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Another way to see a Valentine rose :)
Winter in Wasaga Beach, on Nottawasaga Bay (Lake Huron)
Winter fruit    I noticed that in this area, people keep their Christmas decorations even in January - it warms up the winter :)
Processing freshly caught fish at Puerto Morelos, Mexico
Fishing boat resting on the beach - Puerto Morelos, Mexico
Snowy mountain spring
Blue river- Kawarta Lakes area
Idilic winter scene - Blue Mountain Village, Ontario
Sun and snow
Icy creek
Stratford, ON, Canada - a city on the Avon River in Perth County in southwestern Ontario, Canada.   - Every summer, this is home of the Shakespeare Festival, with artists from all over the world.    * From wikipedia: "The city's economy took a major turn when the Stratford Shakespeare Festival started in 1953. The annual festival now brings hundreds of thousands of theatre goers and tourists to the area. Celebrities such as Alec Guinness, Christopher Plummer, Peter Ustinov, Dame Maggie Smith, and William Shatner have performed at the festival. The Canadian novelist and playwright Timothy Findley performed in the first season, and had an ongoing relationship with the festival, eventually moving to Stratford in 1997."
Life is dream....
"Lonely Horse"     All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions. Nothing ever exists entirely alone; everything is in relation to everything else.” ~Buddha~
Another way to see a Valentine rose :)

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Another way to see a Valentine rose :)
Another way to see a Valentine rose :)

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Photo by: Tatiana (travelways) · See photo in original gallery.



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