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patterns in the sky with the clouds of an inpending storm threathens the sunrise
Colors are alright, but I love B/W images of plants or flowers.
July 1, 2015  Our favorite nursery has the  most beautiful water lilies.
Backyard sunflower...  We have black oil sunflower seeds in our bird feeder. Some of them that the birds drop land below our bird  feeder and sprout. This is one of them.  Thanks for your views, comments and critiques!  July 1, 2015
2015-07-01 Happy Birthday Canada and to all Canadians happy Canada Day.  This year our flag is 50 years old.
July 1.  These bright beauties recently opened up to greet my guests at the beginning of the driveway.
Old door - Big Oak Flat, California Photo-a-Day 6/29/2015 Bill Stone
Busy Bee, working . . . .
Love and Respect.
June 22, 2015  Wildflowers  Mount Robson, British Columbia
The moon. June 29, 2015  Apparently, the wildfires in Canada have sent smoke as far south as Nebraska, and it is really affecting the colors of the sun and moon tonight.  First we had a beautiful pinkish/orange sun as it went down, and now we have this gorgeous orange moon.  This is pretty much straight out of the camera.  Just slight increase in clarity, and that is it.
Last hip of the year. We have picked several bags of them and turned them into 20 jars of marmalade.  We also often  had dog soup on the table. The Latin name is Rosa Rogusa and only birds eat the raw fruit. They have beautiful red or white flowers during the summer.
30.06.15 - Green and Blue  By coincidence I took a very similar shot to this on June 1st and it was cold, windy and very grey. Yesterday was almost the hottest day of the year and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, today is forecast to be the hottest. Thank-you for putting up with my cycling race collages over the last 4 days, back to the everyday grind for a while now I think.

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Photo by: Frankie Foto · See photo in original gallery.



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