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April 11, 2009   Those eyes - say it all.
24.12.09 - Christmas Eve  Fog was the order of the day today. We've had a slight thaw, but tonight it is back below freezing again. I had a wonderful photo walk round the Cathedral this evening. The combination of fog, floodlights and the golden limestone was magical as always. This will be a very familiar view to most of you by now, but each time I stand here I see something different. By the morning I'll have a whole gallery up so you can share tonight's walk with me.
Best friends   Marlice and her cheetah at sunset, Na'ankuse, Namibia. Cheetah are the most 'tameable' of the big cats when raised from a very young age, as this one was, but they are still wild animals.  Marlice and her colleagues at the Na'ankuse Foundation have the skills and the proper facilities to take good care of the cheetahs and to rehabilitate them for release into the wild. (They have the loudest, most fantastic purr I have ever heard!!)
No tourists, and the locals are sitting indoor around the fireplace,
  Wide Angle Dusty ~ Hey whatcha doin down there?     Needed some fun and smiles today so broke out the wide angle...  didn't take long to realize Dusty made for a pretty funny distorted subject :-) Note I've been offline so catchin up today & added 5 new pics. Jan 18, 2007
My daily Smug-mug
Day 26 - A lioness photographed last spring in a wildlife park.
July 22, 2013  Another "B" photo = Bridge.  I loaded my 'real' B photo and this photo for Monday on Saturday afternoon.  However, I forgot to hide this one for a little while.  I didn't even realize that mistake, until I got the three comments from Art, Godschild and Juan - sorry for the confusion my friends, but I do appreciate the comments.  This is the glorious Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas, TX that was opened in 2010 with quite a celebration and much fanfare.  It is absolutely stunning.    Coming home from the airport on Friday, the traffic on I-35 was a bumper-to-bumper nightmare, so I decided to get off the beaten path and find a slightly less crowded way to get home.  As I drove under this magnificent bridge, I stuck my little point & shoot camera out the driver's window and clicked, and hoped for the best.  I was quite pleased with this shot.  According to Wikipedia:  The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge is one of three Santiago Calatrava-designed bridges being built over the Trinity River in Dallas, Texas as part of the Trinity River Project.   Construction on the bridge began in spring 2007 with the steel being manufactured in an Italian steel factory often used by Calatrava to manufacture his designs. The factory made the steel for his Athens stadium.  The cable-stayed bridge is 1,870 feet (570 m) with a main-span of 1,197 feet (365 m), and an apex-height of 400 feet (122 m).   On Saturday, June 26, 2010, the signature, 40-story center-support-arch was topped-off with a central curved span, providing an additional feature to the Dallas skyline, as it can now be seen from many miles away from several directions.  This is just the apex of the bridge and not the whole structure.  I hope to go spend some time on a Sunday afternoon (avoiding as much traffic as I can) and do a lot more shots of this beautiful structure.  "You only get to live life once, so make smart choices, overuse I love you, & think before you speak sometimes the bridges you burn today you may need tomorrow. " ~ Nishan Panwar quotes   Have a "Merry" Monday.  Linda
02-21-2014 - Salsa and Hot Sauce of all types and Varying Degrees of Heat       Link to Photo Without Frame     Thank You for Making this Daily Photo Tied for the #3 Pick on 02-21-2014
Soaking it in.  Sunflower shot at my cousin's garden in Ahmedabad.     www.javeri.net
9.2.09 - Snow and Rain  We woke up to fresh snow again this morning, and although it was cold it was quite a pleasant day. That is, until I decided to go out and get a Daily. I had hoped to take some night snow shots around the Cathedral, but it was raining heavily! The last time I took some photos here I got a ghostly biker zooming through the shot, tonight it was a bedraggled walker. Apart from a crop to get rid of boring foreground this is straight out of camera. Despite me standing over it with an umbrella some rain managed to get on the lens, but I think it adds to the watery scene (well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).  For those that like to keep an eye on our Monday Challenges mine is here;  http://www.lightanddreamsphotography.com/gallery/7093288_hSxt4#470456288_tRiRP
"Heavenly Swing"   “The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch swing with, never say a word, then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation that you ever had.”~Anonymous~
"The River Flows"  On my way home from an appt. today I stopped at one of my favorite fishing spots on the Rockaway River in my town to grab this capture. Too bad I didn't have a set of waders in my car to get the little water fall that is located just below this scene but I have to be UNDER the bridge I was on in order to get it in the frame LOL. So you'll have to settle for this one.    I love the little water flow control house that is dilapidated here, it adds a nice rigid feel to the scene. I've watched the roof continue to collapse over the years and soon it will just fall in completely. This is one of the best trout spots around here and they stock the river just upstream weekly during trout season from the farm with tags on them so you know if you caught a wild or farm bread fish. The mountain you see in the background is part of the Picatinny Arsenal where they develop & test new weapons for the military.    Anyway, it was an overcast day here as you can see and it really brought some nice contrast into the picture that I liked. I had to make slight levels adjustments to bring the clouds out a bit more and then some selective dodging & burning to the shadow areas but not much more to this one. Oh and a slight filter applied to bring the colors up a bit since it was so dark here. 10 min. of work and it was finished. So I hope you enjoy this next addition to my fall colors month - I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and get out there to enjoy the crisp clean fall air ;)    ALTERNATE VERSION: You can see a second version in SEPIA of this image in my EXTRAS Gallery BY CLICKING HERE    Best Regards,  ~Bill~
February 1, 2009 - From the Dallas Zoo.    Following the leader, the leader, the leader  We're following the leader wherever he may go  We won't be home till morning, till morning  We won't be home till morning  Because he told us so.
11/05/09 - Historic Yates Mill Pond at Sunset  I posted a picture of the actual water wheel in my gallery earlier this year.  In this picture, you can't see the wheel, but you get this lovely reflection instead.  After Joey's flu shot, I decided to make the best of a wonderful afternoon and go for a quick hike around the mill pond.  Unfortunately, we were really there a good 30-60 minutes too late to be taking good pictures.  I had to bump up the saturation on this one to improve the color.      This is the same shot taken on 10/26 last year when the sun was better and the tree closest to the mill still had yellow leaves on it.  http://fotomom.smugmug.com/Yates-Mill-Pond/Yates-Mill-Photo-Contest-2009/7088136_34LZC#454338880_TdGL2  In both cases, the sky looks better in the reflection than in the final shot.  I'm not sure how to get around that...especially in last night's picture when the sky really didn't have much blue in it.      We still have not had a frost or freeze at my house, but it look like it's coming Friday night into Saturday.  I am storing ceramic bird baths and pots and taking in fragile plants that I can save.      I sure wish today was Friday...  HAGD,  Maryann
April 11, 2009 Those eyes - say it all.

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April 11, 2009   Those eyes - say it all.
April 11, 2009 Those eyes - say it all.

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