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Day 107: Daffodils - April 17.  So nice to finally see flowers blooming
17.04.14 - Look Up!  It was a grey day yesterday, then a few minutes before sunset this happened! This is a 2 shot photomerge panorama taken in our back garden, if only I'd had time to get down to the river for some reflections, but we had no warning that something like this was in prospect.
18APR2014  High Point Hill  Sitting in the siding loco 5938 brings up the rear of the 2000' coal train that is headed east. This is a common sight Union Pacific stages here mostly thru the weekend…..or they could be just shopping while passing thru town. This view is from the overpass at 132nd street.   Thanks for looking at my images, thanks for all the wonderful comments on the Rory Dillon tribute. Please feel free to leave me a comment.
Day 108: Ornamental Cherry Trees - April 18.   The cherry tree blossoms at Branch Brook Park in Newark/Belleville N.J. are just about at peak bloom.  The 14 varieties of threes provide a beautiful display of pinks and whites across the park, where more than 4300.  trees are planted.  The first group of these trees was planted in 1927 as a gift to the park and many more have been added since then, with about 700 more to be planted in the coming year. .
04-18-2014 "Iris"  Today Sutton and I picked our and purchased flowers to make an arrangement for my brother-in-law's grave at the cemetary for Easter.  As we were leaving I noticed the Iris blooming at the entrance.  I captured this shot with my iPhone.  Because it was a day of errands I didn't have any other camera with me.  Best camera is the one you have with you! :)  Your comments on my photo of the clematis are greatly appreciated. Donna
Tulips Posted April 18, 2014  It's snowing in Edmonton today. We have had about 3 inches already and will get up to 5. The good news is that we will have double digit temps by next week. I am posting this image to remind myself that spring is coming....!!
Grey Abbey County Down Post Date: 17th April 2014  http://www.discovernorthernireland.com/Grey-Abbey-Greyabbey-Newtownards-P2875
"More from Middleton Place"...04/18/2014...
09/18/2011 Thank you for your wonderful comments.
A very windy day this week on the Ennis Bluebonnet Trail
Horse Patiently Waiting      Link to Photo Without Frame
Trumpet flowers and raindrops...  Thanks for your views and comments!  Critiques welcome...  Good Friday  18 April 2014
the other organ images are the inside of this church
 5th year Pic 157 - 16-Apr-2014.   Long way home  - Worli Koliwada, Mumbai      I am glad so many of you like this pic and placed it in  #1 place! Thank you all!   Worli Koliwada info  Critiques welcome!
04/18/14 - NC Transportation Museum in Spencer - The Back Shop  My Blog  The NC Transportation Museum was just a few miles off the interstate on our way home from Carowinds, so we stopped in.  We didn't take the train ride, but we did walk around all the buildings and take a ride on the turn table.   I was pleased to see that we could actually step inside The Back Shop where I took the picture I've posted as my daily.  Fascinating combination of beams and natural light not to mention some old vehicles too.   Here's a similar shot I took in 2011.    SmugMug Link  I was very excited by the potential of this shot but disappointed about the bucket.  The floor was unstable, and it wasn't able to be moved.  I intend to play with this shot later in the week and see if I can salvage it.    SmugMug Link  Here are a few more shots from our visit.    SmugMug Link  HAGD,  Maryann
Day 107: Daffodils - April 17. So nice to finally see flowers blooming

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Day 107: Daffodils - April 17.  So nice to finally see flowers blooming
Day 107: Daffodils - April 17. So nice to finally see flowers blooming

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