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Vintage Life in Bend, Oregon
Bride and groom in traditional dress, Belitung, Sumatra    Other photos from the wedding can be seen here: http://goo.gl/76kdFW    18/04/14 www.allenfotowild.com
April 18, 2014  This will be the last of the DC drive by photos.    The Thomas Jefferson Memorial is a presidential memorial in Washington, D.C. dedicated to Thomas Jefferson, an American Founding Father and the third President of the United States. Wikipedia
4-18-2014 Some are crazy,  Be safe it's Friday
C  I will not be around to post for about 10 days but don't want to miss the Alphabet Shape Challenge post for Sunday. Posting my letter C which I missed earlier in the alphabet challenge.   C Sea and See you all soon.   For those of you who celebrate Easter I wish you a very Happy Easter. For the rest I wish you a great weekend.  See you all around the 26th.
Early morning sunrise in Dingle today
Daily Post 1141-  107/365   4/17/2014 -Havana traffic jam!   Back to my Cuba photos…a busy street corner had the cars backed up and waiting!   Thank you for your comments on my little newborn photo from yesterday. She was just barely a week old. So tiny…a real privilege to be asked to photograph this fleeting stage of life!
I know that many of you will know about this coming of age celebration for 15 year old girls of Mexican descent. I was lucky enough to have captured this lovely moment at The Legion of Honor . If you would like to know more here is a link http://www.learnnc.org/lp/editions/chngmexico/218
Common Redschank Still in the Seewinkel part of Burgenland.  One of about 300 breeding pairs that arrive in March and leave again in July.  Very common along the edge of shallow ponds.
"Middleton Place, South Carolina"...04/17/2014...
09/18/2011 Thank you for your wonderful comments.
Another Hutch's mural. I finally got one fixed up in Corel.  Was in hospital for a test today and all is good but it wiped me out. ZZZZZZZZZ  Will browse and comment tomorrow.  Happy Good Friday!  18/04/2014
4/18/14 - Budded agave  Thanks for your comments on my shot of the Peruvian Torch cactus.  I've been out of commission with a bad bug for the last two days, but am back to normal now.
Friday, April 18, 2014  "NAILED"  “People, like nails, lose their effectiveness when they lose direction and begin to bend.” ~  Walter Savage Landor   Thanks for your comments on my "Cypress Preserve" photo yesterday; it ranked in the #1 spot for the day.  My hubby and I was in this city where "The Help" movie was filmed. He was driving and as we came to a red light, I spotted these nails in a wooden pole while waiting for the light to change. Since there were about three vehicles behind us, I quickly rolled down the window, zoomed in, and did a quick point and shoot - all before the light changed.    TGIF!!  Corner of Grand Avenue and (?) Street Greenwood, MS  (photo taken 1/19/2014)  My Homepage: http://www.Godschild.smugmug.com
The icicles were cattywampus as the supporting collar around the aluminum tubing melted away. (The tubing runs at right angles to the house when pivoted fully outward.  The icicles are just under the extended roof line, and thus at the place where the tubing catches drips (no eaves).  A bird feeder hands at the end, out of frame several feet to the right.)  DP108-2014  Posted April 18; processed ditto  Definition of cattywampus - not exactly straight or centered; askew  Taken April 16, 2014 (Title:  Cattywampus)  I'm glad so many of you had fun yesterday with my icicle mystery.  All your comments were greatly appreciated.
Vintage Life in Bend, Oregon

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Vintage Life in Bend, Oregon
Vintage Life in Bend, Oregon

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Photo by: Ilene Samowitz · See photo in original gallery.



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