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 Arizona Renaissance Festival 2007-272
7/12/14 - Santa Fe street musician  Thanks for your comments on my most recent posting from Sandfest.  You folks are always so supportive and I do appreciate it!
July 13, 2014  Supper tonight: Beercan Chicken, Barbecued Scalloped Potatoes, add a salad and corn on the cob.  I love summer.
7-13-14. Wood Stork. Anastasia State Park, St. Augustine, Florida. 2014.   I was able to get within feet of this Wood Stork at Anastasia State Park today. It was hanging around some people who were fishing, hoping for goodies. I felt honored to be so close to this interesting and beautiful bird (I know what you're thinking, but you ought to see them flying!), especially a week after they were taken off the endangered species list.
 Arizona Renaissance Festival 2007-249
07-12-2014 - The Black-Billed Magpie, also known as the American Magpie, is a bird in the crow family that inhabits the western half of North America. (Pica Hudsonia)  Shot in Durango, CO.  My thanks for ID Information from:  Jim Holmquist         Link to Photo Without Frame        Thank You for Making this Daily Photo  the #1 Pick on 07-12-2014
7/12/2014 ~ Hospitality  Pineapple fountain, Charleston, SC. The pineapple is an ages old symbol for hospitality/welcome long used in the South and other regions. It and the other fountain in the background are located in Charleston's lovely Waterfront Park.  Wading in the fountains is not only allowed but encouraged. The water is heavily chlorinated.   Thank you for the wonderful comments on yesterday's wildflower shot!
Logo Challenge - The Big "M" is an International Symbol that Everyone should be able to Recognize...  But how many symbols do we recognize when not associated with the Name,  Business or in Context?  Suggestion for Next Sundays Challenge.  Post a Symbol/Icon without the Company Name  or Clues (should be an International company if possible so everyone can play).  Make this a short Challenge to end on the last Sunday of August...       There are three possible answers:           1: I know the Symbol and Company.           2: I have seen the Symbol before but can't connect a Name/Company to it.           3: I have not ever seen the Symbol before.        Post another image in a Gallery not associated with the Dailies Community and then provide a link similar to this one...        Link to Answer and More Details
Selected color, courtesy of Mother Nature.    DP270-2013  Posted September 27; processed ditto    Oakwoods Trail, Eddy Discovery Center, Waterloo Recreation Area  September 25, 2013  (This photo lives here:  http://arctangent.smugmug.com/Dailies/2013-A-Year-in-Photography/27598278_kp7rBx )
01/04/10 - Circles in Blue  I went with the boys to Home Depot yesterday to buy suet.  Johnny has a thing when we go there that he insists on taking a tour of the lights, fans, sinks, and tubs:-)  Seriously, it's important to him.  That turned into me taking a few pictures of lights.  One of the clerks did come over, but he was friendly vs. in the 'put your camera away' mode.  I thought this was the coolest LED light!  So did the boys.  It's a circular light with chrome in the center, a tabletop model, and a whopping $40.  OK, it's pretty but it's not THAT pretty.  I took several macro shots and then walked away...    I see I've posted a POTD with circles 3 days straight now.  That wasn't a plan.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.      Johnny is much better after being on the antibiotic for 2 days.  I'm glad because that ear infection was very painful.  I will start off the new work year going to the doc myself.  I had hoped to avoid that, but after 10 days my throat is still very sore, so I'm going to force myself to go.  Thanks for your well wishes for both of us.      And, thank you for your comments on yesterday's POTD.  The boys always enjoy helping me take a shot and seeing that you guys have to say about the shots.  As a matter of fact, I now have another bottle of sparkling juice...Joey insists that we do that bubble POTD again:-)  I got red grape this time.  We'll see what that means.    Getting up when it's dark outside by some loud alarm clock is just cruel!    HAGD,  Maryann
12/18/09 - Rainbow Light  Let me just say that I am not having a good morning due to cable modem/router issues.  My stress level is high.  I am lucky I have gotten connected to even post.    I shot a bunch of stuff last night but was not able to upload and do the type of pp that I wanted, so I've slightly cropped this and uploaded it but I'm not sure I've really picked the one to show you that I should have.  Sigh...    This is the hat from this:  http://fotomom.smugmug.com/Nature/December-2009/10503706_iqUUs#743929984_ExpAi  I was able to push up some of the LED bulbs from the Christmas light string I've used in seveal of my photos inside of the glass Santa figure to get this effect.    Going shopping...which I like so hopefully things will improve in a little bit.    Flurries in our forecast!!!    HAGD,  Maryann
01/13/10 - Candlelight  Simple but kindof pretty.  I decided to do something with candles last night, and this is what I came up with.  Simple set-up with the 3 candles on a mirror and black foamboard behind them.      Thank you all so much for your kind words yesterday on my 'Shadow' picture:-)    HAGD,  Maryann
12/13/09 - All that Glitters is a...Carousel  I love bright colors and sparkling light.  How could I resist?!?  For you, Dan, here's the set-up shot:-) http://fotomom.smugmug.com/Nature/December-2009/10503706_iqUUs#739203285_eqk2m  Last year when the boys visited Santa, they got this nifty pair of glasses.  Not 3D, but ones that put this pattern on everything...particularly cool if what you're looking at is lit up.  I carried those glasses around with me for a year never trying them out after the intial day. Then yesterday I thought to get them out again.  So simply place one eye of the glasses directly over lense and shoot:-)  The boys rode the carousel, and I took pictures.    This is from Christmas 2008 the day we actually visited Santa: http://fotomom.smugmug.com/Children/Christmas-2008/10500674_sbX9J#728928612_qX428 Must have been sunny, and the skylight over the carousel must have been letting in a lot of light.  Yesterday was dark and dreary and much more limited lighting.  Joey and Johnny are in the shot exiting the teacup.  Everyone in the vicinity of the carousel heard my boys giggling in delight as they spun themselves very fast on the teacup.  I made the mistake of getting on it with them one time...whoa!    The countdown continues.  So much to do! HAGD, Maryann
02/18/10 - Bad Hair Day  I took some pretty neat nature shots (plants) yesterday, so I'm not sure why I took this last night or am posting it today.  I just like it.  Maybe I'll post a nature shot tomorrow.    This is a craft made out of a pencil, some glue and yarn, and some animal fur type fabric.  I made this first one seriously 30 years ago, and then about 15 years ago one year at Christmas I made a set for all my coworkers.  You twist his hair up and then roll the pencil fast between your hands and relieve your stress by giving him a bad hair day:-)    The kids wanted to do set-up shots last night (more on that in a bit), so I got out the foam board and had the inspiration to try this guy out.  In Picasa, I did a lucky filter and then in PSE glowing edges overlay on a dup of the original, merge layers, solarize that, then swirl (or is it twirl) filter, and then lucky back out in Picasa one more time to brighten it up.      The kids were watching as I transformed this guy.  We did the plastic wrap filter and made him an icicle and several other transformations.  The kids were cracking up.  It was fun.    The original is here:  http://fotomom.smugmug.com/Nature/February-2010/11119866_PgrMm#790934676_ZZQHc    The kids and I all thank you for stopping by to view our POTD.  I read them all your comments last night on the current POTD and the older pictures.  Both were very enthused.  Both took quite a few new pics.      Joey's POTD:  http://fotomom.smugmug.com/Daily-Photos/LightningFastJoeys-POTD/11187845_dd7pS#791205205_7bsP5    HAGD,  Maryann

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