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April 16 2014 Hopefully the last snow  On our deck. It's all melted now and we should get into the 50's later
April 16, 2014 The Native Azalea in full bloom. There are several varieties of Azaleas.  This is one of my favorites.  This was taken on the Azalea Trails in Tyler Texas  Native azaleas are different in several key ways from the azaleas seen most often in garden centers. Non-native azaleas sold in nurseries are bred with plants from Asia. These are small-to-large, evergreen shrubs, whereas native azaleas are deciduous and can grow into small trees. Many native azaleas are distinctly fragrant, whereas the Asian plants have almost no fragrance. Native azaleas have a greater range of colors than the evergreens — there are no yellow or gold shades in the evergreens.  Enjoy this amazing day! Jeanne
Just us Apr 16  A great blue heron and its reflection
Tulip Bouquet Posted April 16, 2014  This image was made with a scanner not a camera. Arrange your image on the scanner, hold a black piece of card on top and do a preview. Rearrange and preview until satisfied with the result, then scan the final image and take it into Lightroom or Photoshop.  To answer the question from yesterday's post, arrange your items on a lightbox and then take the photo from directly above. The ipad can be used for smaller items with the LED lightbox app. Light boxes that were used to view slides can also be used. I am having one built from a 2 ft and 2 ft fluorescent ceiling box. This is a much cheaper way to go than buying a lightbox from a store dedicated to photography equipment.
Day 158 - Happy Birthday Angel Tue. Apr 15, 2014  Happy birthday my sweet!  It was 12 years ago when we adopted you, and it was a very happy day for us to have you come to our lives.    #100happyday challenge - Day 31
04-16-2014 "Sutton and Lily, Volunteers"  The girls had a blast with all the animals in the petting area of Horses for Handicap.  I found out today that this is the 32nd year for the event.  It was delightful to see those special children's faces when they got to ride the horses.  It is so well organized, even down to the point that children who cannot be photographed have a special badge so any and all photographers can identify them easily.  I loved each and every comment on the bunny yesterday.  The look on its face was the look it had in every photo I took, even when it was on the ground hopping around.  Your comments and critiques are always welcome. Donna
Bluestem Pricklypoppy (Argemone albiflora), La Chua Trail, Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park, Florida. 2014. Papaveraceae (Poppy family).
Our favorite beach place has this interesting mural of steel town life but I like that he seems to be looking at the messy tray with a scowl on his face.    Having a friend look at my PC tomorrow . Will be able to brows thereafter or contact SM. It snowed today!  16/04/2014
Bandelier National Monument is a 33,677-acre United States National Monument in New Mexico preserving the homes and territory of the Ancestral Pueblo People. Most of the pueblo structures date to two eras, in total from 1150 to 1600 CE.
4-16-2014 FedEx on time,
A one story drop from the garage roof line onto water-logged planks smashes each large drop of melt water (from yesterday's snowfall) to smithereens.  DP106-2014  Posted April 16 (late); from photo taken the same day.  Catching the moment of contact, when the splash is at a maximum, is a total crap shoot with a camera such I was using that has a significant time lag in the shutter.  That time lag makes if hard to get the focus right, as well.  So this is a deeply flawed shot, technically, but I liked the shadow cast by the splash, and I didn't want to be as late posting today as I was Monday and Tuesday of this week.  WYSIWYG, and IIWII.  A companion shot of a different splash is here:  http://smu.gs/1l3CCix  Taken April 16, 2014 (Title:  It Should Have Been Raindrops, So Many Raindrops...)

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