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Mt. Damavand at over 18400 ft. (5610 m) located in Northern Iran reaches out of the late evening clouds and mist to catch the last rays of setting sun over the Alborz mountain range. It is the highest peak in all of middle east and highest volcano in all of Asia. #74111326  © Payam Nashery - Photoarts
I was inspired by Regina's (geoghanart) recent posts of variations on photos of tulips, and thought I'd try my hand.  For the basic processing (after the usual levels and contrast adjustments) I applied Topaz Labs Impression Impasto effect, with tweaks of some of the sliders.  For the framing I experimented with a diagonal linear gradient, colorized, to which I also applied the Impasto effect, followed by a Gaussian blur. The unframed filtered version can be seen here ( http://smu.gs/1HhBHSw ).  The unmodified (unfiltered and unframed) version is here ( http://smu.gs/1BgrbKv ).  DP067-2015  Posted Sunday, March 8; created ditto from photo taken March 7.  Title:  Fooling with Tulips  Thanks for all the continued support of my photos.  It brightens my day.  Today's post is one small example of how the work of others in this community inspires me and pushes me to keep trying new things.
Beautiful colors of Oregon's Painted Hills National Monument are further enhanced by the light dusting of snow on this crisp winter day's light and inspiring a conversation with the big guy himself! #75011513  © Payam Nashery - Photoarts
Calm Juanita Bay waters and setting light bring out the colors of this male Wood Duck (Aix Sponsa). #94111234  © Payam Nashery - Photoarts
Sunset - long exposure with 10 stop ND filter. Taken near Olympia, Wa.  I really appreciate the comments!
Have you ever seen anyone get so crazy over a backyard tree? The arbourist who worked on it last year told Rob what kind it was and he's forgotten, but after the long winter we've had I'm just thrilled to see leaves! I wish the cardinal would spend more time in it!    Happy Sunday everyone . It was sort of sunny today but warm and no snow!  post for 27/04/15
I waited for 6 months for the sun to go down in the midle of the road. Fortunately it did not rain that day. I brought a boy with me to wave good night to the sun.  Suddenly I saw the birds comming from the left, and got them in "the decive moment".
This road runs east of Sierra Nevada and 5 km south of Mono Lake.  Kresten Refslund
Dance on the beach.  Our small island "Fanoe" is a National park.  To celebrate this, 30 or more young people, all in white, arranged a happening on the beach. Now it is pronounced to be a World Heritage due to its unique nature. We are 3200 inhabitants and are all proud of this nomination.  Kresten Refslund
February 10...  Beach #4.  Almost every day I take Blif for a walk along the beach. Especially in autumn and winter the sky puts up magnificent shows. The other day this sky came up covering most colors even a bit of green at the left. The show went on for app. 10 minutes, and then it was all over.
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Photo by: Linda Treleaven · See photo in original gallery.



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