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This image shows a the water in a water balloon just after it has been punctured by a pin.  Best viewed in the larger sizes.  This was captured at 1/1000th second shutter speed.  My grandson and I had an entire day of photography.  We started early in the morning photographing red-wing blackbirds, swallows, and ducks at a little retention pond near his home.  Then we shot more birds in his back yard.  Then, we came to my house and punctured balloons, water balloons and played with giant bubbles.  We had a ball!  Spencer is a budding bird photographer and I hope to feature a few of his shots in the next few days.  We are having new carpeting installed in part of our upstairs today.  Lots of fun moving furniture and books to make way for the carpet layers.  Hope you have a fun day, too!  Thanks for all the nice comments on my most recent shot of the peony tulip.
Whirly Pop Not sure I have ever eaten one
Garden scape Posted July 18, 2014  Part of my cousin's beautiful garden.
July 20, 2014  * Sunday Logo Challenge "Post a Symbol/Icon without the Company Name or Clues"    There are 3 possible answers:  I know the symbol and the company.  I have seen the symbol but can’t connect it.  I have never seen this symbol before.  Link to answer: http://quinceydeters.smugmug.com/Photography/1aday/14472003_SRKVGq#!i=1598474568&k=dJ9sqPH&lb=1&s=A
Calla Lily Posted July 21, 2014
JULY 21 2014 Love the ocean, Shore break
7/20/14 - Videographer at the Cherry Creek Art Festival; I was taking a break on the curb and he came and set up right in front of me.  I asked if I could shoot him while he was shooting everyone else.  Thanks, Rick, for the logo challenge.  I discovered it is more difficult than I'd have thought to get logos without the company name integrated into them.  I really enjoyed seeing everyone's initial logo shots.  It was interesting how many I'd had in my home and never noticed.  Thanks for your comments on my Dodge Ram logo.  In an rv park, there are always lots of trucks and at least half of them must sport that logo.  No surprise that everyone knew it!
08OCT2012  Milling Around  Dell's Mill aka Clark's Mill with some Fall foliage all lit up in the morning sun......Great place, scenic area with lots of barns to shoot as well.  Image won First Place in the "Travel Category" n4c.us in October 2012, submitted through the Omaha Camera Club.  Comments are welcome, lots of Wisconsin images to upload....have a great day!  Dan, sorry we didn't know you lived there....great area.
Gorgeous sunrise yesterday!!! The water was so still and the sky had such unique color. I shot all around the harbor for over 2 hours! Unlike today, where I overslept and missed the whole thing!  Plymouth Harbor, Ma
I was on the mainland two weeks ago and visited an old town and found a street with these  houses from the 17th century
Old lady at sunrise
September 23, 2007    Fog in the forest.
Yates Mill Pond - December 26, 2010
"Lonely Horse"     All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions. Nothing ever exists entirely alone; everything is in relation to everything else.” ~Buddha~

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