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22.3.08 - Happy Easter! We actually had some snow showers today, but none of it settled so no snowy DP today. I had to go into town, and on the way back decided to dodge a particularly nasty snow shower by going into the cathedral. I timed it just right for a guided roof tour, and ended up staying for nearly two hours. This isn't my most innovative or quirky shot of the cathedral, but it does show its gothic majesty off best. I can never get my head round the fact that this was all built by hand; no scaffolding, no cranes, no laser range finders, just blood and sweat. I took over 80 photos today(!), so some of them will make it to other galleries when I get chance. I'll probably start a separate gallery for Cathedral interiors, and there were some stunning views from the roof! Happy Easter..........    I've put one of today's efforts here  http://johnloguk.smugmug.com/gallery/4518270_XDZuH#268878026    New Cathedral Gallery now here  http://johnloguk.smugmug.com/gallery/4562724_EH5v6/1/268904689_tgGam#268904689
July 7th  SUNFLOWER BEAUTY   Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments on my flowers.  I will continue to post them without guilt...however, the creative work I see in Dailies has inspired me to try to develop a photographic eye of other subjects as well.  Your compliments and suggestions have been very helpful and appreciated.   The original to this sunflower is below, very little difference between the two, but I liked this one with more "pop" to it. It was taken in the morning when the partial shade cast a bluish hue to the leaves..I liked how it blended with the greens.  Heres the original:      http://Mom4squirrels.smugmug.com/gallery/2452453_zuNLx#327064827_ucnRm
05.02.10 - Eclipse  We had a big orange hazy sunset this evening. I was trying to avoid my usual big sky type of sunset photo, so I put the long lens on and had a play around with silhouettes. This one took my fancy :)  There is a slightly different version here;  http://www.lightanddreamsphotography.com/Photography/INSPIRATION/10329875_Lpojy#781730475_NvGeX
12-26: Another from the golf course on Wednesday morning. There was a heavy frost on the trees which, in this shot, was helping to pick up a glow from the sun.
2-22: This is another from a sunset a few weeks ago. I like this one because as you look at the clouds from west to east you can see the color vary from more orange to more pink
321 - Apr-08  Smile...     D300 17-55mm f5.6 1/125    Noticed this gentleman at the mehendi function in Jaipur.      more Mehendi pics:  http://hershy.smugmug.com/gallery/7495562_7yorg/1/483832310_py3Di      http://www.javeri.net
April 4, 2009 - "Doors and Stairs"
9.2.09 - Snow and Rain  We woke up to fresh snow again this morning, and although it was cold it was quite a pleasant day. That is, until I decided to go out and get a Daily. I had hoped to take some night snow shots around the Cathedral, but it was raining heavily! The last time I took some photos here I got a ghostly biker zooming through the shot, tonight it was a bedraggled walker. Apart from a crop to get rid of boring foreground this is straight out of camera. Despite me standing over it with an umbrella some rain managed to get on the lens, but I think it adds to the watery scene (well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).  For those that like to keep an eye on our Monday Challenges mine is here;  http://www.lightanddreamsphotography.com/gallery/7093288_hSxt4#470456288_tRiRP
February 1, 2009 - From the Dallas Zoo.    Following the leader, the leader, the leader  We're following the leader wherever he may go  We won't be home till morning, till morning  We won't be home till morning  Because he told us so.
1-03: Thursday I let my daughter drive up to Horsetooth and on some of the roads up there (she's just started learning to drive). It just so happened that the sky was pretty awesome looking so I had her stop and I took some pictures. As you can see our snow is almost completely gone now :(
1-04: This is another from Thursday, actually taken a few minutes before yesterday's post. This shot was taken looking towards the other end of Horsetooth. As you can see, it's a very long and fairly narrow reservoir. It's amazing how fast the sky was changing - a lot of this color was gone in just a matter of seconds. It's also unusual how calm the water is. Normally you won't see a reflection this good on Horsetooth because of the wind.
1-11: Saturday morning we drove up Highways 7 and did some hiking in Wild Basin. This is "Chapel on the Rock" built in 1935, part of Saint Malo Catholic Retreat off of Highway 7. I think it's a neat looking old chapel and it resides in a very beautiful setting. Behind is Mt. Meeker. As you can see, it was another very windy morning up in the mountains. A lot of snow was blowing off the mountain peaks.
April 20, 2009 -  "Sign Of The Times" - This might be one way to use the remaining tangible assets of a failed bank.
Atlantic way -    The bridge on the atlantic ocean  in Norway.

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Photo by: The Curious Camel aka gail · See photo in original gallery.



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