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October 22, 2014  It took 65,000+ pumpkins, squash and gourds to create Autumn at the Arboretum this year.  Words cannot describe how amazing it is. The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens are award winning and spectacular.  They have numerous activities year round for all age groups.  It is a must see if you are in Dallas and   I will happily be your tour guide.    ;-) To answer your (Terry?) question about the tiny Jack Be Little Pumpkins hanging on the fence.  They are edible and are usually baked.  My bird loving friends....is this a Grackle?   Happy Wednesday Jeanne
OCT 22 2014 B&W, This was done in Topaz B&W
Good Year Blimp...  The term Goodyear Blimp has traditionally referred to any one of a fleet of airships operated by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, used mainly for advertising and capturing aerial views of live sporting events on television. The term blimp itself is defined as a non-rigid airship – without any internal structure, the pressure of lifting gas contained within the airship envelope maintains the vessel's shape. Since the launch of the Pilgrim in 1925, Goodyear has generally owned and operated airships of this type in its global public relations fleet. However, Goodyear is currently in the process of replacing its three U.S. non-rigid airships (blimps) with three new semi-rigid airships, each of which will have a rigid internal frame. Although technically incorrect, Goodyear plans to use "blimp" in reference to these new semi-rigid models. Wingfoot One, the first such model in Goodyear's U.S. fleet, was christened on August 23, 2014, near the company's world headquarters in Akron, Ohio. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goodyear_Blimp  Thanks much for your views and comments!  22 October 2014
21.10.14 - Serenity  Been a long time since I photographed a swan on the river. The light was superb yesterday afternoon, the air had been washed clean by the remnants of hurricane Gonzalo and we were still being blown around when I took this.
10-22-2014 "Well Hello There"  The pumpkin patch had different animals you could see when you went on the hay ride.   I have always pictured camels to be larger than this one, but they said it was normal.  They would feed the animals when we stopped so they would come close to the fence for the children to see.  Your comments are always welcome and greatly appreciated. Donna
Bird of Paradise-Yellow       We will have these and the Reds through out the summer...
11/05/09 - Historic Yates Mill Pond at Sunset  I posted a picture of the actual water wheel in my gallery earlier this year.  In this picture, you can't see the wheel, but you get this lovely reflection instead.  After Joey's flu shot, I decided to make the best of a wonderful afternoon and go for a quick hike around the mill pond.  Unfortunately, we were really there a good 30-60 minutes too late to be taking good pictures.  I had to bump up the saturation on this one to improve the color.      This is the same shot taken on 10/26 last year when the sun was better and the tree closest to the mill still had yellow leaves on it.  http://fotomom.smugmug.com/Yates-Mill-Pond/Yates-Mill-Photo-Contest-2009/7088136_34LZC#454338880_TdGL2  In both cases, the sky looks better in the reflection than in the final shot.  I'm not sure how to get around that...especially in last night's picture when the sky really didn't have much blue in it.      We still have not had a frost or freeze at my house, but it look like it's coming Friday night into Saturday.  I am storing ceramic bird baths and pots and taking in fragile plants that I can save.      I sure wish today was Friday...  HAGD,  Maryann
Fire In March 2014 a fire burned several acres of the Clark County Wetlands preserve.  As we approached this part of the park late in the afternoon,  it had quite an eerie feeling with the tree formations blackened.
Red Hibiscus...  I took this shot from my brothers' backyard, they're in his neighbors yard and were blooming above the fence. I loved the light!   Thanks for your views and comments, much appreciated! Critiques welcome...  21 October 2014
10/23/14 - Castor bean with seedheads  Thanks for your comments on my shot of the crabapples.  I appreciate your taking the time to comment!

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