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17.12.14 - Magic in the Night  I took this shot a couple of nights ago when I met up with Michael and Jodi Weitzman, but only got to work on it properly last night. I've shot this scene many times before, but never included the reflections of the lights in the pub window. I've also used a slight glow filter in color efex pro to get closer to what I saw with my eyes
12-18-2014 "Courthouse on the Square"  The courthouse in Oxford, Mississippi.  I got the front and statue without cars all around.  Comments and critiques are always welcome and appreciated. Donna
Splash Time
Iron Man Photography Photo Shoot Part 2: Here's Iron Man's final result.  12/18/2014
Double Decker...  Red Eared Sliders Fullerton Arboretum Fullerton, CA  Thanks for viewing and commenting, appreciate it! Critiques welcome...  18 December 2014
12.18.13  Tree with Blue Lights.  I loved the blue lights in this big old tree.  I didn't get the zoom perfect, but it is still cool looking.  The Ogden City/County building is not very far from where we live, so I can easily go back and re-take the lights.
I put up a new bluebird feeder...but this is one strange looking bluebird..lol!!
Feb.22/13  The sun came out today . She loved the warmth and sunlight. It lifted my mood to walk. A leaf in ice.
AZ-Phoenix-Brush Fire South of 107th Ave  Caused by lightning on 06/26/2008 the fire is in a location with no road access. Fortunately no structures have been in harms way.   We are going to be in for a bad Fire Season this year...
2014-12-18. Japanese Maple w/bokeh
12-16-2014 - Christmas Lights - I was preparing to take a shot when I accidently pressed the shutter.  I almost deleted it in camera but decided to wait.  I am glad now that I didn't delete the image as it has grown on me. Hope you like it too…        Link to Photo  Without Frame        Thank You for Making this Daily Photo  the #1 Pick on 12-16-2014

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