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5-23: This is a bridge over the Podure river north of town. You can see that it is really greening up around here!
April 27, 2009  Early Morning Fog...
Boats on the Velikaya River bank. (6.11.2011)  Sorry I didn't have time to comment yesterday. Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend.
August 30, 2009 - "1941 Ford Super Deluxe"    This was shot at the Palm Springs Air Museum.  The SOOC had so many distracting reflections that I could not work around.  So, I thought I would push this beautiful stock '41 Ford to this extreme.  I do not see to many candy apple red cars around anymore :)      I just competed a gallery with the SOOC and several other cars from the museum.    http://dakotacowboy.smugmug.com/Cars/Palm-Springs-Air-Museum-Cars/9405377_H6KiD/1/630121733_CxF5M    Airplanes from the museum are at another gallery     http://dakotacowboy.smugmug.com/Military/Palm-Springs-Air-Museum-2009/8329002_YUVa2/1/578640610_Q5Nsr
Storm on the California Coast line
October 23, 2009 - Leaves of gold
Door (Pic 267 2nd year - 12 Oct 2009)    no PP except for light adjustments.  ATMA (Ahmedabad Textiles Mill's Association) building was designed by world renowned architect Le Corbusier.  The door looks heavy - which it was - but was very  easy to operate.   more pics   http://hershy.smugmug.com/Travel/Ahmedabad/October-2009/9859810_e7xxy/1/669546611_MS3Ph      http://agram.saariste.nl/scripts/fcard.asp?lookforthis=65&dir=corbu&pics=cb    http://www.javeri.net
3.10.09 - Ghost in the Machine  Ghostly goings on at Gainsborough Old Hall. I've had this idea ever since I found out that this was called the "ghost corridor", so while I was trapped inside the PC I thought I'd have a go at creating this. It is the first time I've experimented with layers in this way, maybe I should have made Lydia even more transparent, but hey I'm sure I'll try this again.  Those of you that haven't already seen my gallery of the Hall might want to check this out;    http://www.lightanddreamsphotography.com/History/GAINSBOROUGH-OLD-HALL/9662694_gb4gb#652216254_Fyruu  Thanks for the wonderful response to my silly SP yesterday, it was a lot of fun making that :)
8-08: This was taken in front of a restaraunt along Harmony road in Fort Collins after dinner on our way to a movie. I drive by this little waterfall display every day on my way home from work and I've wanted to take some pictures here.
11-29: Friday morning we woke up to fog in Fort Collins, so I decided to go up to Horsetooth again. I took this shot of the fog spilling over the hilll towards the water. I think this picture looks better when viewed larger.
Day 21 - A late evening sky at Spruce Grove in Colorado; the image has been enhanced in Photoshop
11-07-09 A thousand worlds    I finally take the time to process a series of "spider webs in the mist" that have these wonderful droplets. The colors in the background come from autumn leaves. This one was taken when the Sun began to shine through the mist.     Almost no processing here (just slightly enhanced contrast and sharpened)...
"The River Flows"  On my way home from an appt. today I stopped at one of my favorite fishing spots on the Rockaway River in my town to grab this capture. Too bad I didn't have a set of waders in my car to get the little water fall that is located just below this scene but I have to be UNDER the bridge I was on in order to get it in the frame LOL. So you'll have to settle for this one.    I love the little water flow control house that is dilapidated here, it adds a nice rigid feel to the scene. I've watched the roof continue to collapse over the years and soon it will just fall in completely. This is one of the best trout spots around here and they stock the river just upstream weekly during trout season from the farm with tags on them so you know if you caught a wild or farm bread fish. The mountain you see in the background is part of the Picatinny Arsenal where they develop & test new weapons for the military.    Anyway, it was an overcast day here as you can see and it really brought some nice contrast into the picture that I liked. I had to make slight levels adjustments to bring the clouds out a bit more and then some selective dodging & burning to the shadow areas but not much more to this one. Oh and a slight filter applied to bring the colors up a bit since it was so dark here. 10 min. of work and it was finished. So I hope you enjoy this next addition to my fall colors month - I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and get out there to enjoy the crisp clean fall air ;)    ALTERNATE VERSION: You can see a second version in SEPIA of this image in my EXTRAS Gallery BY CLICKING HERE    Best Regards,  ~Bill~
2.3.08 - Golden Years. Some photos are moments of inspiration, pieces of technical brilliance or snatched opportunities. This one had been meticulously planned for sometime. I have been working out the best vantage points and sunset times eversince I moved to my current home last summer. Mid-afternoon today it was very grey and trying to rain, then suddenly it all blew through and the air cleared. Sensing a nice sunset I grabbed my gear and walked a few minutes to a local hill crest and waited as this golden lightshow developed. It took much longer to select the DP than I spent taking photos, and I will upload other contenders to my Lincoln Sunset Gallery later this evening (see here  http://johnloguk.smugmug.com/gallery/4053411_yY5Qg#260994902 ).    I hope you like this shot as much as I do, and I am so glad that I live so close to this view!
30.11.08 - Peace and Contemplation    This image was left over from a couple of days ago when I did the misty collage. I always felt that I could do something else with this, and in the end this is just a sepia photo filter, but it conveys the feelings I wanted to get across, so I'm really happy with it. At the time I sloppily let the back of my car intrude into the photo, so that was cloned out. But otherwise it is just a B&W conversion, an adjustment of contrast and the sepia filter. I love these misty days with the sun trying to break through, and the stark silhouettes of the trees, mind you, it was bloody cold :)    There is an alternative treatment here which emphasises the cold a bit more;  http://johnloguk.smugmug.com/gallery/4328734_9ZqLR#427338235_SzU46      For those of you that asked about my curry night, it was a lot of fun. I love cooking, especially Indian food, and this was a chance to show off a bit with friends. They brought liquid refreshment, I did the food, and we all got totally stuffed! I'm now eating the leftovers, which are even tastier than last night :)
5-23: This is a bridge over the Podure river north of town. You can see that it is really greening up around here!

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5-23: This is a bridge over the Podure river north of town. You can see that it is really greening up around here!
5-23: This is a bridge over the Podure river north of town. You can see that it is really greening up around here!

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