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Pair of Canada geese 'bookending' seven goslings, near Sandstone, MN (best larger)  Other photos of the Minnesota wildlife can be seen here: http://goo.gl/0nOSva  So happy you enjoyed the fawn in the wildflowers; your comments are very much appreciated!!  1/08/14 www.allenfotowild.com
Friday, August 1, 2014  "GLORIOSA DAISY"  “Just living is not enough," said the butterfly, "one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.” ~ Hans Christian Andersen, excerpt from "The Complete Fairy Tales"  Is it August, already? My, how time flies (use of personification here).  The scientific name is "Cascading Gloriosa Daisy." Has there ever been a daisy as lovely as these with their shades of yellow, orange, and red ringed around a large, glittering center? I like their rich butterscotch color and deep big center "eye!" Don't you just love strolling through gardens? I do; they are not only beautiful, but offer a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of daily activity.   Have a safe and funtagious Friday!  Rose Garden  @Martin and Sue King Railroad Heritage Museum 115 South Bayou Avenue Cleveland, MS  (photo taken 6/25/2014)  My Homepage: http://www.Godschild.smugmug.com
Most of what you see reflected in this abstract is concrete, namely the walls lining one of the tailraces of Geddes Dam.  Only at the bottom of the frame do you see reflections of the guard railings around the structure.  DP213-2014  Posted August 1; processed ditto The necessary conditions for producing the reflection and the colors seen here:  Morning light, a closed floodgate, sunny or partly sunny skies, and little if any wind.  Geddes Dam, seen from Old Dixboro Road, Ann Arbor Taken July 26, 2014 Title:  Concrete Abstract  I'll do my best to catch up with commenting today, but it probably won't be until late in the day.
8/1/14 - Cables and Shadows  Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on my shot of the sand sculpture of the unusual couple.  I got a few chuckles from your remarks.
August 1,2014   I grew this blue morning glory and I LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!At first ,the sun flare and lens flare made me want to delete it but I think it gives my flower STAR quality!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
August 1, 2014  This is the seventh in a series of 12 quilts located in Carroll County Maryland and part of the American Quilt Trail Movement.  This is not my favorite quilt, especially close up, I do however like the overall look on the barn.  I will post each barn n its entirety later.  The Birds in Flight Quilt is located at: Carroll County Farm Museum - 500 S. Center Street, Westminster  To see if the movement is in your town go to: http://barnquiltinfo.com
August 1, 2014  I have no idea what this plant could be.  I found it in the most distant part of our backyard where I rarely go (our backyard is 3 acres).    Is it a weed?  Is it a flower?  Is it an alien invader?  Dennis (Papamugger) can you help me out here with the ID?  Have a great day!  Linda http://lgood.smugmug.com
08-01-2014 "Sweet Emme"  What a blessing this little girl is to our family.  I'm lucky I get to keep her several days a week.  When she comes in my house she starts smiling and so do I.  There's nothing more special than a sweet baby face.    Thanks for your comments on the hosta blooms. Donna
Night Moves  Aug 1 Cars whizzing by on the interstate. Starbursts courtesy of a long exposure and small aperture, old school style!
We are dog sitting this week. This is Marley our daughter's dog very young and full of life. But a lot of fun to play with.  she is always ready for a photo shoot so I took advantage I hope everyone has had a great week.
August 1, 2014 "Spicebush Swallowtail"  I have a hard time getting this species to pose quietly,  this pretty one was very cooperative.
31.07.14 - Dear Sir..............  Another shot from the film shoot last Monday, but I only worked on it last night. I'd always envisaged this scene in monochrome to emphasise the low light from the candle.
08-01-2014 - Pedestal Simplicity        Link to Photo Without Frame

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