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December 15, 2014:  Tirza being a Christmas cat.
December 26, 2014:  Holiday bits.
12-24-2014 - Glendale, AZ - Glitters - Downtown Park        Link to Photo  Without Frame         Thank You for Making this Daily Photo  the #1 Pick on 12-24-2014
January 17   In memory of "Vaks" who passed quietly away yesterday. He was for us a good, loyal  friend for 12 years, but as a Fox Terrier also setting his own priorities. He was our ship dog for 6 years when we were yachting in the summertime. When we moved to Fanoe his favorite  occupation was hunting rabbits. Until two year ago he caught at least one a day, and was so proud, when he returned home with his catch. This picture was taken in 2002 with my analog Leica M6 camera and later digitalized. Thank you for your comforting comments yesterday .
March 4....    Henning Koppel is one of the most distinguished designer of Georg Jensen Silversmithy. He designed cutlery, jewelry and hollowware. As CFO at Georg Jensen I came to know him well and often visited him at his home at the coast north of Copenhagen. At one of these visits I made  series of photos of him at work. I placed one of his silver jugs on the table and made this photo with long exposure time  to illustrate him in action. This jug is called "The pregnant Goose". This jug and other pieces from his hand is exhibited in the permanent section of  Museum of Modern Art, New York.  This photo was taken with my Leica M6 and scanned last year.
06/12/14  " I'll help with the tree as soon as I'm clean." Our other kitty ,"Dodger". Named after the Artful Dodger ,while we tried to catch her as she streaked through our yard in 2011 for a whole Summer. Noel is the other one with the sour look and Oscar was left here by a former owner of the house. He wants to stay on his deck ; so we'll look after him. It would be nice to get a portrait of all in front of the tree, but you can see how cooperative our kitties are!  LOL
December 19, 2014  As I was roaming through a folder of photos from September, I found this one that I hadn't posted.  I thought it would be fun to share even though it's out of sync with the current season.  One Sunday afternoon in September we went out in the boat with the kids and watched the grands having a great time.  They are all water babies.    I took my point & shoot camera on the boat to see what I could get of the action.  The shot was a little tricky because the boat we were riding in was bouncing & this giant inner tube that the kids were in was bouncing all over the surface of the lake.  I liked this one just for the fun of it and the different expressions on the kids faces.  Case, the oldest, on the left is obviously just having a great time and is enjoying the splash and bounce of the tube.  Abigail is (I suppose) pretending to be a surfer.  Her twin brother Benjamin (on the right) is giving his Dad the slow down signal.  Gotta love those kiddos and their different personalities.  I'll be headed home to Dallas later today.  I'll be happy to be home, and have no plans (at the moment) to do any more business travel this year.  And for that I am grateful.  Thank you for your comments and critiques.  Have a Super day!  Linda http://lgood.smugmug.com
11-27-2014 "Be Thankful"  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving or if it not a holiday for you, take a moment and join us and be thankful for your blessings.  The chapel at McClain Lodge.  I certainly appreciate your comments on my photos. Donna
November 12, 2014 Here's another photo (different vantage point) of more of the storm clouds over the Grand Canyon.  I just love the vastness of this place, the many colors and shapes.  It is truly grand, isn't it?  "The wonders of the Grand Canyon cannot be adequately represented in symbols of speech, nor by speech itself. The resources of the graphic art are taxed beyond their powers in attempting to portray its features. Language and illustration combined must fail."  ~ John Wesley Powell  Have a Grand day today my friends.  Linda http://lgood.smugmug.com
The Sheriff  has a Supporting Role for this Establishment's Porch.    Link to Photo Without Frame
May 29, 2014  As I was driving home from the 'girlfriend's weekend' in Shawnee, OK I took small highways to avoid the bland Interstate since I had plenty of time.    On the Interstate (going there on Friday) the drive from my house to Deb's is about 4.5 hours.  But going home on Sunday, I decided to take a lot of smaller highways to see the countryside since I had plenty of time.  It took me a lot longer to get home, but it was WELL worth it.    As I was approaching Stratford, OK I noticed this structure from several miles away.  I passed it first & pulled off on a small road to take a long shot of it, but it was so interesting that I decided to go back.  To see a long range shot of this piece of art, click here:  http://lgood.smugmug.com/Portfolio/Humor/Random-Somewhat-Odd/i-9H4k7s9/A  When I turned around and went back, I pulled into the driveway of the company, and I saw that the fence was locked, but there was a a hole in the surrounding fence, that I could squeeze through to get on the grounds.    Just as I was contemplating whether I should squeeze into the hole in the fence and access the grounds or not, a man drove up and got out of his pickup truck.  I asked him if he knew the owners, and would they mind if I went onsite & took some photos.    He said, "No problem, this is my brother's place.  Have fun with your camera"  I said "cool and that's a neat structure of the hand over there"  and he replied, "Yep, my brother thinks he's an artist.  Have fun little lady."  And he unlocked the gate for me.  I encourage you to take a look at this in the larger size.  I took lots of photos of the hand.  I'm not a good judge of height, but this was a very, very tall structure.  If you take a look at the link  of the shot I took from a distance, you'll easily be able to see how tall it is compared to the buildings.  From "Spirit-animals.com".........If a dragonfly has zipped into your life, the native American's believed that:    "They are asking that you pay attention to your deeper desires and be mindful of the outcome we wish to have. There are lessons to be learned and you are reminded that “what you think” is directly proportionate to what you “see on the surface”. In other words your thoughts are responsible for your physical surroundings."  "The Dragonfly is also letting you know to live your life to the fullest with what you have. It also beckons you to seek out the parts of your habits that need changing. Use the Dragonfly to guide you through the mists of illusion to the pathway of transformation. It will bring you the light and color of transformation into your life."  Have a delightful day today my friends!  Linda http://lgood.smugmug.com
Color to the Wind that is Propeller Driven        Link to Photo  Without Frame         Thank You for Making this Daily Photo  the #1 Pick on 12-17-2014
26.12.14 - Riverland  Boxing Day was cold and grey in the UK, with a band of sleet and snow moving in from the west later in the day. We're in the east so we stayed dry until after dark, and by the time the bad weather arrived it was cold enough for it to snow. I could have posted some shots of snow falling on the garden in the dark, but this shot from the afternoon dog walk is probably a bit more interesting :)
12-22-2014 - Christmas Lights 2014 - Some neighborhoods have great participation and Christmas Decorations...        Link to Photo  Without Frame         Thank You for Making this Daily Photo  the #1 Pick on 12-22-2014
28DEC2014  Backed Up  Went shooting this morning in the nice light ….it is a little cold now and most things look dead. Ho Ho Ho…..  Thanks for looking! Please leave a comment.
December 15, 2014: Tirza being a Christmas cat.

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December 15, 2014:  Tirza being a Christmas cat.
December 15, 2014: Tirza being a Christmas cat.

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