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August 23, 2012
I was on the mainland two weeks ago and visited an old town and found a street with these  houses from the 17th century
Sunday, May 15, 2011   "ANTIQUE CHEVY"  (pp version)  "Keep calm and drive a Chevy!" ~ Unknown Author  Lgood is one of the absolute best at capturing automobile shots and their reflections, and I immediately thought of her when I spotted this GM classic. Unfortunately, there wasn't an information card, so I am unsure as to the year of this "oldie but goodie." My hubby's guess is it's a "1930 something Chevy." The pink sign made spectators chuckle. It warned, "UNLESS YOU ARE NUDE.....PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH MY CHEVY! BUCKLES, BELTS, AND BUTTONS SCRATCH."   As you can see, I did some pp with this one, but it is uncropped. The original image can be viewed here: http://godschild.smugmug.com/gallery/16609546_tdrqK#!i=1274849067&k=9MMHm66&lb=1&s=A  Your comments on yesterday's "Got Mail" POTD are really appreciated; you all are really a wonderful community of photographers who are also supportive and helpful. God is and has been exceptionally kind to all of us; have a blessed and safe Sunday, everyone.  View the #1 photo here:http://sharkbayte.smugmug.com/Photography/2011-Daily-Photos/15280496_zofpQ#1291649048_zdNjmgz-A-LB  ***#2 photo of the day and all-time***  Show Your Ride Car Show  Memphis, TN
Red barn boards gleam in the early spring air!
2-02: This is another from Saturday's sunset. Several people have asked if the colors are real (natural) in yesterday's. It was taken as three bracketed exposures but only at -1, 0 and 1. Then combined in Photomatix. Then final processing in Capture NX2 (mostly brightness and focus adjustments) I didn't change any colors. I did actually have to desaturate a little because the orange and reds tend to be over saturated sometimes. I used the same processing on today's post. This one was actually taken a few minutes before the one I posted yesterday, so the clouds are more orange than red or pink
1-23: Quite a dramatic view of the out house near River Bend ponds. I never posted the color version but I like the B&W better. It looks like it's out in the middle of nowhere but actually it's pretty close to the parking lot - I have to walk passed it to get back to my car. This was taken shortly after sundown a couple of weeks ago.
1-11: Saturday morning we drove up Highways 7 and did some hiking in Wild Basin. This is "Chapel on the Rock" built in 1935, part of Saint Malo Catholic Retreat off of Highway 7. I think it's a neat looking old chapel and it resides in a very beautiful setting. Behind is Mt. Meeker. As you can see, it was another very windy morning up in the mountains. A lot of snow was blowing off the mountain peaks.
2-05: Another from Monday evening. I was actually hurrying to get to another location and kinda liked the look here so I snapped off a few shots. I think it sorta looks like fall colors on the trees
February 1, 2009 - From the Dallas Zoo.    Following the leader, the leader, the leader  We're following the leader wherever he may go  We won't be home till morning, till morning  We won't be home till morning  Because he told us so.
April 20, 2009 -  "Sign Of The Times" - This might be one way to use the remaining tangible assets of a failed bank.
Inside the TicToc Diner - The TicToc Diner in Lake City, CO, is one of only a few surviving diners called Valentine Diners, which were ordered from a catalog.  Today was the day when I could have gotten the shot of a lifetime, but didn't.  After our father's day breakfast at I-Hop, we decided to take a drive over to the Woodland Park area in our old restored 1975 Porsche 911.  Apparently, everyone else in Colorado Springs had the same idea because traffic was incredibly heavy, although moving along at a fast clip.  We're tooling along at about sixty miles an hour and I have my camera in my hand, when out of the corner of my eye I see these big brown shapes.  I swivel my head to look and realize I'm looking at two large brown bears....eating on grass or some other plant.  They looked incredibly cute and rolly polly.  There was no shoulder on which to stop and the traffic was so thick that it was impossible to stop.  I was sick about it.  By the time we got back around, they were gone.  Oh, well, c'est la vie!
Vertigo, anyone?    Trying to break out of the norm and see things from a new perspective.  This is a relatively new pedestrian bridge that crosses the Eno River and leads into the city park where all of my festival shots have come from.  This was the first time I crossed this bridge so I wanted to capture a few photos to mark the occasion.  Not content with a straight-on approach, I wondered what it would look like if I hung upside down from the top.  It probably goes without saying, but it was much harder to compose a decent shot than I expected. ;-)    Edit: It seems many have missed my little winkie there at the end.  I did NOT actually hang from the top.  I just wondered what it would look like if I had.  The difficulty was in getting the comp I wanted to make the shot look convincing.  This was shot standing on my own two feet, then the image was flipped in post.  While trying to compose this I was wishing for an inverted view, like the old view cameras.
I got a new camera! I have been working with a Nikon D40 and am now celebrating my upgrade to a D90. Kinda needed to though. My D40 is in the shop....and I have photos to take, darn it.  Over the Holidays I was reading the Twilight series *sigh*...(I know, I know...already to much information;)And finally saw the movie. Then a couple nights ago, I watched Sweeney Todd. I was amazed by the lighting, the colors, contrast of both movies. I love the hair and costume design in Sweeney Todd... I became inspired....and this was my result...  ****Thank you very much for all of the Awesome comments. I must admit though, this is a self portrait. Yup. Me, my camera, tri-pod, and a touch of inspirado.....********
April 4, 2009 - "Doors and Stairs"
Mother Nature's Graffiti August 2008 This shot is from the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument on a place simply called "Yellow Rock".  I walked all over the top of this great location and found this pattern in the stone just as the sun was going down and lit up the clouds and distant cliffs.  It is my favorite shot from Yellow Rock.
August 23, 2012

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August 23, 2012
August 23, 2012

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Photo by: Katherine Witrick · See photo in original gallery.



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