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Day 21 - A late evening sky at Spruce Grove in Colorado; the image has been enhanced in Photoshop
10-30-08  Natural lenses    A tiny spider web and a misty morning give so many lenses ! Hard to keep every drop sharp and to focus on the picture given through the drops ! This one came out good enough among many other shots.     Can you see what was behind ? ^^
"The Road to Color"  10/16/08  While Driving today I got stuck behind a SLOW POKE on the only single lane road leading out of town and was getting frustrated so I jumped off onto this small fire road and was shocked by the colors in this tunnel like ride. it was raining pretty good all day today so there was no sun and nasty puddles everywhere but I was able to snap this by opening my sun roof and sticking the D300 out on constant focus and shot it while doing about 10 mph. I was amazed by the composition I was able to get since I was in the center of the road and being above the car it gave me some extra height then the usual eye view, I think it worked out pretty well LOL.    In post I did a minor contrast adjustment and small crop off the bottom, that's it! I'm enjoying the colors here now but I see them disappearing very rapidly so I'm going to try and get some shots everyday now until their gone. It's supposed to get very cold here starting tonight in the 50's as a high during the day and low 40's to high 30's at night Brrrrrrrrrr. I got some other shots from today to process yet but I will be putting them in my Fall Colors 2008 gallery when there finished.    Hope you all enjoy your day,  Bill Pador
9.11.09 - Fog Lights  Today has been a beautiful one, fantastic weather, nice sunset, but the fog tonight was an extra surprise. When I came off the squash court at about 9.30pm I was hardly dressed for photography in near freezing fog, but I've been waiting too long for some fog to waste this opportunity. So instead of going home for a hot shower I drove straight to the Cathedral Quarter looking for photo opps! Needless to say I was the only person in shorts!!  I got a few good shots of the fog and the golden glow from the Cathedral floodlights, but this one was a real stroke of luck. This is one of my favourite shooting positions, but for 10 minutes I froze waiting for someone to come along and be a "ghost" for me. So I wandered around for a while, and was on my way back to the car when I spotted these two guys heading for my spot. I raced ahead of them (you see the shorts were useful!) and fired 3 quick shots as they approached. One was out of focus, one had lousy comp, but this one turned out OK I think. Straight out of camera, not even a crop, just a touch of in camera sharpening and low light noise reduction. This is a beautiful spot, but when the fog descends it becomes utterly surreal. I'm one photog hoping for more fog this winter :)  Thanks for the great response to my model railway shots, you guys blow me away!
2.3.08 - Golden Years. Some photos are moments of inspiration, pieces of technical brilliance or snatched opportunities. This one had been meticulously planned for sometime. I have been working out the best vantage points and sunset times eversince I moved to my current home last summer. Mid-afternoon today it was very grey and trying to rain, then suddenly it all blew through and the air cleared. Sensing a nice sunset I grabbed my gear and walked a few minutes to a local hill crest and waited as this golden lightshow developed. It took much longer to select the DP than I spent taking photos, and I will upload other contenders to my Lincoln Sunset Gallery later this evening (see here  http://johnloguk.smugmug.com/gallery/4053411_yY5Qg#260994902 ).    I hope you like this shot as much as I do, and I am so glad that I live so close to this view!
30.11.08 - Peace and Contemplation    This image was left over from a couple of days ago when I did the misty collage. I always felt that I could do something else with this, and in the end this is just a sepia photo filter, but it conveys the feelings I wanted to get across, so I'm really happy with it. At the time I sloppily let the back of my car intrude into the photo, so that was cloned out. But otherwise it is just a B&W conversion, an adjustment of contrast and the sepia filter. I love these misty days with the sun trying to break through, and the stark silhouettes of the trees, mind you, it was bloody cold :)    There is an alternative treatment here which emphasises the cold a bit more;  http://johnloguk.smugmug.com/gallery/4328734_9ZqLR#427338235_SzU46      For those of you that asked about my curry night, it was a lot of fun. I love cooking, especially Indian food, and this was a chance to show off a bit with friends. They brought liquid refreshment, I did the food, and we all got totally stuffed! I'm now eating the leftovers, which are even tastier than last night :)
12-14: Saturday evening we went to the 16th street mall in Denver. On the way home we stopped to look at the lights on the Denver City and County Building. With this lens I had to go behind some trees to get the whole building. Also, unfortunately, I didn't have my tripod, so it didn't turn out as good as it could have.
9.2.09 - Snow and Rain  We woke up to fresh snow again this morning, and although it was cold it was quite a pleasant day. That is, until I decided to go out and get a Daily. I had hoped to take some night snow shots around the Cathedral, but it was raining heavily! The last time I took some photos here I got a ghostly biker zooming through the shot, tonight it was a bedraggled walker. Apart from a crop to get rid of boring foreground this is straight out of camera. Despite me standing over it with an umbrella some rain managed to get on the lens, but I think it adds to the watery scene (well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).  For those that like to keep an eye on our Monday Challenges mine is here;  http://www.lightanddreamsphotography.com/gallery/7093288_hSxt4#470456288_tRiRP
3-06: I was in a precarious position while taking this shot so I didn't get it framed quite the way I wanted. This is the keyhole in the Devils Backbone. You can see where it is in the picture I posted for 3-02. My nerve is not what it used to be.
February 6, 2009    Lonely - but hopeful?      edited to add - thank you to everyone who commented.  I had held on to this photo for a few weeks now - it is very personal for me.  Has been kind of a rough 6 months for me emotionally and this photo really hit at my core.  I wasn't sure I was going to post it - but for some reason this morning - it was ok and I did.       I guess this is just one of those rare photos that reaches into you (the person taking it) deeper than many others and becomes special because it really speaks to you.  We all like most of our photos - otherwise we wouldn't share them - but for me - as I am sure it is for all of you - we have the one or two rare and special ones.  That is what this one is for me.      I really wasn't sure what the reaction to it would be - your  comments, your kindness, your encouragment and inspiration mean so very much to me.    Thank you.
2-02: This is another from Saturday's sunset. Several people have asked if the colors are real (natural) in yesterday's. It was taken as three bracketed exposures but only at -1, 0 and 1. Then combined in Photomatix. Then final processing in Capture NX2 (mostly brightness and focus adjustments) I didn't change any colors. I did actually have to desaturate a little because the orange and reds tend to be over saturated sometimes. I used the same processing on today's post. This one was actually taken a few minutes before the one I posted yesterday, so the clouds are more orange than red or pink
2-1: Saturday evening we had quite a nice sunset, so I took a walk along the Poudre trail near Prospect street hoping to find some good views. I found this waterfall like thing.
Storm on the California Coast line
"Morning Sun"
June 30...    A 250 year old house of a sea captain. The two dogs in the window have a special meaning: When they were looking out of the window the husband were at sea, when looking into the house he was at home and her special friends should stay away.
Day 21 - A late evening sky at Spruce Grove in Colorado; the image has been enhanced in Photoshop

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Day 21 - A late evening sky at Spruce Grove in Colorado; the image has been enhanced in Photoshop
Day 21 - A late evening sky at Spruce Grove in Colorado; the image has been enhanced in Photoshop

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