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Barview, OR sunset  shot with iPhone
15th C leaded glass windows with a view to Rosenborg castle gardens.  I thought this was a splendid window with an interesting interlocked pattern, and nice reflections.  My research didn't turn up a name for this pattern. Does anyone know it?   This image shows the advantage of shooting RAW files.  The light coming in the window completely washed out the scene outside the  window.  Since I was restricted to shooting hand held, a bracketed HDR image would have been difficult.  However the extra dynamic range of the RAW file enabled me to recover the washed out parts of the image in Adobe Camera Raw.  Other photos from Rosenborg Castle can be seen here: http://goo.gl/dOoa9L  03/09/24 www.allenfotowild.com
September 3, 2014  This is the tenth in a series of 12 quilts located in Carroll County Maryland and part of the American Quilt Trail Movement. I took a moment & visited this farms Facebook page where I learned that the 12 barns/building currently displaying these beautiful quilts were actually chosen by the Carroll County Arts Council.   I am excited to share the last 2 with you over then next week and then plan to put a collage together of each building.  Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments and support with this project.  The Rail Fence is located at: Char-Lene Farm   2504 Gillis Road, Mt. Airy  To see if the movement is in your town go to: http://barnquiltinfo.com
Wednesday, September 3, 2014  "ONCE UPON A TIME" (unofficial title by me)  "Years ago, fairy tales all began with 'once upon a time.' Now we know they all begin with, 'If I am elected." ~ Carolyn Warner     I have always admired this work of art ever since my first visit to the museum on March 12, 2008. It's interesting that it still hangs in the same spot. I used PM to erase a very distracting black device (camera, maybe?) above the art. Also, in an effort to camouflage the spots on the wall, I added one of PM's paper effects and frames.  I appreciate your comments on yesterday's "Fluttering By to Say Hi" photo. I also enjoyed perusing and commenting on your wonderful photos.  It's hump day; have a wonderful Wednesday!  Children's Museum of Memphis (CMOM) 2525 Central Avenue Memphis, TN  (photo taken 7/21/2014)  My Homepage: http://www.Godschild.smugmug.com
09-03-2014 - Blue Jay (Cyanocitta Cristata)  Common in much of eastern and central North America, blue jays are gradually extending their range to the Northwest.  Shot at Priest Gulch, CO         Link to Photo Without Frame
Here's the big boat (Carnival Paradise) passing under the Sunshine Skyway Bridge
A-12 Blackbird - California Science Center Photo-a-Day 9/2/2014 Bill Stone
St. Maarten-US Virgin Islands
Fall Colors
Another happy labor day beach person! He stopped his run and said' "Take my picture"! His girlfriend just kept on running!!  Isn't he pretty even though I overexposed the left side of his face? Look at the bottle of water ? Red, white , and blue for North America! 03/09/2014  Brings to mind what arctangent said  about the differences in people when it comes to having their picture taken,,,,
September 2, 2014  Texture Tuesday
Another hood ornament shot for my collection.
9/3/14 - Apples  Thanks for the comments on my shot of the artist sitting on the stool.
050211  Tree in Shohola Falls    Long week last week with the shutter failing on my Nikon D50 and computer problems at work. Took a drive to Delaware Water Gap over the weekend to get away. Trying to adjust to my D60 but I liked my older camera.
Barview, OR sunset shot with iPhone

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Barview, OR sunset  shot with iPhone
Barview, OR sunset shot with iPhone

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Photo by: Ilene Samowitz · See photo in original gallery.



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