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Guatemala people
Gate to light
Old lady at sunrise
Day 132 - The morning sun strikes rock formations in the Grand Canyon, as seen from the North Rim in Arizona; detail in this image is best viewed in a larger size.  This shot of the Grand Canyon is one I recently rediscovered in my archives from the early fall and reprocessed.  I used a number of different effects, including Topaz Adjust, Color EFEX Pro, and some regular Photoshop filter and blending effects.  If you view the large size, you will really see some detail!  I'm going to post this and go to bed.  I hope you all have a really nice day!  It is supposed to be quite warm here today.  It got up to 65 degrees in Colorado Springs today, not a good day to sleep away.  Oh. well.  Oh, if some of you should like to look at the other North Rim Grand Canyon shots, they are here:  http://fotoeffects.smugmug.com/gallery/6698528_KNq6d#476011624_efKkk.
Ontario country road
Row Boats
St. Valentine rose I just received this morning from my husband :)    Happy St. Valentine's day everybody!
Town of Lindsay, Ontario
Another way to see a Valentine rose :)
Winter countryscape, viewed trough the windshield.
Winter in Wasaga Beach, on Nottawasaga Bay (Lake Huron)
Winter fruit    I noticed that in this area, people keep their Christmas decorations even in January - it warms up the winter :)
Blue Mountain Ski Resort    To be honest, I'm tired of snow and winter photos, but here where we are now, there is one more full month of ski season, so... I guess I'll have to keep taking winter shots :)
Sun and snow
Guatemala people

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Guatemala people
Guatemala people

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Photo by: Tatiana (travelways) · See photo in original gallery.



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