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I took this picture at an exhibition of Eduard Munch's drawings. Was awarded gold medal from our national Photographic Society
Atlantic way -    The bridge on the atlantic ocean  in Norway.
9 Jun 2009    A train from the past :-)    Spotted this near Denver International Airport, and the sun forced me to pull over my car to get a shot of this.
Boats on the Velikaya River bank. (6.11.2011)  Sorry I didn't have time to comment yesterday. Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend.
Cucumber beetle on a straw flower; best viewed in the largest size.  Thanks for the commentary on my shot of the liquor bottle on the grave.  It is nice to know so many of you felt as I did about the gesture.  Hope your week got off to a good start.  It is quite a bit colder here today but no snow so far.  Have a good day!
April 4, 2009 - "Doors and Stairs"
I was looking for something to photograph during the week of fog, and I found my subject, the Alex Fraser Bridge.
"The River Flows"  On my way home from an appt. today I stopped at one of my favorite fishing spots on the Rockaway River in my town to grab this capture. Too bad I didn't have a set of waders in my car to get the little water fall that is located just below this scene but I have to be UNDER the bridge I was on in order to get it in the frame LOL. So you'll have to settle for this one.    I love the little water flow control house that is dilapidated here, it adds a nice rigid feel to the scene. I've watched the roof continue to collapse over the years and soon it will just fall in completely. This is one of the best trout spots around here and they stock the river just upstream weekly during trout season from the farm with tags on them so you know if you caught a wild or farm bread fish. The mountain you see in the background is part of the Picatinny Arsenal where they develop & test new weapons for the military.    Anyway, it was an overcast day here as you can see and it really brought some nice contrast into the picture that I liked. I had to make slight levels adjustments to bring the clouds out a bit more and then some selective dodging & burning to the shadow areas but not much more to this one. Oh and a slight filter applied to bring the colors up a bit since it was so dark here. 10 min. of work and it was finished. So I hope you enjoy this next addition to my fall colors month - I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and get out there to enjoy the crisp clean fall air ;)    ALTERNATE VERSION: You can see a second version in SEPIA of this image in my EXTRAS Gallery BY CLICKING HERE    Best Regards,  ~Bill~
11-12: During my lunch break Tuesday  I found another trail along the river north of town. It was a nicer day and I had a very pleasent walk. I thought this was a pretty interesting bridge.
12-26: Another from the golf course on Wednesday morning. There was a heavy frost on the trees which, in this shot, was helping to pick up a glow from the sun.
11/23/10 - Tree in the Fog  I have been watching and studying this tree for a couple of years now.  Whenever there is fog, it seems to stand out from the backdrop...a solitary, lonely figure.  I finally made up  my mind yesterday to figure out where to park the car to get out to take a picture...not a small feat.  I do try to stay safe, but this location is more precarious than some.  Most days I am joyful as I spend time with the kids.  My life is full of laughter and color; it's vibrant and full of life like many of my pictures.  But some days at least deep inside it is like this too.  I guess a bit of that side is slipping through today.  I stopped to think about my mother for a few minutes when I took this.  She was involved in a horrible traffic accident with a tractor trailer on a foggy morning in November just before Thanksgiving in 1985.  For me, the fog will always be more than just the fog.  Back to bright and cheery tomorrow I promise...  Thanks for your comments on Johnny and the Jon boat.  It was as serene out there as you thought.  Little wind, warm sun on our skin, very few boats out on the lake...a calming hour without the chaos of life.  HAGD, Maryann
It's still hot, and I didn't shoot anything today, so this is another shot from the archives.  And in an ultimate showing of laziness, I'm pulling it straight from one of my first galleries uploaded to Smugmug.  One more day until I'll have lots of new festival and river photos to choose from.
March 11...  Beach #9.   This is the last Beach-picture for now. I still need to include some summer-pictures in the series,  so I have to wait 3 month to finish this job . If you look at the horizon line you will see a number of windmills.  We have a lot of offshore windmill parks around our country and they produce 20 % of our total power consumption and this percentage is increasing from year to year
The Dock Before Sunrise, Bayview TX    I woke up in time for the blue hour before sunrise despite having only four hours of sleep that night, and driving 14 hours on very little sleep the day before.  It was worth it.  There was one burst of clouds on the horizon and they were well placed at the end of the dock I had access to.  There was very little wind and the water was calm.  The blue hour was already underway when I arrived and the sunrise colors were starting to trickle across the horizon.  Mother Nature was not going to be out-shined by the fireworks the night before.    This is a single 43 second exposure.  I used a circular polarizer to increase the glare on the water so that it would be more reflective and so that the exposure of the water would more closely match the exposure of the sky.  I had trouble focusing in the dark so I did not want to go below f/11 and risk having some of the dock out of focus.  I had to take several shots and check the focus by zooming in on my LCD screen. When a 30 second exposure was still too dark, I went to bulb mode so I could hold the trigger down for as long as I needed.  I used my other camera as a timer to help me time the shots.  For a 60 second exposure I held the trigger down while firing two 30 second exposures on my other camera.  This was probably supposed to be a 40 second exposure but I held the trigger three seconds too long.  Bulb mode is never an exact science.  Lastly, I started out shooting at 17mm, which really stretched the dock into the horizon and squashed the clouds.  I've been pushing myself to stop shooting exclusively at 17mm and it paid off this time.  Switching to 40mm compressed the frame by making the clouds appear closer and taller, and I think it created a more dramatic photo.    I really like the long exposure effect on the water and I have been longing to try this technique on a dock since we went to Andaman Islands India back in early January.    Daily photo: July 9, 2012, taken July 5, 2012
I took this picture at an exhibition of Eduard Munch's drawings. Was awarded gold medal from our national Photographic Society

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I took this picture at an exhibition of Eduard Munch's drawings. Was awarded gold medal from our national Photographic Society
I took this picture at an exhibition of Eduard Munch's drawings. Was awarded gold medal from our national Photographic Society

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Photo by: Refslund · See photo in original gallery.



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