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Cakile Maritima.  This flower is able to grow on the borderline between the beach and the dunes.
The Journey begins...    Please accept my apologies if I do not get to your shot right aways.    Please let me explain.    Taking care of my mom is virtually like taking care of a toddler. She can only take a few steps and she has to have diapers. I giver her meds to her, I get her up and in the wheelchair to take her to the dinning room to eat. She can feed herself so that's good. Basically when she needs something I have to get it. So if I don't comment right away I haven't forgotten you I'm just in the middle of something.    Have a GRATEFUL day.      and smile...    *
Day 324- NY Skyline Sundown- Nov 26.  The calm before the storm -lovely golden light on the skyline buildings at sundown.  Rain and snow beginning tonight.
Edmonds Marina at Blue Hour
12-26: Another from the golf course on Wednesday morning. There was a heavy frost on the trees which, in this shot, was helping to pick up a glow from the sun.
Hello All, This is my first image I’ve posted using My new Olympus E-5 set on the dramatic tone picture mode. This beautiful farm field resides in New Tripoli Pa.  Thanks for looking, please feel free to comment.
One of the koi in a small pool at the conservatory.  This feature is always a bit hit with kids of all ages.  DP328-2014  Posted Monday, November 24; processed ditto. I added a touch of Accented Edges over sumi-e to this one.  Taken November 17 at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Ann Arbor Title:  Feed Me!
Day 323- Clementines - Nov 24.  This is the work of a desperate woman stuck inside on a springlike day today,  waiting in late afternoon for an electrician to restore my electricity which went out last night due to a faulty wire.   A black background and windowlight.
08OCT2012  Milling Around  Dell's Mill aka Clark's Mill with some Fall foliage all lit up in the morning sun......Great place, scenic area with lots of barns to shoot as well.  Image won First Place in the "Travel Category" n4c.us in October 2012, submitted through the Omaha Camera Club.  Comments are welcome, lots of Wisconsin images to upload....have a great day!  Dan, sorry we didn't know you lived there....great area.
Beautiful patterns of hills over the historic aqueduct of Kharnaq, a village with over a thousand years of history in central Iran in Yazd Province. #63101353  © Payam Nashery - Photoarts
September 23, 2007    Fog in the forest.
2014-10-30. South Carolina Sunrise.   Thank you for your views/comments on my Leaves photo. And to Judy, I shot the underside of the leaves, and they were protected by a wall. The other side doesn't look so healthy :-) Karen
Day 319- NYC Skylne Sunrise - Nov 20.  Sundown light on Midtown Manhattan and the Hudson River.  The wide building with the triangle shaped top is One World Plaza, one of three buildings of World Wide Plaza which take up an entire block on the west side of Manhattan on 49th and 50th Streets and Eighth and Ninth Avenue. No matter where one looks in the city, orange construction projects are part of the view.   The tall skyscraper in the background is the newly constructed 432 Park Avenue. When completed, it will be the second tallest building in NYC, after One World Trade Center, and the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere.  By mid-2015, there will be three more new skyscrapers in NYC at a similar height.  With ground sites no longer available for development in NYC, developers are either tearing down older buildings to make space for taller structures or air rights are being sold to add additional height to existing buildings.  Can't help but wonder how the city intrastructure support the additional traffic and people.
Day 320- Two Doves - Nov 21.  Embossed Image of Two Doves.
Four days ago!  We had high winds yesterday and Oscar's house blew over with him in it. He charged out of his bed , amid flying , potted ,plants ,as they crashed to the deck. His  look was NOT one of a tornado chaser , but he recovered very quickly to scurry under the platform. He is back in his rebuilt bed ; now tethered to the railing.  We lost use of  hydro all last night. It is still very windy.  post for 25/11/14
Cakile Maritima. This flower is able to grow on the borderline between the beach and the dunes.

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Cakile Maritima.  This flower is able to grow on the borderline between the beach and the dunes.
Cakile Maritima. This flower is able to grow on the borderline between the beach and the dunes.

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