facial expression. But we did spice it up a bit by pushing and spinning the kids as they set off!  Thank-you for the comments on the Punch and Judy image yesterday. It is a very strange tradition, and I'm convinced if it was invented today it would be quickly banned as being subversive and dangerous!  Our Kickstarter campaign ended last night. We had asked for £2,000, but we ended up with £2,721 so a huge thank-you once again to everyone who supported us, even just by spreading the word; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1690634677/tell-them-of-us
Atlantic way -    The bridge on the atlantic ocean  in Norway.
Green bean blossom, from our veggie garden. A different view of the blossom I shared on Monday...  Thanks for your views and comments, much appreciated!  Critiques welcome...  30 July 204
1950 Ford Pickup.
July 26, 2014  A couple of month ago I was sitting in the house processing photos and I became aware of the winds howling outside.  I grabbed my camera and walked out the back door to see what was going on.  These amazing clouds were just over the house.  Shortly afterwards we got some much needed rain.  Have a storm-free day today my friends.  Linda http://lgood.smugmug.com

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