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31.08.14 - Christmas 1918!  Our internet isn't working at home so I've not been able to post since Saturday, I'm in the library in town posting this. These are from the "Christmass Eve 1918" shoot we did on Saturday, it was huge fun, everyone pretending to be cold on a very warm day, but we did have mince pies and apple juice pretending to be sherry! It was also the last day with most of the cast together, so we presented flowers to our leading ladies :)
08/30/14 - Yates Mill   My Blog  We were honored to have Dennis and Phyllis Hoffman drop by for a visit on their way home from visiting family in Virginia.  We had a few hours of daylight to do an activity, and Yates Mill seemed like the perfect destination.  Dennis loves to take dragonfly pictures, and there are a lot of dragonflies around the mill pond.  Of course Dennis and Phyllis were familiar with my shots of the mill and knew they would enjoy the scenery and history of the mill as well.   I took this shot of Dennis and his lens in the parking lot.  Earlier in the summer the coneflowers were beautiful in this garden.  Now, there is milkweed and their bugs as well as morning glories.      SmugMug Link  The most exciting moment of our visit was seeing a great blue heron (GBH) on the mill pond forebay and dam.  He was pretty tame for a GBH.  I stood as close as 6' to him at one point.  He even flew right over top of Johnny's shoulder.  Dennis got a magnificent shot of him in flight and wings out.  I got this head close-up.  Although I've seen GHB's at the mill near the boardwalk I had never seen a heron at the mill itself before.     SmugMug Link  We missed the 2PM tour, so we didn't go inside the mill yesterday, but at the end of the tour they turned on the water wheel, and Dennis and I were able to get some lovely pics of the spillover.  If you plan to visit the mill, you should definitely try to time to visit to coincide with a tour so that you can experience the wheel turning.     SmugMug Link  I am going to let Dennis talk about all the dragonfly species he and I shot there yesterday.  I am sure we took shots of at least 10 different dragonflies.  I'll share my favorite of the day below.  The muddy water down near the mill pond serves as the backdrop.     SmugMug Link  I couldn't resist this cute baby turtle either.  We saw fish and water bugs in the water under the mill too.  No wonder the GBH hangs out there!     SmugMug Link  In this shot, Dennis is standing in the corner of the overlook deck where I took my daily photo.  He suggested that spot over another one that I usually use, and the results were good.  Johnny is looking at Phyllis through the view finder, and Donnie is resting in the shade.  It was QUITE hot yesterday after a mild summer.      SmugMug Link  To my delight, on the back marshy boardwalk, there was a swarm of hummingbirds.  I am sure I saw at least 10 buzzing about at one time.  I worked to make this one presentable.  I want to go back this week and try my  hand at some more shots.     SmugMug Link  In our way back to the car, Johnny wanted to play.  I always enjoy taking people shots as they walk on the boardwalk.     SmugMug Link  The highlight of Johnny's visit was Maggie.  He has missed Blaze so much, and Maggie was happy to sit beside Johnny and read with him last night.  Maggie is 7 and a border collie/corgie mix of some sort.  She was a happy and polite house guest.     SmugMug Link  Unfortunately, Phyllis and Dennis are on their way back to Texas now.  We sure hope they can visit again some day.  Johnny tried to leave with Maggie, and Phyllis gave him that Grandma hug on the way out.  'Til next time.        SmugMug Link  HAGD,  Maryann
Monday, September 1, 2014 (Labor Day)  "PATRIOTIC STAR BURSTS"  "You should never be so involved with your position/job that when the position is gone your entire self image is gone with it.” ~ General Colin Luther Powell    SOOC, uncropped, 35mm lens  September, already? Gosh, time is flying (use of personification). It seems like only yesterday that I saw school buses transporting children on the first day of school in August.  "Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country." ~ Reprinted text from here: http://www.dol.gov/opa/aboutdol/laborday.htm  God, bless America; America, bless God!  Cracker Barrel Old Country Store and Restaurant  4001 S. Frontage Rd. Vicksburg, MS 39180  (photo taken 7/4/2014)   My Homepage: http://www.Godschild.smugmug.com
1978 - Italy... where'd the dog go...
Pitted Stripeseed (Piriqueta cistoides). Turneraceae (Turnera family). San Felasco State Preserve, Gainesville, Florida. 2014.
September 1, 2014  Island Bliss  Mackenzie Beach Vancouver Island Tofino, B.C.
Rockaway Beach Sunset Reflections
...Nikon D7100, Tamron 150-600 lens on tripod.  SB 800 flash with a "better beamer" attachment.  1/100 sec @f13, ISO 500
"I'm so sleepy Mommy."  This is Remy my 155 pound  "baby boy".  He is a landseer Newfoundland not quite 2 years old.  He will be 2 on November 16th.    We have had other breeds, well we have had mixed breeds in the past and we have loved each and every one of them.  There is just something so incredibly special about a Newfoundland though.  Like with most things..  we don't get just one. We have a 127 pound black female Newfoundland named Ella as well.
WILL IT BE READY???  Remember the first shots in March? This is our new Tim  Horton's Field built in 2014 to replace Ivor Wynne Stadium. Was to be ready on June 30 but,,,, It is still not totally done. A game between Tiger Cats and Toronto Argonauts here tomorrow!!!!! Holds 22,500 seats and stands 1,500 ,,,,,whoa,,,,bigger eh? The cost was 145.7 million dollars!!!!!!!!     See how high it is and workers still on the job right now at 7 pm on Sunday night!  Keep your fingers crossed!!   Woohoo Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   September 1,2014 Hi Judy, they were still welding, sanding and doing other jobs but I think it will open on time. All the heavy equipment  was still on the site.
09/01/14 - Great Blue Heron  My Blog  Dennis Hoffman took this shot while we were at Yates Mill yesterday.  I spent some time last night post processing it using Nix Color Efex Pro.  This is one of those shots where you don't know it's coming, you see movement, and you point and hope.  Dennis is very fast and accurate with his large lens, and I was so excited to see that he got this shot.  I got one, but it is entirely blurry.   See:-(     SmugMug Link  Here is Dennis' original shot which he has in raw format.  Besides obviously cropping it, I used the darken/lighten center filter to lighten the head while darkening the grass.  I used the detail enhancer filter too bring out the feathers a bit more.  I also adjusted the contrast a bit.      SmugMug Link   Dennis got one other great shot of this bird too.     SmugMug Link  This shot was pretty dark, and I used similar techniques to lighten the bird and enhance the feathers.  I probably should do it one more time and see if I can make it even better.     SmugMug Link  Thanks to Dennis for letting more tinker with and post these shots.  HAGD,  Maryann
8-22-14. Pig Frog Amid the Lotus Leaves. La Chua Trail, Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park, Gainesville, Florida. 2014.

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