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Willow Run Air Show 2014
8/26/2014 ~ Barn on a hill  A scene so typical of SE Texas. This one as in Fayette County, near LaGrange.   Thank you for the kind comments on yesterday's Grasshopper shot!
8/26/14 - Passionflower; I took this a while back and always intended to use it as a daily and forgot about it until I happened across it today.  Thanks for your comments on my shot of the red hot rod!  I really enjoyed reading all of them.
Day 235: The Lost Church - August 27. Bright afternoon sunlight highlights the beautiful brickwork, faded red paint, anddamage to the wooden door of the entry to what for 165 years was an Episcolpal church.  Built in 1846 it was a parish church until 2011 when it was designated a mission church.  In January of this year, the church mission  was dissolved and the church and associated cleric house and property are slated to be converted to low-income housing.
Rainbow Over Gunsight Butte October 2011
August 26, 2014 The hummers finally made it to East Texas!  Everything here seems to be a few weeks behind schedule.  We have 4 feeders and I have counted as many as 15 hummers at a time.  Fascinating little creatures!  Thank you for your incredible response to yesterday's dragonfly shot!  I truly appreciate your kindness and comments.  It was exciting to see one of my photo's in the top 10, thank you for  making that happen.    It's going to be a busy day with more filming and photo's for the TX CPS foster and adoption program.    Tonight is my first meeting at our local photo guild.     I will comment as I can   Jeanne
08-26-2014 - Robinson, CO is no longer there but there are many places all named Robinson around the area.         Link to Photo Without Frame      Thank You for Making this Daily Photo  Tied for the #4 Pick on 08-26-2014
Light, shadow and reflections, Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen, Denmark.  Taking photographs was permitted in the palace, but no tripods and no flash was allowed, making it challenging to get decent photographs since the lightening was very contrasty with lots of bright and dark areas and reflections.  Notice there are also reflections in the mirror on the left hand side.   All the photos in this series were taken hand held at a high ISO and high f-stop (f/11, ISO 1250).  Since there was nothing I could do about the reflections, I tried to take advantage of them in my photos.  Other photos from the palace, including photos of a couple of images from the Gobelin tapestry collection, can be seen here: http://goo.gl/MlBG89  26/08/14 www.allenfotowild.com
08-26-2014 "Little Red Barn"  This barn and miniature  horses were the backdrop for family photos of a friend.  We finished about 5 minutes before a major storm came through.  Thank you for your comments on my photo yesterday.  I appreciate the correct identification of the plant, Arctangent, because it is not one that we see very often in this area.   I wonder why "Guest" commented on other photos yesterday with information that only a member of the Daily Photos would know.  Quite interesting. Donna
The "Fort Mifflin Flag" flying over the walls of the fort.   This is the design that was used at Fort Mifflin in 1777. Originally a Continental Navy Jack, the flag flew over the fort during the 5 day siege that year during which more than 10,000 cannonballs were fired at the fort. To this day US Navy ships salute the flag when passing on the Delaware River.
AUG 27 2014 It's a beautiful morning
I shot a Blues for Veterans Show over the weekend...I'm completely swamped but I'll do my best to play catch up!! Have a great day!   08/26/2014
Aug.26.  While on my weekend adventure with DycasStudios, we came across watermelon harvesters.This was one of the workers that slammed a watermelon to the ground to open it up and took a quick break for a snack.  Thanks very much for the nice comments on my Sunflower yesterday and making it #1!
Anna's Hummingbird Male - near Olympia, Wa.
Willow Run Air Show 2014

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Willow Run Air Show 2014
Willow Run Air Show 2014

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Photo by: donald thompson · See photo in original gallery.



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