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Sunrise at a fishing village in Nova Scotia Posted Sept. 17, 2014  Processing more images from my Maritime trip in 2013.
September 17, 2014  Little butterfly, little flowers,   Gray hairstreak on a sweet almond bloom
Erik Kratz, Catcher, Toronto Blue Jays...  Blue Jays 7, Angels 8 July 9, 2014  Angel Stadium Anaheim, CA  Thank you for your views and comments, much appreciated! Critiques welcome...  Note: I missed the timing on this shot...in other words, I added the ball in Photoshop : )  17 September 2014
09-17-2014 "Look Mom, I'm Flying"  This thing is amazing to watch.  I certainly appreciate your comments on my photos.   Donna
Wakefield: Another shot from Monday's fire. The town of Wakefield assisted Saugus after a 2nd alarm was struck. I'm wonder if that's a map book sitting on the dashboard... I'm going to be buried at work so my visits my be limited - I'll do my best to stop by your sites. Sorry if I'm not able to comment.... Happy Hump Day!  09/17/2014
Late summer meadow River Street Halifax, Ma
16.09.14 - Focus  This is from my guided photo walk round the old part of Lincoln last night. It was a beautiful warm late summer evening without a cloud in the sky. The lack of cloud meant no sunset to speak of, but the light was wonderful and we played around with diferent ways to shoot sights that have been photographed millions of times before. This is Lincoln Cathedral from Castle Square as you've never seen it before. Depth of field and point of focus is a fascinating subject, it can drastically change the scene and create some stunning effects very easily. One day I want to try this with small model figures in the foreground, I think that would be cool :)
"A Really Nice Sunrise the Other Morning"...09/17/2014...
The Narrows 2011 We had heard there was very little water this year in the Narrows.   We hiked the bottom up in Sept of 2011 and encountered chest-deep waters.  This photo was taken right after our "emersion" into 65 degree water!     Truly an awe-inspiring place!
2015 Calendar - Not yet complete I've reached May.  I need to finish it in the next two weeks so that it will be ready to sell in time for Advent.  This year's theme is "Transitions - Bridges and Stairways in Vienna".  The entire design is mine:  A4 wall calendar with a spiral binding, Austrian and US holidays. P.S.  Critiques particularly welcome.
Cactus Flower My neighbor has this cactus in his front yard with a beautiful flower that lasts 12 hours...then one must wait until the next bloom.
Day 245 - Off to Supermoon Sun. Aug 10, 2014  Not the best moon shot, but at least I got the plane at the right time!
" I huffed and I puffed,,,,,"  Yesterday was gorgeous so another from my walk in the neighborhood.    post for 19/09/14

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