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Barn Owl - near Idaho Falls, Id.
July 12, 2014 Peach tigerlillt
Bungee jumping the original way (best largest)  Land diving tower, Pentecost Island, Vanuatu (I used the guy on the top, who was there before any jumping took place, to show the scale of the tower)  On my trip to Vanuatu, I had the good fortune to witness a land diving ceremony (naghol) on Pentecost Island, where it originated. This is still the only place in the world where the original form of land diving occurs. The naghol ritual is a ceremony to ensure a bountiful yam harvest.  It is the precursor to bungee jumping.  Men tie a liana (vine) to each ankle and jump off wooden towers up to 100 feet high - without any safety equipment. As they land, they have to touch their back shoulders or head to the ground, literally blessing the soil with their shoulders.  The g-force experienced just before they touch the ground (at around 45 mph) is said to be the greatest experienced by humans in the non-industrialized world. During the jump, some flexibility in the platform absorbs a bit of the force from the falling diver.  The ceremony takes place during the dry season (April-June) when the lianas have the right elasticity.  If they are too wet, they can break (I saw a vine break during one jump, but fortunately the other vine held), and if they are too dry (too short), the diver can hit the platform.  Divers have been badly injured or even died during the ceremony, including one who died when Queen Elizabeth was watching in 1974 (it was the wrong season and the vines were not elastic enough.  Both vines broke and the diver broke his back when he landed).  Because the towers are so high, it is hard to see the details, except in the original 36 megapixel files that are too big to post.  I will post sequences of the diving on another occasion, but in the meantime I have posted a few photos of the local people, and I have marked each of the diving platforms on this photo with an 'X' in the next photo. See here: http://goo.gl/aqWX6a  12/07/14 www.allenfotowild.com
07-12-2014 - The Black-Billed Magpie, also known as the American Magpie, is a bird in the crow family that inhabits the western half of North America. (Pica Hudsonia)  Shot in Durango, CO.  My thanks for ID Information from:  Jim Holmquist         Link to Photo Without Frame
11.07.14 - Black Veined White  This is another shot from my photo walk across the fields behind my home on Wednesday, I didn't get anything new yesterday I'm afraid. There are several white butterflies in the UK, people tend to refer to them as "cabbage whites" and think they are all the same, but there is actually no such thing as a cabbage white. A bit like when people talk about "seagulls" when there is no such thing, just different species of "gull". I think this is a black veined white, but I'm not 100% sure. Generally there are more details on the underside of white butterflies, but I like them anyway and they are less skittish than many other species and easier to photograph :)
July 12, 2014  Those of you out there that are car fans, or cartoon fans - know who this little guy is.  Although not the same Road Runner as the one that was always outsmarting Wile E. Coyote in the cartoons, but likely a close cousin.  The roadrunner was spotted on the back of a 1970 Roadrunner.  You'll see a full photo of the car soon.  I'm looking forward to the last photos from Judy's (fotoeffects) alphabet challenge tomorrow.  Have decided the next challenge?  Rick Willis' logo challenge sounds like fun.  Hopefully there will be discussion tomorrow.  "I don't buy fur coats or jewelry. I have old cars." ~ Peta Wilson  Have a fast & fun day today my friends!  Linda http://lgood.smugmug.com
This is a workshop in the area and the kids seem to love the nice ,white surface for graffiti. The owner paints over it so this side of the building is nice and bright for the roses, campanulas ,and these morning glories that grow every year! It's so beautiful to see people who take pride in their gardens and yards. My walks would be a lot less interesting without them; so thank you to all who love to grow and nurture the earth!!!!   xxxxxxxx   for 12/07/14
July 12, 2014 Marion County veterans Memorial In Jefferson, Texas.  There are two other granite walls adjacent to this one with engraved names in memoriam.   I was very happy to be there before any cars were parked on the main street so I had a clean reflection.  Jefferson is a wonderful old historical town near Caddo Lake.   Gotta love those brick roads! ;-)  Thank you all for your kind wishes for our anniversary yesterday.  We had a great day.  Have a happy weekend Jeanne
Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi The "Four Rivers" fountain on Piazza Navona in Rome was designed by Bernini and finished in 1651, symbolizing the four continents where there was papal influence.  And for you Dan Brown fans, I found no cardinal in the pool, nor could I say which direction the dove on the top is pointing.
7/12/2014 ~ Hospitality  Pineapple fountain, Charleston, SC. The pineapple is an ages old symbol for hospitality/welcome long used in the South and other regions. It and the other fountain in the background are located in Charleston's lovely Waterfront Park.  Wading in the fountains is not only allowed but encouraged. The water is heavily chlorinated.   Thank you for the wonderful comments on yesterday's wildflower shot!
Saturday, July 12, 2014  "SPARED BUDS"  “Gather the flowers, but spare the buds.” ~ Andrew Marvell  SOOC, uncropped, flash didn't fire, manual mode, 35mm lens, crepe myrtle tree in our backyard photographed yesterday  Although I never shoot in "Auto" mode, I favor "Manual" mode. Big "M" gives me  complete control of shutter speed and aperture; and the camera doesn't do any of the work for me. There are a few hot pink crepe myrtles on the tree, but I intentionally excluded them because I liked the appearance of this branch with the green leaves and buds.  Tomorrow is the final day of Judy's (aka fotoeffects) "Alphabet Shapes" challenge. I am ready to see all of the grand finale interpretations of the 26th letter of the alphabet; are you? Look out "Z" - here we come!!!  Have a safe and fun weekend.  (photo taken 7/11/2014)
1024 Lancia Lambda
July 11, 2014 Captured this Banded Pennant Dragonfly at our pond yesterday.  Love the sparkle in his wings from the morning sun.  Thank you for the great comments on Joshua Drakes photo's.   Today is our 34 anniversary so we will be out and about enjoying the day together.  I will comment as I can.    Happy Friday! Jeanne
July 12 2014 Water Lily  In our pond
Barn Owl - near Idaho Falls, Id.

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Barn Owl - near Idaho Falls, Id.
Barn Owl - near Idaho Falls, Id.

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