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"Icicle Spook Show"   I told you I thought I was in need of rest. Up late today and out only for food; so this is my post. I poked my head out the back door and this is our tree with icicle frame.. Not even in focus . It is extremely COLD!!! 30/01/15
In a rural field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, a single boulder in the distance marks the impact site of Flight 93, where 33 passengers and 7 crew were killed on September 11, 2001.    Check back to view an upcoming gallery of this memorial site that honors the brave and selfless actions of the passengers and crew that defeated terrorist plans just 18 minutes before the plane would have reached it target of attack in the nation's capital.
We held the annual Hill Christmas Party in mid December.  Yesterday I pulled the trigger on the "new" smugmug so there's no going back. :-) This is it http://arthill.smugmug.com/
Aralia Leaf and Raindrops...  After a little rain the night before, I was on my way out to run some errands when I saw this, couldn't resist the photo op!  Thank you for your views and comments! Critiques welcome...  January 30, 2015
01-31-2015 "Cuff Link"  I took photos of a friend who is a magician for his website.  He had these really cool cuff links.  I had to get a shot of them too.  Your comments and critiques of my photos are always welcome and appreciated.   Donna
In the remote hills of Mazandaran Province of Iran, south of the town of Sari, lush forests look over rice fields in a country known more for its deserts than such green vistas. #63091362  © Payam Nashery - Photoarts
January 31, 2015  Life is Better on the Mountain  Jasper National Park, Alberta  J in J 2015 - One of the reasons I go to Jasper in January at the same time every year, is to see the amazing pyrotechnics show they put on to celebrate the event. This year was no exception - The town put on a great show! This is a collage of some of the fireworks, composited with a logo from a hoody we bought.   I hope you have enjoyed by images this month, showcasing my annual trips to Jasper in January.
Cute vs scary    Portrait of a cougar in two different moods, Sandstone, Minnesota.  This photo is a combination of two different back to back photos.  I flipped one and merged the two together.    One of my photos is being considered for publication in National Geographic.  Before midnight EST tonight you can help me out by voting for the photo here: http://goo.gl/oTF4ik    Other photos of this cougar can be seen here: http://goo.gl/XED6Zn    08/01/14 www.allenfotowild.com
Near Salem on Amtrak
Jabiru stork (Jabiru mycteria) with a catch of a large long-whiskered catfish (Pseudoplatystoma corruscans) AKA Spotted sorubim, Pixaim River, Pantanal, Brazil    The catfish is almost as long as the stork's bill (best larger)    If you're not too bored with bird shots, a few more can be seen here: http://goo.gl/j9Z7M0    I'm going to take a bit of a break from posting and commenting.    13/01/14 www.allenfotowild.com
Friday, January 30, 2015  "GODDESS OF SPEED" (The Metamorphosis)  "I have one speed; I have one gear: go!" ~ Charlie Sheen  Flashback Friday.......  I confess that at first, I thought I favored the original version, but the more I look at this one, I am rather pleased with the end result (another one of my artistic creations post processed with Topaz Labs)! It's obvious that I'm having so much fun utilizing it. Hey, to each his / her own, right? My 30-day trial ends in seven days, but I have undoubtedly put it to good use. Will I decide to purchase it or not? Only time will tell.  Once upon a time in America, automobiles could be elaborate works of art, crowned by brazen ornaments that seemed ready to leap forth from the hood to lead the way.  This vintage hood ornament was made for Packard luxury automobiles in the 1930s/40s (see the "1930 Packard 734 Speedster that was my yesterday's post). Symbolizing the spirit of the company, the ornament features the figural winged goddess of speed with a tire held in her outstretched hands. The chrome-plated sculpture stands about 5 1/2 inches tall. They sure don't make them like this anymore.  View the original photo here:  http://godschild.smugmug.com/HolidaysHoliday-Travel/Christmas-2014/i-tr3cmGZ/A  TGIF and Super Bowl Weekend for football fans. My guys are pulling for the Seattle Seahawks!  ***#9 photo of the day***  (photo taken 12/24/2014; post processed on 1/7/2015; first photo posted in the DPC today)  My Homepage: www.Godschild.smugmug.com
Makes you Wonder what the rest of the Tattoo is Like.  Normal Processesing in Adobe LR-4.  Perfect Photo Suite’s: Perfect Resize, Focal Point and Perfect Effects…    Link to Photo Without Frame
Unique formation of these mountains made for a wonderful aerial photography opportunity over the northern Canadian Rockies. #55121322  © Payam Nashery - Photoarts

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