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September 18, 2014  Another photo from our trek into the Narrows of Zion National Park.  We rented water shoes, thermal socks and walking sticks the day before the 8 mile trek.  Thank goodness that we did.  I told Bill that being a shoe girl, I was having a hard time wearing these ugly shoes.  His reply, "Well you can't walk the Narrows in high heels."  So right he was.  LOL - what an awesome experience, we will do this again sometime.  Have a beautiful day today my friends!  Linda http://lgood.smugmug.com  Late Post - I was a day behind on my opening comment, and greatly pleased to know today is Thursday, not Wednesday.
17.09.14 - Shadows and Ghosts  Another shot from my Tuesday evening guided photo walk, and a regular subject, although I usually use a slightly different window for the reflecton and use a landscape orientation to get a wider view. I use this location to encourage people to look harder to find interesting perspectives. It is also useful to illustrate how slightly slow shutter speeds turn moving people into ghostly shadows.
Sept.18.  If you look closely you will see that there is a bird (cormorant) on nearly every post in the water.
Sept 18 - Cabbage In The Garden  I took this image from my sister's garden.  Thanks so much for your comments on my Aspen Row image I posted yesterday.  They are always much appreciated.
Fun on the carousel.  I've never seen a portable carousel this old. Hindsight tells me I should have gotten images of the larger ride but I was more interested in the people.
I usually tend to be more of a sunRISE person but lately, the sunsets have been gorgeous. This was the view of the Nemasket River just after sunset. There was a little river otter swimming around too but because of the low light and necessary slow shutter speed, he was all blurry. So I had to lop him out of the scene.  Nemasket River Middleboro/Lakeville town line
Pastel Storms  Sept 18 Looming storm clouds at dusk created interesting colors and patterns.
Duck on a Pond: My office is located in a large office park which is dotted with several ponds / lakes which vary in size. Every day I pass by this lake on my way into work...I always slow down a bit to see if there's anything worth shooting. About a week ago this rubber ducky appeared in the pond. I chuckle every time I see it. I'm off on a 3 day weekend to the White Mountains - Have a nice / safe weekend - See you Monday!!!!  09/19/2014
Grand Manan Island Coastline Posted Sept. 18, 2014  I"m still working on my Maritime images from last year. I thought this one worked well in b/w. Critiques are most welcome.
Joe Smith of the Los Angeles Angels pitching in relief...  Blue Jays 7, Angels 8 July 9, 2014  Angel Stadium Anaheim, CA  This winds up my short series on the Angels vs Blue Jay ball game. As I already mentioned, I was invited by a friend and we had great seats! With that being said, knowing what I know now, seats between 3rd base and home plate would have provided a better angle and the foul ball screen wouldn't have been in the way (focusing through it was a real challenge, for me anyway).   Thanks again for your views, comments and support, much appreciated! Critiques welcome...  18 September 2014
" I huffed and I puffed,,,,,"  Yesterday was gorgeous so another from my walk in the neighborhood.    post for 19/09/14
Shot with all natural light, no retouching.
09-18-2014 "Sunset over Little Roundtop"  I was standing on the porch of our friend's cabin in the mountains and this beautiful sunset had us all breathless.  It was amazing and kept changing colors.  I liked these colors best.  Little Roundtop is a peak behind their cabin with the view in front looking at the valley.  If you cross over this mountain range you enter the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  If you look closely you can see lights from other cabins as specks in the mountains.  Thank you for your support and comments on my photos. Donna

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