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July 23, 2014  One Foot Forward
Port Hudson Marina
7-23-14. Green Treefrog. Gainesville, Florida. 2014.
July 23 2014 Fishing Hall of Fame  That's a big muskie.  We went to this place yesterday in Hayward, Wisconsin.  I won't be able to comment while we're on the road but I'll catch up when we get back
07-23-2014 "Lots of Flowers"  A shot of another arrangement I had at the bridesmaid luncheon held at my house.  Thank you so much for the comments on the horse sculpture yesterday.  I always appreciate them so much. Donna
July 23, 2014  - Masked Flyer,  very pleasant to listen to in the evening.
Skyline: This is part of the Boston Skyline as viewed from the Rose Kennedy Greenway. The greenway is a park (About 1 1/2 miles in length) which now occupies the spot of the former elevated highway (I95) which carved it's way through the city,  separating the North End from the rest of the city. The elevated highway was taken down back in the 90's and relocated underground in one of the most massive and costly public works projects in the nation's history. ($22 billion dollars)  The original cost of the project was projected to be about $3 Billion dollars and was slated for completion by 1998. The project was finally finished in 2007 and a cost of $14.6 billion and rising. The final tally was approximated to be $22 billion by the time the dust settles. Our children's, children's, children will still be paying for this.   07/23/2014
07.24.14  Dragonfly  Indigo has seen live dragonflies all over the place lately but they are so elusive and rarely sit still--so, we stitched this charm onto Indigo while we were doing infusion. Tina liked the shadow.  Yesterday Tina made a quick trip into SLC to Huntsman (sans camera and Indigo) to pick up eight vials of nupogen for future use and injected the first one when she arrived home. YAY! The 2nd today. I guess they've decided to have me take it weekly until I am done with the taxol. I just want to get better. Whatever that takes.  The Boy and Tina may go to the Ogden Rodeo tonight--or not. It is so hard not being able to do the things we want to do. If not the rodeo, perhaps, the Ogden City Pioneer Days Parade on Thursday morning? Tina's ancestors were Mormon pioneers. The Gardner bunch entered the Salt Lake Valley on Oct. 1, 1847 with the 2nd wagon train and are attributed with having the first operating enterprise in the Salt Lake Valley.  Thanks to our friends who contributed to Jeddy's exodus to Utah. He got exactly as much as he needs to complete the trip here. He is 19 and is making a lot of sacrifices to make this move to be here with me, to help me. I pray that he will keep making his amazing music here.  Several people have asked me where they can send BLING! to Miss Indigo. Yes, I am still taking BLING! (and I feel the prayers, love and positive energy that also are sent my way) The people at Huntsman think Indigo is a great idea! YAY! My address here is: Tina Gardner, 4094 So. 950 W., Riverdale, UT 84405  Thanks!
Osprey  Jul 23 A female osprey showing off its plumage.
Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero/Reisen/Zeke...  HISTORY  Completed in May 1943, Zero No 61-120 was the 2,357th aircraft of its type to come off the Nakajima production line and was first assigned to the Japanese Naval Air Corps on the home island of Honshu. In a few months, it moved to Iwo Jima, then in March 1944, was reassigned to Asilito Airfield on Saipan.  On June 18, 1944, U.S. Marines captured Asilito Airfield with a number of intact Zero fighters. A dozen of these intact Zeros were shipped to NAS North Island, San Diego, California, USA for evaluation. Four Zeros were restored to flight, two went to the Army Air Force and two were retained by the Navy.  The Museum’s Zero No 61-120 was ferried to NAS Patuxent River, Maryland on August 23, 1944 and subsequently flown by about 25 different USN, USMC, Royal Navy and civilian fighter and test pilots, including Charles A. Lindbergh. The aircraft was ferried back to San Diego on January 11, 1945, where frontline combat pilots were also given a chance to check out the Zero. Altogether, Zero No 61-120 logged over 190hr of flight time in the USA before being declared surplus after the war.  Zero No 61-120 wound up being sold for scrap, but Mr. Ed Maloney obtained it in 1951 for his Air Museum in Claremont, CA, which opened in 1957.  The Museum began restoring the Zero to flying condition in 1973 and after 4½ years it flew again on June 28, 1978.  DISTINCTION  The Museum’s Zero is the only fully authentic flyable example in the world.  Restored to flying condition in June 1978, this Zero fighter is still powered by its original Nakajima Sakae 31 engine.  It carries the same color scheme and markings it bore in combat for the Imperial Japanese Navy during the war.  After a successful flight-test program the Zero was shipped to Japan for a six-month tour of flight demonstrations.  Two tours have been made in Japan and is the only example of the type of Zero to have flown in Japan since the end of WWII.  Once flown by Charles A. Lindbergh at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland.  Movie and TV appearances include Pearl Harbor, Tora Tora Tora  http://planesoffame.org/  Planes of Fame Air Show, May 3-4, 2014 Chino Airport Chino, CA
August 30, 2009 - "1941 Ford Super Deluxe"    This was shot at the Palm Springs Air Museum.  The SOOC had so many distracting reflections that I could not work around.  So, I thought I would push this beautiful stock '41 Ford to this extreme.  I do not see to many candy apple red cars around anymore :)      I just competed a gallery with the SOOC and several other cars from the museum.    http://dakotacowboy.smugmug.com/Cars/Palm-Springs-Air-Museum-Cars/9405377_H6KiD/1/630121733_CxF5M    Airplanes from the museum are at another gallery     http://dakotacowboy.smugmug.com/Military/Palm-Springs-Air-Museum-2009/8329002_YUVa2/1/578640610_Q5Nsr
2-02: This is another from Saturday's sunset. Several people have asked if the colors are real (natural) in yesterday's. It was taken as three bracketed exposures but only at -1, 0 and 1. Then combined in Photomatix. Then final processing in Capture NX2 (mostly brightness and focus adjustments) I didn't change any colors. I did actually have to desaturate a little because the orange and reds tend to be over saturated sometimes. I used the same processing on today's post. This one was actually taken a few minutes before the one I posted yesterday, so the clouds are more orange than red or pink
April 27, 2009  Early Morning Fog...

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