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Rock Pile near Benson, Az. 10 mi. East near Exit 318 of I-10.
09JUL2014  Rural Nebraska  Sitiin on the tailgate at grandpa's place.  Harvest over Wayne and his brother enjoy the lights over Albany from the Becker farm.  Thanks for looking at todays image….not an HDR, where did i find this club members?
Day 189: Purple Coneflowers - July 9.  Thanks to those who commented on my 'spider' post yesterday.   I still do not what I photographed.  When I first saw it, I thought it was a piece of fluff that had come off a tree or shrub.  But when I looked closer and watched for a while, I would have sworn that a few of the 'legs' moved and it did look like some webbing underneath.  Also it was an extremely windy day and I figured that something thad had blown onto the blossom would also quickly blow off but it didn't.  In retrospect, perhaps I should have picked it off the flower to get a closer look.
8.18.09 - Another image from the recent wedding.  I love the look of the log cabin and flowers in front of it.  {As if I needed to explain it with all the images posted :-D.}  I decided to blend a b&w with the color.  I enhanced the color in Topaz Adjust -which is an amazing plug-in for PS and created the B&W using Topaz Adjust too.
April 8...   Bikers on the beach looking for amber after a storm.  Our server crashed yesterday, but is now up running again
The Somerset Levels, an area of outstanding beauty.
07-08-2014 - Woods Lake, AZ         Link to Photo Without Frame         Thank You for Making this Daily Photo  the #4 Pick on 07-08-2014
 AZ-Apache Junction-Renaissance Festival-2008-172
I am Osprey  Jul 8 An osprey sitting on a fence overlooking the river below. I was able to get really close as he was totally unconcerned with my presence! Enjoying my new lens!!
 AZ-Apache Junction-Renaissance Festival-2008-112
2014-05-02. Pansy Macro.  Thank you for the views/comments yesterday.
July 8, 2014  Time for an attitude adjustment!   We were just walking down the sidewalk,  doubt that this mocking bird really owned the path
The south facade of the new Frankel Wing of the UMMA  DP188-2014  Posted July 7; processed ditto The full name of this wing, which more than doubled the size of the University of Michigan of Art (UMMA) is the Maxine and Stuart Frankel and the Frankel Family Wing.  No wonder it's known colloquially as the Frankel Wing.  Taken July 4, 2014 Title:  Holding a Mirror to the Sky  I loved the variety of letter shape images yesterday.  It's kind of sad to think of this fun challenge ending next Sunday.  Thanks to all who took the time to comment on my own A effort.  Only Z remains.
"Lonely Horse"     All things appear and disappear because of the concurrence of causes and conditions. Nothing ever exists entirely alone; everything is in relation to everything else.” ~Buddha~
February 10...  Beach #4.  Almost every day I take Blif for a walk along the beach. Especially in autumn and winter the sky puts up magnificent shows. The other day this sky came up covering most colors even a bit of green at the left. The show went on for app. 10 minutes, and then it was all over.
Rock Pile near Benson, Az. 10 mi. East near Exit 318 of I-10.

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Rock Pile near Benson, Az. 10 mi. East near Exit 318 of I-10.
Rock Pile near Benson, Az. 10 mi. East near Exit 318 of I-10.

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