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In local gardens, and along roadsides, rudbeckia and echinacea are on their last legs.  Goldenrod and asters are coming into their own, and phlox is thriving.  It is definitely a time of transitions.  One tree that is in the peak of its blooming season is the Chinese Scholar Tree (Styphnolobium japonicum), aka Japanese Pagoda Tree.  I hope to get some photos while the blooms are in good condition.  DP238-2014  Posted August 26; processed August 25  Taken August 21 at Matthaei Botanical Gardens, Ann Arbor Title:  All Good Things Must End
Who am I?  Aug 26 A strange type of waterfowl, but very focused on catching dinner!  Update: Thanks to Terry Allen for identifying this as  a muscovy duck!
Getting dark when I took this but Queen Ann's Lace is still beautiful!!!!!!!   Post for 28/08/2014
Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs has fantastic views, throw in a thunder storm and things get real interesting. Sharp eyed viewers will spot a climber on one of the formations.
Two Towers of New York  December 2013    at dusk
"A Fractal"...08/27/2014...  First attempt...
Entrance to Vienna II This is another shot of the bridge at the beginning of the Danube Canal, designed by Otto Wagner.  I posted an 'almost silhouette' about a week ago (http://www.jerrybarton.eu/Miscellaneous/DailyPicks/i-qN6H6cW).  This shot has a fair amount of pp - some Orton, some Topaz Detail, a brighter sky, some change of colors.  I wanted more 'illustration' rather than reality.
Canyon Magic  August 2011
08/06/2014  Thank you for your comment.
Mesa River just downstream from Upper Mesa Waterfall
Moonflower (Ipomoea alba). Convolvulaceae (Morning Glory Family). Gainesville, Florida. 2014.
I waited for 6 months for the sun to go down in the midle of the road. Fortunately it did not rain that day. I brought a boy with me to wave good night to the sun.  Suddenly I saw the birds comming from the left, and got them in "the decive moment".
September 23, 2007    Fog in the forest.

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