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Shot with all natural light, no retouching.
9/17/2014 ~ Turquoise and Brick  Found in a tiny central Texas town. It looks as though they put stucco over the brick, but time has caused the stucco to fall off in spots.   Thank you for the kind comments on yesterday's shot of the alien spider crab! (Thanks Terry! That's definitely what it is)
I waited for 6 months for the sun to go down in the midle of the road. Fortunately it did not rain that day. I brought a boy with me to wave good night to the sun.  Suddenly I saw the birds comming from the left, and got them in "the decive moment".
Trust    DP135-2013  Posted May 15; processed ditto    Songbirds in the woods around the Nature Center have learned to trust humans who hold out food for them in their hands.  (Signs along the trails politely ask people to feed the birds ONLY by hand, not to put food on the ground for them, and NOT to feed the cranes.)  On the last day of my sister's visit, we walked in these woods and fed the birds.  Feeling their almost negligible weight and the tiny prick of their claws as they land and daintily snatch the chosen seed is a pleasure beyond description.    Kensington Metropark, Milford Township, MI  May 14, 2013  (For those who care, but don't yet know, this was a tufted titmouse.)
Monday, July 21, 2008  (day 52)  Went to Eastern State Penitentiary with friends who can't join the SmugMug group on August 13th.  Plus, I filled out a survey on the way out and I have 4 free passes for the SmugMug group!  It was soooo hot and humid.  It was fun to shot there, I think (hope) I learned alot from my mistakes, don't you just love digital!!!
Sunday, May 15, 2011   "ANTIQUE CHEVY"  (pp version)  "Keep calm and drive a Chevy!" ~ Unknown Author  Linda (aka Lgood) is one of the absolute best at capturing automobile shots and their reflections, and I immediately thought of her when I spotted this GM classic. Unfortunately, there wasn't an information card, so I am unsure as to the year of this "oldie but goodie." My hubby's guess is it's a "1930 something Chevy." The pink sign made spectators chuckle. It warned, "UNLESS YOU ARE NUDE.....PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH MY CHEVY! BUCKLES, BELTS, AND BUTTONS SCRATCH."   As you can see, I did some pp with this one, but it is uncropped. The original image can be viewed here: http://godschild.smugmug.com/gallery/16609546_tdrqK#!i=1274849067&k=9MMHm66&lb=1&s=A  Your comments on yesterday's "Got Mail" POTD are really appreciated; you all are really a wonderful community of photographers who are also supportive and helpful.   God is and has been exceptionally kind to all of us; have a blessed and safe Sunday, everyone.  View the #1 photo here:http://sharkbayte.smugmug.com/Photography/2011-Daily-Photos/15280496_zofpQ#1291649048_zdNjmgz-A-LB  ***#2 photo of the day and all-time***  Show Your Ride Car Show  Memphis, TN
"ICE STORM"  We are in the middle of a 2 day Ice Storm here in North West NJ, it hasn't let up for almost 48 hours now and everything is covered in 1/4" - 1/2" of pure ice making traveling treacherous BUT for a photographer it's an awesome site. I didn't get out to the mountains for some full landscape shots so I walked out to my front yard and got some of my trees, bushes & grass that were pretty cool. A Lot of things look like snake skin like this berry tree. I hope this goes away soon, gotta get ready for the snow storm their calling for on Saturday LOL BTW this was shot hand held using my Tamron 90mm Di f/2.8 1:1 Macro, I love this lens !    PS: I have a bunch more ice storm images shot yesterday in my Weather gallery "CLICK HERE IF INTERESTED" Some really cool macro images came out of this storm !    ~Bill~
Sunday, December 30, 2012  "LIGHTS AND REFLECTIONS"  "How much you climb up the mountain is just as important as how you get down the mountain. And so it is with life, which, for many of us becomes one big gigantic test followed by one big gigantic lesson. In the end, it all comes down to one word.....grace. It's how you accept winning and losing, good luck and bad luck, the darkness and the light." ~ Philosophy  SOOC, other than the frames, which were created with Picnik.......unfortunately, the picnik is over. As announced earlier, Picnik closed on April 19, 2012.   The "Christmas in Arizona" 2011 entire gallery is here: http://www.smugmug.com/gallery/19881997_k7vHJ6#!i=1595885649&k=SVSM4TJ  Two days until New Year's Day (2013)......  Scottsdale Quarter Scottsdale, AZ  ***#1 photo of the day and all-time***  (photo taken 12/30/2011)
June 7, 2008    Bugs, the breakfast of champions.
1.8.08 - Absent Friends    I seem to having lots of anniversaries at the moment. Yesterday I completed my first 6 months in the Dailies, and tomorrow I will have been in my new flat for a year. Today would have been my 27th wedding anniversary, but for the fact that my first wife Gill died of a brain haemorrhage on July 20th 1986. This photo was taken in January 1985, at the end of a wonderful day walking in the Derbyshire Hills. The original was a colour transparency, and is in another gallery, but this has been cropped and tidied up a bit for the Dailies.     Gill and I shared a love of wild places, especially mountains, but as a cash strapped young couple we never got beyond the UK. This was good in that it allowed our daft black lab "Kelly" to go everywhere with us, we were quite a team. We had great plans, but they were all for a future that never happened for us. After Gill died my attitude to life changed considerably, never put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today, you never know what might happen.    Much has happened in the intervening years, some bad, but most good. One of the best experiences of recent years has been joining the Dailies and making many great new friends, albeit at the other end of fibre optic cables halfway round the world. You guys have taught me so much, about myself as well as about photography, and long may it continue :)
Sunday, July 21, 2013    "B" is for BATHTUBS  "Every tub has to sit on its own bottom." ~ Title of a book written by Zora Neal Hurston  Photo submission for Donna McCommon's "Alphabet Challenge"   For some reason, when I saw this scene, I was reminded of the scene in "The Help" movie where the commodes (toilets), as opposed to bathtubs, were in the front yard of Hilly Hollbrook's house:).  Have a wonderfully blessed day, my friends!  Southern Tubs 23869 Highway 6 East Batesville, MS   Official website is here: http://www.southerntubs.com  ***#1 photo of the day and all-time***  (photo taken 3/13/2013)
For Rick's Trademark Challenge I apologize if someone has posted this already.     There are three possible answers:       1: I know the Symbol and Company.       2: I have seen the Symbol before but can't connect a Name/Company to it.       3: I have not ever seen the Symbol before.  The answer and a little history  http://brickroadphoto.smugmug.com/Challenging-Challenges/Trademark-Challenge/i-hQ7qm8j  Thank you Rick for a fun challenge!  SO what's next?  Jeanne
09-15-2014 - Old Miners Cabin Door         Link to Photo  Without Frame      Thank You for Making this Daily Photo  the #2 Pick on 09-15-2014
Shot with all natural light, no retouching.

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Shot with all natural light, no retouching.
Shot with all natural light, no retouching.

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Photo by: paulbellinger · See photo in original gallery.



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