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20.08.14 - Letters, Love and Laughter  Yesterday was another big day of filming, we didn't finish until about 9pm, but we are now more than 90% done and it feels great! This collage covers the two locations and three scenes that we shot yesterday, plus the image bottom left that is a re-creation of an old family photograph. It was an epic day for actor Adam Fielding, one minute he was dressed as "Cowboy Goofy" at Disneyland Paris, and hours later was in uniform as William Crowder! We also had to use a body double for another scene as one of our actors couldn't make it, and we will re-shoot the scene from the other side next week with another double for Adam who will be back in Paris. Hopefully you won't be able to see the joins in the finished film :)
August 20, 2014 The Basilica of St Fidelis  Cathedral of the Plains Victoria, Kansas Just  east of Hayes, KS about 10 miles south of  Interstate 70 is the very small community of Victoria (pop 1208)and the Cathedral of the Plains.  We visited it last summer but weren't able to go in.  On my way home from Colorado last month I stopped and was thrilled to get to go inside.  It is breath taking! Built from 1908-1911of native limestone, quarried seven miles south of Victoria by the Volga-German community.  It was named Cathedral of the Plains by William Jennings Bryan when he visited on a presidential campaign stop in 1912.  It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is one of the 8th wonders of Kansas.    I will share  more on this masterpiece in  the coming days.  Somewhere between Texas and Colorado I misplaced the release plate for my tripod so these are handheld  and not the clarity I wanted but I am still thrilled to have gotten to experience this beautiful cathedral. http://stfidelischurch.com/History/StFidelisChurch/ThePresentChurch/tabid/4438/Default.aspx  Thank you for your comments on the Domino Grill!  There isn't a man VS food challenge here,  just some old gentlemen playing dominoes while their wife's cook.   It is as "Texas country" as it gets. No gimmicks just amazing food. Jeanne
8/20/14 -  I liked the way these two were so fascinated by something.  Thanks for your comments on my shot of the old black Cadillac!
8/16/14 - Vintage Jaguar  Thanks for your warm response to my shot of the taillight of the '56 Olds Ninety-Eight!
August 21, 2014  These three children were sent out into the field to pick more tomatoes and peppers for their parents stand.
August 21,  2014  First fall Monarch,  I spotted this pretty butterfly in my yard late yesterday on our chaste tree.
Atlantic way -    The bridge on the atlantic ocean  in Norway.
050211  Tree in Shohola Falls    Long week last week with the shutter failing on my Nikon D50 and computer problems at work. Took a drive to Delaware Water Gap over the weekend to get away. Trying to adjust to my D60 but I liked my older camera.
January 7, 2012  This shot was taken just after sundown somewhere along the Mississippi coast of the Gulf of Mexico.  We had stopped to walk on the beautiful white-sand beaches and take some photos.  Just as we left, we stopped at a nearby marina to put gas in the car and I couldn't resist taking this photo.  Frame added in Picnik.  I hope you enjoy this tranquil setting captured in this photo - it's going to be one of my favorites from our recent vacation.  Check it out in X3 for all the color, reflections and details.  Thanks for your comments!!!  Have a fabulous weekend!!!  Linda
"Heavenly Swing"   “The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch swing with, never say a word, then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation that you ever had.”~Anonymous~
Golden Fields & Blue Mountains October 2008   Taken in Montana, Madison River Valley, just after a storm.
Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs has fantastic views, throw in a thunder storm and things get real interesting. Sharp eyed viewers will spot a climber on one of the formations.
Gorgeous sunrise yesterday!!! The water was so still and the sky had such unique color. I shot all around the harbor for over 2 hours! Unlike today, where I overslept and missed the whole thing!  Plymouth Harbor, Ma
Old lady at sunrise

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