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Sure was a beautiful day today!
The bees are buzzing!
"Heavenly Swing"   “The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch swing with, never say a word, then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation that you ever had.”~Anonymous~
A golden day
Old lady at sunrise
"The River Flows"  On my way home from an appt. today I stopped at one of my favorite fishing spots on the Rockaway River in my town to grab this capture. Too bad I didn't have a set of waders in my car to get the little water fall that is located just below this scene but I have to be UNDER the bridge I was on in order to get it in the frame LOL. So you'll have to settle for this one.    I love the little water flow control house that is dilapidated here, it adds a nice rigid feel to the scene. I've watched the roof continue to collapse over the years and soon it will just fall in completely. This is one of the best trout spots around here and they stock the river just upstream weekly during trout season from the farm with tags on them so you know if you caught a wild or farm bread fish. The mountain you see in the background is part of the Picatinny Arsenal where they develop & test new weapons for the military.    Anyway, it was an overcast day here as you can see and it really brought some nice contrast into the picture that I liked. I had to make slight levels adjustments to bring the clouds out a bit more and then some selective dodging & burning to the shadow areas but not much more to this one. Oh and a slight filter applied to bring the colors up a bit since it was so dark here. 10 min. of work and it was finished. So I hope you enjoy this next addition to my fall colors month - I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and get out there to enjoy the crisp clean fall air ;)    ALTERNATE VERSION: You can see a second version in SEPIA of this image in my EXTRAS Gallery BY CLICKING HERE    Best Regards,  ~Bill~
12-26: Another from the golf course on Wednesday morning. There was a heavy frost on the trees which, in this shot, was helping to pick up a glow from the sun.
Atlantic way -    The bridge on the atlantic ocean  in Norway.
Thursday, February 2, 2012  "SUNNY SIDE UP"  "Be a rose which gives fragrance, even to those who crush it. ~ Author Unknown  SOOC comes this yellow rose of...........Arizona, and not Texas:)!   According to history, yellow is  a bright, sunny color that evokes a feeling of warmth and happiness. Akin to those shared with a true friend are the warm feelings associated with the yellow rose. It is also an ideal symbol for joy and friendship, in contrast to the romantic meanings attributed to other roses. Additionally, yellow roses can send the perfect message of appreciation and platonic love without the romantic subtext of other colors. Joy and delight are representative of the color yellow and an ideal way to brighten someone's day who may be feeling down.  Finally, a yellow rose can bring out the smile in quite a way that no other flower can.   I sure do thank you all for your comments; they are very much appreciated.  Hang in there; tomorrow is Friday.  Scottsdale City Hall Scottsdale, AZ  ***#1 photo of the day and all time***  Check out the #2 photo from yesterday that was posted by mpkonopa: http://mpkonopa.smugmug.com/Photography/General/15362358_kZWBDn#!i=1695756548&k=fQrzptC&lb=1&s=A  (photo taken 12/26/2011)  My Homepage: http://www.Godschild.smugmug.com
Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs has fantastic views, throw in a thunder storm and things get real interesting. Sharp eyed viewers will spot a climber on one of the formations.
Lars Loves Lollipops.  Kresten Refslund
28.04.10 - Kaleidoscope   When I walk into town I try to plan my route around photo opportunities, indeed I do the same if I drive in too. But this afternoon I was on foot, and on the way home I took a detour through the Arboretum to see what was new. As it happened there were plenty of new flowers in bloom, which gave me the opportunity to grovel around on my stomach to see what outrageous bokeh I could manage to get!   Apologies for any burned out retinas that might be caused by this riot of colour. If you want to see a few more subtle shots go here; http://www.lightanddreamsphotography.com/Nature/THE-ARBORETUM/6049364_a8pPu#850928920_dQnQb
Dance on the beach.  Our small island "Fanoe" is a National park.  To celebrate this, 30 or more young people, all in white, arranged a happening on the beach. Now it is pronounced to be a World Heritage due to its unique nature. We are 3200 inhabitants and are all proud of this nomination.  Kresten Refslund
Hootie!    This poor little owl was knocked out of its nest by a bunch of crows! I will be taking it to a man tomorrow,that specializes in Birds of Prey.
Had a visit from Woody today....It was another dreary day today,can't remember the last time the sun was shining..I will sure be glad when it comes back out!!
Sure was a beautiful day today!

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Sure was a beautiful day today!
Sure was a beautiful day today!

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