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9/2/14 -  An artist at the Cherry Creek Art Festival  Thanks for your comments on my shot of Famous Dave's logo...much appreciated!
Kurious Kestrel The word for Kestrel in German translates as "tower falcon", and indeed this kestrel is sitting on one of the Gothic decorations of the south tower of St. Stephan's Cathedral in central Vienna. A tight crop, handheld effective 560mm telephoto.
Bzzzzzz!  Sept 2 Bumble bee standoff!  A hovering bumblebee waiting for another bee to emerge from the grasses. It eventually decided it had proved its point and flew off!
09.02.14  End of Summer.  El Jay started 6th grade last week. Monday was a holiday. Rather than do my usual nothing, we went to the Splash Pad at Riverdale Park. The boy complained the water was too cold, but it was a perfect end of Summer type day.  I will continue to remind all of you about my challenges to think blue on Sept. 28th and think pink on October 26th. If you also want to post mono-tone colored images  (or mostly one color) for the next eight Sundays you can do that too.
Lars Loves Lollipops.  Kresten Refslund
Pole Huggers: A quick one of the kids hanging out on a lamp post. Have a great week!   09/02/2014
Tonight's Sunset at Rockaway Beach done with my iPhone
Badlands of Drumheller Posted Sept. 2, 2014  I spend the week-end with a photography colleague in the Drumheller area of Alberta where the dinosaurs once roamed. We shot the badlands, grain fields, sunflowers and models of dinosaurs.
My beautiful wife Kimberly.
ART - Mutually Dependent       With only three Elements Supporting the Structure each Element is Mutually Dependent on the other two Elements...          Link to Similar Photo Without the Photo Shop            Link to Photo Without Frame
09-02-2014 "Fingertip Catch"  This was Tucker's first 9th grade football game last week.  These photos are one shot after another of Tucker catching the ball on the tip of his fingers, rolling it in and heading down the field.  I have my camera set to keep shooting as long as I'm pressing the shutter button.  Unfortunately he was stopped before he crossed the goal line.  He did make several really good runs.  This was not a full game, but a jamboree with 4 teams.  He has the first full game tonight!  Thanks for your comments on my pink rose yesterday. Donna
Tuesday, July 17, 2012     "AFFECTION"  "Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people."  ~ W.C. Fields  Update: After reading Wilma's comment, I changed the caption from "Bonding" to "Affection." Thanks for the inspiration, Wilma!  I am told that horses are extrememly affectionate and that when a horse gently brings its head even slightly in your direction, it is a sign of affection and acknowledgement.........such was the case here. You all know that I rarerly post "people shots," but I was walking by and spotted this scene and thought, "photo opp and future daily post." I was hoping she wouldn't leave before I was able to get my camera out of its bag and capture the moment.   Thanks for your comments and have a terrific Tuesday.  Rodeo Plaza Fort Worth Stockyards Fort Worth, TX Official website: www.fortworthstockyards.org  ***#2 photo of the day and all-time***  (photo taken June 30, 2012)
09/02/14 - Bask in the Glory of a New Day  My Blog  I was out and about taking pics this morning on John Adams Road.  It's a gravel road with soy beans growing in the fields and a small pond to attract wildlife.  I new the morning glories were in bloom, and I was primarily trying to get some good pics of them.  The Maryland Meadow-Beauty blooms near the pond and is a real treat to see as well.     SmugMug Llink  I also enjoy the beautiful light coming through the sycamore lining the road.  One even had a spiderweb on it today!     SmugMug Link     SmugMug LInk  The road less traveled may be the prettiest road you've driven down in a long time...at least as long as you stop to photograph the flowers:-)     SmugMug Link  HAGD,  Maryann
9-2-14. Blister Beetle on Xyris Bud. Alachua County, Florida. 2014.

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