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July 22.  While I was quickly sneaking a picture of a baby bluebird, I had no idea I was ruining the image with our reflection taking over the eyeball.  Lesson learned.
07-22-2014 "Show of Valor"  This piece of art is by Stephen Herrero and is a limited edition.  The light in the room was not the best but his piece is amazing.  The detail is amazing.  It is made of fiberglass.  The eyes looked so very real.  It is impressive.  I also liked that it was displayed in front of a mirror so you could see both sides.  Thanks for your comments on my crepe myrtle yesterday.  I always like to see the different colors blooming this time of year.    Art let me know that my profile photo wasn't showing up on my homepage nor when I commented.  Of course when I'm signed in it shows.  I have gone in and changed the photo and the new one shows on my homepage but when I'm posting the old one shows up.  I didn't check when I finished commenting last night.  Please let me know if you do not see my photo by my comments.  Then I would love to have any suggestions on how to fix it!  Donna
Tuesday, July 22, 2014  "COSMOS SULPHUREUS WILDFLOWER (aka Cosmos "Bright Lights")   “Unrighteously judging a person does not define who they are. It defines who you are.” ~ Unknown Author  SOOC, uncropped, flash didn't fire  This one is for Karen (aka KJakes1). When I uploaded this photo (taken in the same front yard as yesterday's lily), I was pleasantly surprised, but pleased at its painterly look. One never can predict how the camera lens sees subjects. It appears, at least to me anyway, that the wind was blowing, causing it to have a spinning, blurred appearance.   Thanks for your comments on my daylily photo. There were a plethora of flower photos posted in the DPC yesterday. Great minds were thinking alike, right?  Have a terrific Tuesday!  (photo taken 6/17/2014)  My Homepage: www.godschild.smugmug.com
with the permission from ISF
Canyon de Chelly National Monument - Tunnel Canyon Overlook  The Green Floor of the Canyon is in Sharp contrast to the Steep Canyon Walls.         Link to Photo Without Frame         Thank You for Making this Daily Photo  the #2 Pick on 07-07-2014
July 22 - Tall Trees  I love the forest but find it difficult to capture how I see it and what I see in a way that I am satisfied with.  So much depends on the thickness of the forest, what the forest floor is like, and the light - always the light.  Thanks for your comments on my rhododendron  bloom image I posted yesterday!
I was on the mainland two weeks ago and visited an old town and found a street with these  houses from the 17th century
Sunday, July 20, 2014  "YELLOW KING HUMBERTS" (aka Canna Lilies)  "For thou (God) hast been a shelter for me, and a strong tower from the enemy." ~ Psalm 61:3 (The Bible, KJV)  SOOC, uncropped, flash didn't fire   I really like their vibrant, energetic, beautiful, and  gracefully shaped petals. I had to stand on my tip-toes to get this shot.  Have a blessed day!  New Hope BaptistChurch 212 West Avenue Street Hollandale, MS  ***#17 photo of the day***  (photo taken 6/13/2014)  My Homepage: http://www.Godschild.smugmug.com
W for Winter and low sun over the North Sea.  Kresten Refslund
March 11...  Beach #9.   This is the last Beach-picture for now. I still need to include some summer-pictures in the series,  so I have to wait 3 month to finish this job . If you look at the horizon line you will see a number of windmills.  We have a lot of offshore windmill parks around our country and they produce 20 % of our total power consumption and this percentage is increasing from year to year

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