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This is a Old Oil Drilling Rig.
July 21.  Bluebird on post.
07-25-2014 - Not much left of this old Wagon        Link to Photo Without FrameThank You for Making this Daily Photo Tied for  the #2 Pick on 07-25-2014
July 25.  This is the Black Swallowtail from yesterday but now you can see the beautiful wings.  Thanks for making this #2 in the Dailies!
July 22.  While I was quickly sneaking a picture of a baby bluebird, I had no idea I was ruining the image with our reflection taking over the eyeball.  Lesson learned.
7/25/2014 ~ Sand and Dunes  Oil Paint version of the sand dunes at Pensacola Beach, Florida. Oil Paint is a fun filter but easy to go overboard with! I think it works best with long, curvy lines, such as these blades of grass.   Thank you so very much for the wonderful comments on yesterday's shot of the table in the rain. My apologies if I missed you in commenting in return! Yesterday turned out to be a very busy day, running until late into the evening.   Happy Friday!  Edited to add: In answer to fotoeffects question, no, the entire photo has the Oil Paint filter applied to it in the same strength. If you look at the sky in 3x you can see the effect, but it is not as strong. I have noticed that with this filter that very contrasty lines which already have a curvaceous style seem to be effected more readily. The more contrasty and curvy the area, the more pronounced the Oil Paint effect. It's especially noticeable on fur, wood, grass, etc. The effect can be controlled by multiple sliders within the program. This program is built into CS6, but I had in a previous PS version as an extension called Pixel Bender. I actually liked Pixel Bender better, as it seemed to do more with less contrasty-textured areas, and had different effects.
Cotton-grass grows in wetlands. They are app. 30 cm (1 ft) high, so I got wet elbows and stomach to catch them at this angle
On Deck: For Donna McCommon - Not as good as yesterday's baseball bat post from Donna. FYI - I'm going be on vacation for 2 weeks !!- I won't be able to comment or post.  I'll be back on the 5th of August - I'm looking forward to posting pics from the beach!!! Take care!!!  07/25/2014
This road runs east of Sierra Nevada and 5 km south of Mono Lake.  Kresten Refslund
July 25 2014 Crops in Alberta
07/26/14 - Beach Trip!   My Blog  The kids go back to their year round schools on Monday, and we had one last track out fling at the beach yesterday.  We headed down to the Aquarium at Fort Fisher and then to the Fort Fisher Recreation Area.  We've visited the aquarium many times, and our trip yesterday was pretty short.  Our NC Zoo membership gets us in for free, so we can enjoy a midday stroll and then hit the nearby beach.  They've added a new playground and fossil dig area near the snack bar, and there is a new butterfly exhibit too.  Luna the albino alligator is now in with the rest of the alligators, and there is a new juvenile bald eagle on display in her old spot.      SmugMug Link  In my thinking, the weather and water temps were perfect yesterday.  Both were near 80.  We were never hot or cold...just right and best of all no sunburn.  Between our suntan lotion and the clouds, we were protected well from the harsh beach elements.    I got a lot of good pics with the water camera although it was cloudy and I had to work to adjust the contrast and brightness on them.         SmugMug Link  HAGD,  Maryann
Day 204: Butterfly - Eastern Tiger Swallowtail  July 25.   As you can see I've been photo bingeing on butterflies this week.  Here is a link to an article that I wrote about them posted today in Wild New Jersey online magazine. http://www.wildnewjersey.tv/
W for Winter and low sun over the North Sea.  Kresten Refslund
March 19...   Two of my grandchildren having fun in the bath
This is a Old Oil Drilling Rig.

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This is a Old Oil Drilling Rig.
This is a Old Oil Drilling Rig.

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