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I have discovered a new robin nest  that this little guy is building near my home. I will keep following the progress and document as best I can.
I missed dinner getting this shot. One evening just before we were going to sit down to dinner I spotted this little cutie in the field behind my home. I had to grab my camera and head out hoping to get a shot or two, Well I returned home and hour and a half later. But I did find a meal wrapped up waiting for me. When my better half saw the pictures she was very happy for me I am very lucky to have someone who understands when I grab the camera it's a chance and she lets me go and do my thing....
Morning Prayers  August 2013  in this sublime small church in the Dolomite Mountains.  The sunrise light barely hit this church when I took this picture.  Although very cold at the moment, I felt the heavens opened.
 blues seaguls
12.24.14  Foto #2 for today. I wasn't going to post this one, because i like the one of my dad better.  Yesterday, in the morning when I came out to my computer, I noticed that the elf was hanging on the sliding glass door. I'm not sure if he was trying to rescue the Flower Fairie, or what? The other elf, Jim, had been using the Nerf gun.   No one is willing to claim using my Fairy for target practice.  Got to run.
Nollaig Shona Daoibh  Happy Christmas to you all from Waterford Ireland  Happy Holidays to you if you do not celebrate Christmas.  Wednesday 25 December 2013
December 21, 2013  Winter's Eve  When the trees glisten like crystals at night, and catch the new fallen snow, An enchanted kingdom begins to take form beneath the moon's silvery glow. The forest surrenders to winter, yet life goes on and on, And just as each day fades to twilight, each dusk is followed by dawn.  Happy Winter Solstice!  12 Days of Christmas Challenge  Alberta Legislature Grounds Edmonton, Alberta
Daily Photo for Wednesday 25th December 2013 "GLÆDELIG JUL" "MERRY CHRISTMAS"
I have many many rose shots to share but this one keeps tugging at me. Taken outside our favorite coffee shop.  Geraniums are loving the cooler weather this year. June 19/13
SNOW tomorrow,,,that's what the weather forecast gives ,,,10cm ,,maybe,,   This color caught my eye . It really stood out on this gloomy, overcast day!  These two  wreaths hang on the outside door of a kindergarten next door to my physio building. Maybe the project serves to entertain the little ones or this is what the teachers do while the kids paint eggs.     An early post for March 30/12     With this cold change of temperature , I needed a cheerful find!   Thank you Christine ! It's an honour to be in your "favorite art by others" gallery!
and...Duh ,,because I forgot the challenge  and this is the second post for Sunday!

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