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Unknown Butterfly - could be some type of Fritillary but I'm guessing so any ID suggestions would be appreciated. Taken near Olympia, Wa.
Sunrise with sea birds    Probably pelicans, as there was a colony nearby, Isla Carmen, Sea of Cortez, Baja Mexico    Other photos from the Sea of Cortez can be seen here: http://goo.gl/PNKxL7    22/07/14 www.allenfotowild.com
21.07.14 - Thank-you :)  We did it! Thanks again to everyone who has supported out Kickstarter campaign in any way, we hit our target last night so everyone connected to Tell Them of Us breathed a big sigh of relief. The way crowd funding works is that if you don't hit the target you don't get a penny, so we were a little anxious for a while. There is a little treat for everyone on our Kickstarter site now, check the latest update; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1690634677/tell-them-of-us
July 22. 2014  I think these would make a beautiful arrangement.
July 22, 2014 Once in a photography classes I had a professor say   "There is no such thing as luck in photography, you either know what you are doing or you don't"        WELL.... I must say I disagree...because this was pure luck. The DF's were buzzing everywhere and I didn't even know I had captured the second one I was so focused (so to speak) on the first one.    I realize it is not the best  shot technically but you have to admit that "incoming"  face is just too cute!  ALSO....Verizon is coming out today to test a signal for wireless internet, they have a new tower in our area and think they may be able to get us service!  Cross your fingers!  Have a happy Tuesday Jeanne
July 22.  While I was quickly sneaking a picture of a baby bluebird, I had no idea I was ruining the image with our reflection taking over the eyeball.  Lesson learned.
07-22-2014 - Wagon at Rest        Link to Photo Without Frame
7/21/14 - Young Lady at the Cherry Creek Art Festival; I loved her red hair, the interesting outfit and her animated expression.  There were so many people in this booth that I had a very difficult time getting a clear shot of her.  Best to view this in the larger size.  Thanks for your comments on my shot of the videographer.  Much appreciated!  Rick Willis has been in Colorado Springs for a week, staying at the same rv park as we are.  I really enjoyed getting to know Rick and his wife, Joyce, a bit better.  We first met in Tucson last spring.  They are off for more adventures tomorrow morning, so I'm sure we'll get to see a lot of great shots in the future!
A quite a bit different from my morning walk but this was in an apartment building yard and looking very unused but I love the clothespin and webs! I got flower shots further along but it got really , really hot .  22/07/14
JULY 22 2014 Looking for Gold, Or your ring
07.22.14  Thistle and Bees  Thanks for the comments yesterday. Here is a link that has the Pebble beach Corporation logo on it. Getting out and taking pictures is a challenge. If i continue to participate in the current challenge, I may resort to posting logo related photos. Thanks. http://www.pebblebeach.com/about/pebble-beach-company-foundation  Chemo didn't go well. We did the infusion but my WBC count was 900. You can read my post with the Sisterhood's picture.   I am glad to have a project to work on with my brother and his t-shirt designs. I miss being able to get out and take pictures. I take the camera to chemo on Mondays... and when I have the energy I try to take El Jay somewhere--I don't always take the camera. With Monday's low WBC count, I am suppose to stay home until I have had both shots. Thursday is Pioneer Day in Utah--the Boy would like to attend a parade.   Jeddy will be moving here next week. This is a huge sacrifice for him. He is only 19-years old. I am finding that I need more help on a day to day basis with Logan, my brother and household things. Even time sitting at a computer wears me out quickly. Yet (!!!) I am getting better.  Jeddy Grant needs help loading the uHaul on August 28th in Albuquerque. If you can help please contact him.  He is also a little short cash-wise. We have enough for a uHaul and most of the gas $$$. But nothing for food or a hotel room Monday night--as of this mrning he needs less than $100 to get to Riverdale. I hate asking. If anyone can help... my paypal account is indigo_sage@yahoo.com. Anything would be helpful. Thanks.
July 22, 2014  Thanks for all the comments on yesterday's Sporting Clay shooting of my friend Todd.  Here's another shot of me, shooting at a different charity tournament, but the same course.  For those of you that are FB friends, you saw this shot posted a week or so ago + one of Bill.  I'll post his photo tomorrow.  I'm running short of time to process and post photos, so I may need to take a break for a few days.  I won't if I can find some time, but if you miss me ( :-) ) don't worry I'll be back.  Take care & have a colorful day today my friends,  Linda
1966 Shelby 350 GT
07.22.14  AT Chemo.  Sewing a charm on Indigo. I liked the shadows.  I almost didn't get to do the infusion on Monday. My white blood cell count was 900--they like it over 1000. Dr. Khong was in and approved the infusion. Now I am waiting for medicaid to approve the very expensive shot to boost my WBC count. I need to have it twice. Hopefully on Wednesday and Thursday.  Sometimes they  are able to get approval for the patient to take the shots home and self induce (was the the word?) Because I give myself insulin, I could do that, but NOPE. I will have to make the 40-mile drive two days in a row.  Yes, I am feeling discouraged and distressed. I'll get over it and be smiling again soon.
Salem Street: Salem St is a narrow street located in Boston's North End. It's lined with small shops, cafes, bakeries and - especially - restaurants . The North End is revered for it's amazing Italian cuisine. 2 hour waits for a table are common place and when you eat there, you'll understand why. Happy Tuesday!  07/22/2014
Unknown Butterfly - could be some type of Fritillary but I'm guessing so any ID suggestions would be appreciated. Taken near Olympia, Wa.

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Unknown Butterfly - could be some type of Fritillary but I'm guessing so any ID suggestions would be appreciated. Taken near Olympia, Wa.
Unknown Butterfly - could be some type of Fritillary but I'm guessing so any ID suggestions would be appreciated. Taken near Olympia, Wa.

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