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Day 194: NYC-Moonstruck Germany Colors - July 14.    Empire State building lit in Germany's colors last night in honor of their World Cup win.   The moon seemed to be helping in the celebration as it broke through the clouds not long after moonrise time.
7/14/2014 ~ Raku  Beautiful Raku Pottery for sale at the Carlsbad Caverns gift shop. Thank you for the awesome comments on Saturday's Pineapple Fountain shot!
July 14 2014 Old cattle loading shoot. Photo taken 5/3/2014
The Fledgling  Jul 14 We actually witnessed this juvenile helicopter over the nest a bit before taking its first flight! Very exciting and unexpected!
Inside of a 1959 El Camino, beautiful restore El Camino. The color of this car is incredible.  Photo to come in a later date.
The Boy: Just a quick one of my 5 year old....Have a great week!   07/14/2014
07.14.14  St. McKay of Monterey (a friend captioned this that way) a much more peaceful image than the one I posted Sunday.  Mc has gone home to Monterey. I enjoyed our short visit.  Monday is an infusion day.
July 14 2014 This Mock Orange shrub was given to us by my Mother-In-Law, who passed away last year. She would be so pleased to see it covered in blossoms this year.  Today I am off to a job interview lunch.  I left my job a couple of weeks ago, so perhaps time to get back to work.
07-13-2014 "Z"  When I saw this iron work I immediately saw on "Z" after another.  After taking the shot the bars going in different directions were mostly the same color.  I decided to make one "Z" stand out and this is the results.    I'm looking forward to all of the letters on this final day of this challenge.  I do hope someone steps forward and we start another on.  I know Rick and Billie Jean have offered suggestions.  I appreciate your comments on my photos each day. Donna
Ferruginous Hawk - near Kuna, Id.
July 14, 2014  Hibiscus
2013-03-30. Riding Lawn Mower. I've been wanting to stop and shoot this barn for a while so I was grateful when my mother-in-law agreed to go with me to this location which is around the corner from where she lives. My thoughts were that she would stop along the road and I would snap a few shots while inside the car then leave. But power lines were obstructing the view so she pulled into the driveway and I got out and took several shots. I have passed by this barn many times but never took the opportunity to stop until yesterday.    Thank you for your comments yesterday!

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