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A Dingle cemetery on Easter Saturday morning
April 19 2014  Legacy  Today is my Dad's birthday.  We lost him a long time ago.  In his honor today I'm posting a picture of my wife and four people I wish my Dad would have lived long enough to meet. I know he would have loved these kids as I do.
04.19.14  Indigo waiting to be examined by the doctor before the infusion.  Thursday was the 4th  and last chemo infusion of the AC drugs. Next is 12 weekly infusions of the T drug.
African Violet Posted April 19, 2014  I focused stacked 7 images to get all of the flowers sharp.
This mural celebrates the winning Grey  Cup game at our Ivor Wynn stadium in 1972.   33,993 people watched the Tiger Cats win over Saskatchewan Roughriders  13 to 10. MVP was Chuck Easley QB for Hamilton Tiger cats!   Our stadium will soon house many more ,,,,, post for April 19,2014
4-19-14. Bluejay with Breakfast. Magnolia Park, Gainesville, Florida. 2014.
Saturday, April 19, 2014  "SILLY RABBIT...."  I would have posted this one tomorrow (Easter Sunday), but tomorrow is "N" day of Judy's (aka fotoeffects) "Alphabet Shapes Challenge" and I want to stay in sync.  I am ready; are you?  Have a safe weekend!  (photo taken 4/16/2014)
Dunedin Aviary New Zealand. I took this through solid wire mesh so I know it's not the greatest shot, but I love the colors and the Parrot kept saying "Want a cup'a tea! " How could I not take its  picture!  From their published  info: The aviary breeds native birds for release for the Otago Natural History Trust, which is creating an ecological sanctuary.  The Aviary is a member of the Zoo and Aquarium Association, formerly the Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria (ARAZPA). This is the organisation for conservation-minded zoos and aquaria in the Australasian region. The Aviary participates in two Captive Management Programmes - the South Island Kaka Parrot and the Kea Parrot Programmes. Data on all our native birds are submitted to ARAZPA on an annual basis.
April 19. Just a quick pic while shopping for new plants.
4/19/14 - Gazania daisy; I thought the angled leaves in the bg set off the vivid colors of the gazania daisy very nicely.  Thanks for your comments on my b/w shot of the agave in bud.  Much appreciated.  The internet access is pretty sporadic here but I think I got around to most of the postings...hope so, anyway!  I surely enjoyed looking at your fantastic shots!
for July 23 post.   On the hottest day of the year , I get the idea that a walk along the trail near me will be cooler due to the tree canopy. Well it wasn't ,and the bugs were "not a pretty sight". I used SP night on my camera for this one and was hanging over a log and drenched in sweat. It could be sharper but I like the underside effect.and the effort it took merited a post.  Where have all the crickets gone?
East Delhi Bridge and the Delhi rapids on the Huron River. (A view of the full span of the bridge from just downstream can be seen here:  http://smu.gs/1lkkBMZ)  DP109-2014  Posted April 19; processed ditto.  This unassuming little bridge is on the National Register of Historic Places.  It is one of a very small number of metal truss bridges still in operation in Michigan.  Originally built in 1888-1890, it has survived heavy damage from a 1917 tornado, which hurled it into the river, and a second extensive restoration project in 2009 to repair the ravages of nearly a century of use and harsh weather.  It carries E. Delhi Road across the Huron River, connecting the small town of Delhi Mills with Huron River Drive.  It's a one lane bridge, with traffic lights to assure orderly crossing when traffic is heavy (mainly during summer weekends when there are many visitors to Delhi Metropark).  Taken April 18, 2014 (Title:  A View From the Bridge)  Yes, I see the N's and X and other letters.  If I hadn't already found an N I like better, I might have used this for tomorrow's letter shape challenge day.
Day 132 - The morning sun strikes rock formations in the Grand Canyon, as seen from the North Rim in Arizona; detail in this image is best viewed in a larger size.  This shot of the Grand Canyon is one I recently rediscovered in my archives from the early fall and reprocessed.  I used a number of different effects, including Topaz Adjust, Color EFEX Pro, and some regular Photoshop filter and blending effects.  If you view the large size, you will really see some detail!  I'm going to post this and go to bed.  I hope you all have a really nice day!  It is supposed to be quite warm here today.  It got up to 65 degrees in Colorado Springs today, not a good day to sleep away.  Oh. well.  Oh, if some of you should like to look at the other North Rim Grand Canyon shots, they are here:  http://fotoeffects.smugmug.com/gallery/6698528_KNq6d#476011624_efKkk.
04.19.14  Wisteria at the UNM Duck Pond

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