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Awesome light on my favorite spot.
day 108: "the hills have eyes—south jersey". we drove to canton, nj to visit my brother and he took us on a quick tour down an isolated marsh-surrounded road. i loved the area as there are no wires or telephone polls. just a nuke cooling tower in the background... and a strange shack in the middle of the marsh... and NO cell reception... and, uh, it was kinda freaky actually. i hopped out of the van and ran half way up the planked entrance to take this shot ignoring the "no trespassing" sign and the full-on assault of green head flies. in mid-shot my brother beeped the horn and drove away leaving me. funny guy. he drove back. i may be heading back here to sneak closer next time. curiosity has me cranked to check out the shack.
Boats on the Velikaya River bank. (6.11.2011)  Sorry I didn't have time to comment yesterday. Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend.
October 23, 2009 - Leaves of gold
April 4, 2009 - "Doors and Stairs"
"Sun kissed wheat fields"  Call me crazy ! But nothing can beat the feeling of standing in between those wide spread wheat fields , stretching one's arms open and taking a deep breath looking at the sunny blue sky :-)   	 	   “Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed.” ~ Storm Jameson ~
1-16: Thursday morning we woke up to thick fog again. It lasted till about noon. I was able to go out on my lunch break and take some shots along the river right after the fog lifted. The fog had frozen to the tree branches and bushes. I was able to get some shots before it all melted.
December 5, 2009 Daily Photo.  The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.   It was supposed to snow but it was raining. I took lots of close-ups but I think this best shows the scale. I'll make a "Christmas In New York" gallery when I get a chance.
crossing over
"The Road to Color"  10/16/08  While Driving today I got stuck behind a SLOW POKE on the only single lane road leading out of town and was getting frustrated so I jumped off onto this small fire road and was shocked by the colors in this tunnel like ride. it was raining pretty good all day today so there was no sun and nasty puddles everywhere but I was able to snap this by opening my sun roof and sticking the D300 out on constant focus and shot it while doing about 10 mph. I was amazed by the composition I was able to get since I was in the center of the road and being above the car it gave me some extra height then the usual eye view, I think it worked out pretty well LOL.    In post I did a minor contrast adjustment and small crop off the bottom, that's it! I'm enjoying the colors here now but I see them disappearing very rapidly so I'm going to try and get some shots everyday now until their gone. It's supposed to get very cold here starting tonight in the 50's as a high during the day and low 40's to high 30's at night Brrrrrrrrrr. I got some other shots from today to process yet but I will be putting them in my Fall Colors 2008 gallery when there finished.    Hope you all enjoy your day,  Bill Pador
Pretty in Red  Sat. November 1, 2008 (DAY 201)    Meet Miranda...  I had a photo session for her sweet 16.  We had a great time and the weather was gorgeous;  One perfect day to take outdoor shots.  April set up the location at Forbidden Garden,  complete with the Lion Dancer!  Thanks April, that was fun!!    This photo is SOOC (straight out of camera).  I'm still working on  the rest of the pics, that I think need some touch ups.    My hubby helped me (again) with the reflector.  Thank you dear!
2-12: Back after being very sick for almost a week. Wednesday morning I finally felt good enough to get up and take some pictures. This was taken a few minutes before sunrise on the Collindale golf course.
November 9... Fishermens cabins
01FEB2012   Big Beautiful Doll  This shot was just after a simulated bombing run, the other planes in the group were ahead and laid down the bombs prior to the Big Beautiful Doll strafing the ground here with small arms fire from the wing mounted guns. The smoke it was flying through was real dense and the craft is very low, I had to crop some heads out on the bottom of the pic. I have taken many shots at these air shows in the manual mode but lets face it, your panning on a target that is moving at a blistering pace, with changing light conditions through the shot. So the trick I have found when you are shooting action is quite simple....don't go in hard on the item you are trying to get a shot of, actually make the camera work for you, take a wider than normal shot and take the frame down in processing rather than in the field.  So the plane is rather far away in the original shot at 200mm, more importantly here though it is in focus....thats because the pan speed is correct to the speed of the plane, thats the most important thing to remember....if the pan speed is wrong....your shot is out of focus....everytime. So, I am not a big fan of autofocus, but in these conditions you just have to much going on to get the shot, try panning something today, its not as hard as you think but it is the thing that makes the difference in an action shot.....everytime.  I wish I was flying a plane but no I am on the ground.  Phil....those people are looking for the shot they want to see....I tend to see what you give me, your perspective, not what I am looking for, thats why all the work you do is great....it's your perspective that counts.....everytime!  Looks almost fake...another airshow shot from this summer.  Thanks for your comments....much appreciated! Thanks for the great questions, I hope this helps!!! #1 01FEB2012

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