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March 31, 2009...  After the storm.
Sala’s Headshot, Nacogdoches TX  The amazing Sarah Williams let me borrow a pair of Alien Bees studio strobes, and I put them to work yesterday making portraits of the boys.  I got one portrait of each but this time it was Sala who was the best behaved and willing to pose the longest, so he got the best portrait.  I really like playing around with studio lighting and hope to make some more portraits with these strobes this week.  This portrait was shot at f/5.6 with a gridded 28-inch beauty dish about a foot above Sala’s head and slightly to the camera left about a foot and a half.  Sala is facing straight into the light and you can see the beauty dish catchlights in his eyes.  Keeping the beauty dish above Sala creates the nice shadows under his cheeks, creating a slimmer look that would be very flattering on a person.  Using the grid on the beauty dish prevents the light from spilling anywhere other than where it is pointed, so the whole room isn’t lit up.  If I had taken the grid off the back wall behind Sala would be fairly well lit.  Tomorrow I’ll trying using two gridded beauty dishes to create a different look.  Critiques are always welcome.  Daily photo: May 6, 2013, taken May 5, 2013
A 250 year old house of a sea captain. The two dogs in the window have a special meaning: When they were looking out of the window the husband were at sea, when looking into the house he was at home and her special friends should stay away.
Steller's Jay (Cyanocitta Stelleri)       Thanks for the ID Correction William Kleinfelder       The Steller's jay (Cyanocitta stelleri) is a jay native to western North America, closely related to the blue jay found in the rest of the continent, but with a black head and upper body. It is also known as the long-crested jay, mountain jay, and pine jay. It is the only crested jay west of the Rocky Mountains. [Wiki]       Shot at Priest Gulch, CO         Link to Photo Without Frame           Thank You for Making this Daily Photo  the #1 Pick on 09-03-2014
08OCT2012  Milling Around  Dell's Mill aka Clark's Mill with some Fall foliage all lit up in the morning sun......Great place, scenic area with lots of barns to shoot as well.  Image won First Place in the "Travel Category" n4c.us in October 2012, submitted through the Omaha Camera Club.  Comments are welcome, lots of Wisconsin images to upload....have a great day!  Dan, sorry we didn't know you lived there....great area.
Frozen Tobolsk Kremlin. (1.2.2012)  Off to Rome tomorrow afternoon so may be MIA the rest of the week. Hope everyone's enjoyed their holidays & renewed for a fresh start to 2012.
March 10th, 2010    Ok, this is my 'technical' photo of the week. (On a side note - I'm not actually on the concrete canoe team, but I work in the lab where concrete can be poured so I end up helping everyone.)     This form work is set up in the lab right now - we will be hand mixing and pouring for it this afternoon. But it is set up to be a 'mock up' section (or a scaled down version) of a bridge section. The graduate student that is working on this will be hoping to test for what's called delamination - or areas in a bridge where the concrete fails or separates from the steel reinforcement due to various reasons and needs to be replaced. The testing will involve Nondestructive test methods such as radar scanning, thermal imaging, and various forms of sound echo tests. To be able to verify testing accuracy - we created our own 'delaminations' by adding the Styrofoam, bubble wrap, and plastic bag in specific locations. Each material causes a different kind of delamination. I'm sorry if this is confusing, it's a process that's kind of hard to explain sometimes.     Hope your having a great day.
"In Through The Out Door"  To start off my 6th month here at the Dailies community I felt like toying around with the David Hill processed look so I did a SP (another milestone) with me grabbing a soda out of the fridge and shot it from the INSIDE of the fridge to give it a little creativity. I laid some texture down on the canvas along with a ton of processing, vignette blur, drop shadow and well just a whole bunch of stuff LOL So this is what I look like when I'm reaching into the fridge from the milks view ;)    The camera was laid inside the fridge with a small milk carton holding up the lens and set on a 5 sec. delay 1/125 with constant focusing at f/6.3 to ensure I had enough DOF.    It's been a great 6 months here and I look forward to many more with all of you who have become my very good friends. I wish to Thank You all for your constant support and inspiration and for sharing all of your wonderful work with me as well. You all have helped drive my creativity to new levels everyday benefiting my art & mind.     So Have a great day everyone & Thanks for all the warm comments on the Lily shots yesterday !    Your Dailies Friend  ~Bill~
'Flight of the Wasp'...9/28/2010...    At least, I think it's a wasp, cropped quite a bit to eliminate clutter...
Accessories for a romantic dinner or subject for a daily shot, you do not have to choose, it could be either. Cheers  JY
Turtle (Pic 249 2nd year - 24 Sep 2009)  (D300 17-55 2.8 lens)  No crop or PP except light adjustments.     Shot at Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery near Galle, Sri Lanka.     Kosgoda is famous for its turtle hatchery operated by the Wild Life Protection Society of Sri Lanka. It was established in 1981 to protect Sri Lanka's turtles from extinction. The hatcheries pay fishermen for eggs that they collect at night along the long sandy beach. Visitors are shown the huge tanks filled with new born but lively hatchlings. After being fed the hatchlings are taken to the sea and released when they are 2-4 days old    www.javeri.net
Meet Cleopatra  she is a Tiger legged Monkey Treefrog  She and her mate are new to our family
February 10...  Beach #4.  Almost every day I take Blif for a walk along the beach. Especially in autumn and winter the sky puts up magnificent shows. The other day this sky came up covering most colors even a bit of green at the left. The show went on for app. 10 minutes, and then it was all over.
110310  Swirling Winds of Change    On Election Day yesterday in our uncertain world I took this picture looking up at the flag on Federal Hill overlooking the harbor in Baltimore.
March 31, 2009... After the storm.

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March 31, 2009...  After the storm.
March 31, 2009... After the storm.

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