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5th year Pic 124 - 14-March-2014. Sea cadet girls  - Mumbai      During the Republic day parade on 26th January, the sea cadet girls put up a wonderful dance routine.     Best viewed in large size  Critiques welcome!   Thank you for your comments and voting this pic at #3 place
04-15-2014 The blossoming lasted only a few days this year... So I had to try a lot of points of view as fast as I could.
Egret, Great White      Shot at Phoenix, AZ-Alvord Lake          Link to Photo Without Frame
4-14-14. Gallberry (Ilex glabra). Aquifoliaceae (Holly family). San Felasco City Park, Gainesville, Florida. 2014.
Signs of Spring Posted April 14, 2014  Another image from the tulip display at the Muttart Conservatory in Edmonton.
4/16/14 - Cactus, or, possibly, a succulent; at any rate, I really liked the shape, as well as the light and textures.  I think it is worth viewing in the largest size.  Thanks for your comments on my shot of the little running Indian boy.
Daily Post 1139-  105/365   4/15/2014 -Photos matted, framed and hung!   I am very, very fortunate that I have an ongoing 'gallery' where I can share my photos at will. You may or may not know I am a Dental Hygienist by profession (40 years this June, by the way!!!) The office where I work in Yardley, PA had some open wall space crying for art a few years ago and I was invited to bring in some of my photos. It has been such an amazing experience for me to hang my photography there and have an audience see my work day after day, I'm happy to say that with this open invitation I have been able to see growth in my photography over the years and am more and more excited all the time with what I have to share with our patients.   You may recognize these photos as ones I shared here in The Daily Community over the last few months. These 2 photos were the largest I have every had printed. They were printed and matted by our SmugMug friends at Bay Photo Labs! I adore their quality. I had them matted to a standard size of 24"x36" so I could frame with ready-made frames.  Do any of you have your photos hanging in any publicly viewed areas? It would be great to see some of your hanging photos, too. This was just an iPhone shot that I took this evening afterwork that I posted to Instagram at the end of the day!   Thank you all  for your many good wishes for us for the Passover holiday. I appreciate your thoughts on seeing the Seder Plate, too, and that you clicked on that link. Just as a point of clarification that was a traditional plate of symbolic food and not a plate of food that anyone actually ate. We did have many of those foods as part of the service that was read. Passover itself is a Jewish holiday celebrating the Exodus of The Israelites who had been slaves under the rule of the Egyptian Pharaohs. It is a holiday celebrating freedom and dignity for ourselves and many people all over the world.  If you are interested to learn more, this is a good link for an easy overview explanation of Passover
5th year Pic 108 - 19-Feb-2014. Gray Langur  - Pench National park    Gray langurs or Hanuman langurs are large and fairly terrestrial, inhabiting forest, open lightly wooded habitats, and urban areas on the Indian subcontinent. These langurs are largely gray (some more yellowish), with a black face and ears. Typically all north Indian gray langurs have their tail tips looping towards their head during a casual walk whereas all south Indian and Sri Lankan gray langurs have a inverted "U" shape or a "S" tail carriage pattern.    More details   Critiques welcome!
5th year Pic 104 - 11-Feb-2014. Cheetal  - Pench National park     Cheetal / Chital or spotted deers are the most common deer species in Indian forests. The chital's coat is pinkish fawn, marked with white spots, and its underparts are also white. Its antlers, which it sheds annually, are usually three-pronged and curve in a lyre shape and may extend to 75 cm (2.5 ft).  More details   Most of the parks allow two rides during the day in designated vehicles. The morning ride is typically from 6.30 to 10.30 and evening from 3 to 6 pm. People are not allowed to get down anywhere except at rest spots.    CLICK to have a look at our vehicle in Pench Our packed breakfast, provided by the hotel, is spread on the bonnet of the car!   Critiques welcome!  Thank you for placing this pic in # 3 place!

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Photo by: donald thompson · See photo in original gallery.



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