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April 23, 2014 - flowers for spring
Azalea buds  Apr 18 My azaleas are getting ready for the spring show!
04.24.14  Another image of Son #2--Malarky the Clown.  I had a bad night and was able to go back to sleep this morning after El Jay left for school. I got two more hours of much needed sleep. I have very low energy and I am running a temp of 99.2, but I feel I am on the upward swing to feeling better after the last chemo.
04/24/14 Shearon Harris My Blog  I went on a 5 mile hike (Peninsula Trail) yesterday at Harris Lake County Park with Madi's mom, Christine.  It was a gorgeous day although a bit windy.  The trail boasts a great view of the cooling tower at the Shearon Harris nuclear power plant as well as great views over the water.  We saw two snakes and a lot of birds and dragonflies although I didn't take too many pictures except out over the water.     SmugMug Link    SmugMug Link  HAGD,  Maryann
A Misty Morning with Green  Hobbiton Movie Set
09/15/2011 Thank you all for your wonderful comments.
04-17-2014 "Lighter Clematis"  This is another clematis I have in my yard.  It has somehow gotten into a lorapedlem that is growing next to it.  It is supposed to be growing up an arbor.  It is a lighter color than the deep purple I posted a few days ago.  I love the color of this one because it is so bright.  To answer Art's question about some the children at Horses for Handicap not being photographed, here is what I know.   It is a requirement that all children in school or participating in events where photos will be taken that there is signed parental consent before their photo can be made.  Even before I retired schools were required to have this consent before the students were photographed our recorded on video or audio.  I am assuming this is throughout the nation because I know that students participating in national honor choirs have to have this release.  If one child does not have the consent the event cannot be photographed or recorded in any manner.  I think part of it goes back to how easy it is to get photos of children on public media like Facebook, Twitter and others.  You know there are some SICK people out there and we have to protect the innocent.  The honor choir I just chaired had 130 high school students and before I could take any photos or have the concert professionally recorded I had to have the parents sign a consent form.    It tickled me that you all were so complimentary of the sweet smiles of Sutton and Lily on yesterday's post.  I can't wait to read them the comments.  You are most gracious and I certainly appreciate them all. Donna
April 22, 2014 - Tulip abstract
04-23-2014 - Cactus, Peruvian Torch          Link to Photo Without Frame      Thank You for Making this Daily Photo Tied for the #2 Pick on 04-23-2014
04-15-2014 - Diamonds in the Sky is actually a Shade Support between Buildings.          Link to Photo Without Frame      Thank You for Making this Daily Photo  the #1 Pick on 04-15-2014
Egret, Great White      Shot at Phoenix, AZ-Alvord Lake          Link to Photo Without Frame
Multiple Rectangles Creates Many Shapes Like an "L"      Thank You for Making this Daily Photo Tied for  the #1 Pick on 04-06-2014
April 17. 2014  This is one of the pieces of art at the SCI show in Vegas, that I LOVED!!!  The artist is Stefano Cecchini.  I've featured some of his paintings in past year's shots from SCI.  According to www.grandbohemiangallery.com:  Stefano Cecchini was born in Rimini, Italy on May 5, 1957. After graduating from the University of Bologna with a degree in political science, Stefano Cecchini followed his natural inclination and his passion by choosing painting as his career.  In November 1984 Cecchini collaborated with director Federico Fellini to paint scenery for the film Fred and Ginger. His work on the film took him to Rome and then Milan. While in Milan, Italy, he began to teach art at the European Institute of Design.  Cecchini has also worked with the prestigious Immagini Agency in Rimini, Italy as an illustrator and has painted some of the most important public advertising campaigns to date.   Stefano made his debut in the United States in 2003 as a featured artist at the American Chapter of Safari Club International, where he has since donated for auction more than a half a dozen paintings and has appeared as the cover artist of Safari Magazine three times.  As an accomplished artist, Stefano Cecchini enjoys painting luxury cars, exotic portraits and large-scale images of wildlife from different continents. He thoughtfully studies his subjects in detail to portray, with his own passion, their great beauty. His technique of painting on wood and using oil and tempera creates a trompe l’oeil effect that is admired worldwide. The Grand Bohemian Gallery is proud to exclusively represent Stefano Cecchini and his works.  Have a "lazy cat" sort of day today my friends!  Linda http://lgood.smugmug.com
04/23/14  Glow sticks in plastic eggs for a night time Easter egg hunt.  The hunt was fun, but we did it Saturday night after I got home from work (so, around midnight) I was exhausted and feeling yucky. The three boys enjoyed it and I think we will do it next year.  However, I wanted to take pictures and simply didn't have the energy to do so. I quickly snapped a few, but didn't have the focus to really arrange the eggs and do other things to set up the photos. There can always be another time to try this.  I am still not feeling well. I do realize that if I am not feeling well that this is good, because it means that the chemo is doing what it is suppose to do--which is ultimately to conquer the cancer.  I work til 1pm today and then (!!!) I do not go back to work until 4pm on Saturday. Hopefully, that will give me plenty of time to do nothing.
April 23, 2014 - flowers for spring

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April 23, 2014 - flowers for spring
April 23, 2014 - flowers for spring

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